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Doubletakes and Doppelgangers: A Supernatural Memory Game
Last summer, I spent July still catching up with the Supernatural, and when I was done, I wasn't sure if I'd make it to September without being institutionalized.   Well, here we are again! Facing my first full summer Hellatus, I was pondering ways to pass the time, and thought of this bit, basically a variation on a trivia quiz. Every now and then we'll encounter a character on the show who looks weirdly familiar"”weird because they're a new character we've never met before. You know, that feeling of déjà vu. Mind your blood pressure, Sam!  
Turns out there are several instances in which the same actor has played two different roles on Supernatural, at least one being pretty minor in most cases. Below are several examples, where I describe the more recent role, so you can see if you remember where we've seen them before. These are all the ones I'm aware of, at any rate"”I'm sure I've missed more, so if you know of any, let us know!
Supernatural fans are a pretty sharp, observant, and often detail-oriented bunch, so I figure this'll be pretty easy, especially if you read the recaps! To make things a little more interesting, I threw in one or more trick questions, characters who've appeared only once and as far as we know have no doppelganger in the Supernatural world. Answers will be posted on page 2.  Hope you have fun! 
1.       Austin, "Good God, Y'All"

It takes one to know one. This soldier, who comes home from Fallujah only to find the Apocalypse upon his town, recognizes a kindred spirit in Dean.
2.      Crossroads Demon #1, "Crossroad Blues"

Makes Robert Johnson sing the blues, with good reason.
3.       Sherriff Carnegie, "Fallen Idols"

I figure Canton's a good place to be a criminal.
4.       The lovely and undead Karen Singer, "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"

Ashes to ashes . . . Oh, Bobby!!! 
5.       Big Bite Pizza delivery kid, "Monster Movie"

This part was so small it went uncredited, but I loved this kid!
6.        Hotel manager, "The Real Ghostbusters"

Having a close encounter with one of the creepy children.
7.       Barry Cook, "After School Special"

Takes one to know one: this outsider recognizes a kindred spirit in Sam.
8.       Dr. Corman, "My Bloody Valentine"

The good doc was so appealing, he couldn't possibly make it to the end of the episode. According to the Laws of Kripke, he's too lovable to live.
9.       Sera Siege, "The Monster at the End of this Book"

Doesn't want any smart-ass article making fun of her boys . . . and yes, she's got one too.


# Jasminka 2010-06-11 04:45
This was great fun, ElenaM, thank you! As it is Friday, the day I often already start with being kind exhausted from work and getting through the days is not always the easiest thing (I bet you know what I'm speaking about, as does almost every working person), this was a great breather to fill my batteries during a short coffee break.

Actually, the only ones I found the 'Doubletake' of was Dr. Corman/Libraria n and Sera Siege/Karen Giles, as those were pretty obvious. Not really the SPN geek as I thought.

There is one you missed, however ;-), and that's the victim in the vampire episode of Season 1 (for the life of me I can't think of the title, don't sue me), the girl the vamps feed on while having well, almost sex, and the doctor slapping Sam in Changing Channels are the same actress, also...

ElenaM, thanks a lot for this wonderful fun piece. :-), Jas
# Elle2 2010-06-11 12:27
Hi, ElenaM,

Wow, you're really good! (and mean starting off with a trick question.)

I only got Sera Siege and Karen Giles.

Jas, the ep you're looking for is Dead Man's Blood, no suing necessary. :-)

That's really cool, Karen Singer and the 'dying nurse' from IMTOD are the same actress...what a haircut will do.

Thanks ElenaM, and hang in there, I found SPN near the end of Season 3 and spent part of the summer into Season 4 getting all caught up so I was sorta okay (not really as Dean was in hell and Sam was grief-stricken and immune to Lilith so even catching the first eight episdoes of Season 3 only helped a little with withdrawal) but we're a month into it and it's amazing how quickly the weeks do fly by, especially with fun like this!
# Bevie 2010-06-11 13:23
This was fun!

My guesses before reading further:

1. ?

2. Lori's roomate in "Hookman"

3. Chuck the pilot in "Phantom Traveller"

4. ?

5. ?

6. ?

7. One of the kids chasing Tod in "Wishful Thinking" ?

8. Library guy showing the newspaper with the Titanic Sinks headline to the boys in "Provenance"

9 Murdered lawyer's wife in "The Usual Suspects"

You missed the guy who played Elkins in "Dead Man's Blood" who played a coroner in a later season.(Can't remember which episode)
# gentlesoul 2010-06-11 18:01
This is awesome!!

I got one.

~~~ Nurse Foreman from "Sam, Interrupted" ~~~
# gentlesoul 2010-06-11 18:03
Can anyone guess? ;-)
# Ardeospina 2010-06-11 20:41
Gentlesoul, she was the first female scarecrow victim in Scarecrow!
# Ardeospina 2010-06-11 20:42
Also, Elena, that was fun! I didn't realize there were so many repeat characters on the show!
# Aaricia 2010-06-11 21:31
Yes? I tought the nurse/wraith in Sam Interrupted was Laurie, the preacher's daughter in Hook man.
# Karen 2010-06-12 10:40
Hi ElenaM
Well I’m really bad at this, I only knew the last one Sera/Karen.
As for the Pizza boy…I could of sworn I had see him before, he looked so familiar. But when I looked him up on IMBD. He had been in nothing I ever watched … so yeah I’m really bad at this.
This was fun. Thanks ElenaM.
# ElenaM 2010-06-14 00:29
Thanks so much everyone--was hoping this would be good for some mindless Hellatus fun :lol:

Jas, Bevie & gentlesoul--Nic e calls!!! I hadn't noticed any of those--I'll see if I can add them, with credit to the spotters, or maybe do an encore post, since I came up with a couple more in addition...

Ardeospina, yeah, it's surprising how many repeat offenders we've had!

Elle2--yeah, that was kind of evil of me, wasn't it? :mrgreen: I didn't have that many so I figured a couple of trick questions would keep it challenging...

I'm actually not very good at this at all--really! The only ones I spotted myself were Taylor/CRD#1, hotel dude/Ben the banker, and Nurse/Karen (from her name in the credits). The rest I got mostly from reading recaps and reviews, and in a couple of cases from having looked up the actor in IMdB for a totally unrelated reason. And that's after being on the lookout for repeats to do this game!

So along those lines, Karen, you're not really bad at this! If I hadn't put it together I'd probably have only known three of them--

--which is why I'm quite impressed by Bevie here, 5 out of 7 plus one of her own, wow! Trick Qs don't count since they were just there to drive y'all crazy... I would never have got #7, I just stumbled across it on IMdB when I was working on the geek article...

Thanks again everyone, glad you liked!
# kmb316 2010-06-23 05:51
This is fun - I didn't get 3 and 4 but thanks for pointing this out.
I would also mention that the actor who played Daniel Elkins in Dead Man's Blood played the coroner in Time is on my side - but doh just saw someone mentioned it above.
Also the actress who played Hope in Wishful Thinking played one of the victim's of the shapeshifter in Skin.