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In the tradition of time killing here during the hiatus, Karen has come up with a fun "Person, Place or Thing" game.  See if you can guess all ten!!


I have a little game for you, it's silly I confess.
A person, place or thing, lets see if you can guess. 
1) In the real world my presents is quite mandatory.
But in Supernatural, it all depends on the story.
Since the beginning I've been part of the show.
Always prepared to take my spot and ready to go.
Sometimes I am needed, but sometimes I am not.
Depends on the scene and if I'm blocking the shot.
2) The job is contract work, so we are not always there.
It consist of us staying on top, with the one boss to share.
For there are a few of us, all doing the same job.
Some of us are very clean, while others are a slob.
We all vary in colour and most have something to say.
Some of us are regulars, while others seem to stray.
3) My job is a simple one, retrieving what is owed.
It has taken me everywhere, I'm forever on the road.
But you will never have to see me, unless you're on my list.
Once I arrive your payment is due, I really must insist
I'm always perceived as evil, to which I find unfair.
After all it was your wants that has brought me there.
4) My job is a very special one, I'm actually quite unique.
I've had my job for so long, they call me an antique,
To remove the world from evil, has always been my aim.
Stopping foes in there tracks has always been my game.
Although I finally met my match, a foe I could not defeat.
My skills are still useful and my need should not deplete.
5) I work with a partner and we are forever on the road.
Our job can be demanding, as we carry a heavy load.
Rain or shine we are exposed to all kinds of weather.
And with just having the one boss were always together.
But sometimes with this job it can come at a high cost.
For one time it got sticky and my partner was accidentally lost.
6) I made three appearances on the Supernatural show.
The topic was all the same as I only have one foe.
Although I'm considered a poison, my mission is not to kill.
To subdue is all that is required for my job to be fulfill.
My foe is very old and rare and is know for their strange cuisine.
In fact their table manners could be considered quite obscene.
7) Our services were required on a couple of occasions.
For our unique skills of insight and communications.
Although our features had varied, our abilities were the same
Providing the requesters information that they had come to claim.
Some think we are just none sense, an old parlor game to pursue.
While others listened to what we say, believing we are true.
8) Since the first entrance, nothing much as changed.
Even with new episodes, nothing has been exchanged.
Always the same colours, always the same look.
Destined to always be the same, like a cover of a book.
Mind you there was one time a change had been made.
But it was only temporary, during a futuristic crusade.
9) I am very symbolic and my job is very old,
I was designed for one foe in which I am to hold.
I can be most sizes and be put most anywhere.
So once that line is crossed, my enemy beware.
For they cannot take leave, unless it has been granted.
By either breaking the line or a ritual has been chanted.
10) I was in one episode, I am something of a joke.
I can be lots of fun, but I can also be used to provoke.
Some may think I'm funny, some just find me rude.
I guess it all depends on the timing and on the mood.
I'm usually hidden so my victims are unaware.
And always must be checked that I am full of air.
Do you know who or what I am, by the given clues?
Tell me your answers and I'll tell you if it's true.


# rylinn212 2010-06-08 21:40
# 3 -- Hellhounds??
# rylinn212 2010-06-08 21:42
#8 -- Castiel??
# rylinn212 2010-06-08 21:43
#10 -- The Whoopie Cushion??
# gentlesoul 2010-06-08 22:17
#1 - Impala :-)

#3 - Reapers/Hell Hounds

#4 - The Colt

#5 - um the partner...Sammy?

#6 - Dead Man's Blood --> "one foe" = vampires... "three appearances" = Dead Man's Blood, Fresh Blood... third?? Bloodlust? lol

#8 - Dean and hoodies? Faith was the only time he wore one...

#9 - Lucifer's cage

#10 - Trickster... probably not though.. right?
# elle 2010-06-08 22:29
1. The Impala
2. Shirts
3. Crossroad Demon / Crowley
4. The Colt
5. Shoes (Sam’s Shoes)
6. Dead man’s blood
7. Ouija Board
8. Cas' trench
9. Devil’s Trap
10. Whoopie Cushion
# Aaricia 2010-06-08 22:36
1) Impala's rearview mirror
4) The colt
7) Oui-Ja board
# Ardeospina 2010-06-08 22:44
I am not even going to hazard any guesses right now since I'm exhausted and have decided riddles aren't to be answered in that state, but these are really cool, Karen! You're like our own Supernatural Sphinx!
Cyndy Starridge
# Cyndy Starridge 2010-06-08 23:26
1. The Impala's rear view mirror
2. Dean's shirts (Sam's wouldn't qualify in the 'slob' category)
3. Reaper
4. The Colt
5. Sam's shoes
6. dead man's blood
7. ouija board
8. Castiel's trenchcoat
9. devil's trap
10. blow-up doll (although having seen Elle's answer of whoopie cushion I'm sure she is correct)

Great fun - thank you.
# ElenaM 2010-06-09 13:42
Karen, what a cool idea!!! Nice job, too, I figure riddle-writing' s gotta be pretty challenging. These drove me CRAZY. And my answers are mostly things. I'm giving up and putting down my guesses, the good, the bad, and the just plain embarrassing :D

1) Er, Impala?? Stunt doubles?? Ack, I don't know...
2) Demons?? They come in different colors, seem to follow a hierarchy, yadayada...
3) Hellhounds
4) The Colt
5) Aargh... don't know, maybe the bros themselves but who's the boss? Impala doesn't have a partner... the bros' duffel bags. I give up.
6) Dead Man's Blood
7) Ouija boards?
8) Er, Castiel's wardrobe? Impala's tempting here too ...
9) Devil's trap
10) whoopee cushion
# ElenaM 2010-06-09 13:50
Ha, #5--we'll see, but I'm thinking Elle & Co got it--so clever! And cute. Love it. I'm liking Elle's answer for #2 as well... can't wait for answers. Thanks again, Karen, this was a lot of fun ;-)
# Suze 2010-06-09 15:16
Bad, BAD Karen ... Now my brain hurts.

Okey-doeky then, here goes ...

1. The Impala.
2. Um ... Either Angels or Sam's shirts, too close to call.
3. Crossroad demons/ Hellhounds/ Repo men ( sorry, wrong film ... )
4. The Colt ... Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!
5. Sam' shoes! C'mon, make us work!
6. Dead person's blood, Vampires, for the destruction of ...
7. Ouija ( weegy! No idea how you spell it! ) board thingy ...
8. The Mighty Cas' Beige Trench Coat Of Doom.
9. Devil's Trap, methinks ...
10. Aaaargh, pass ... Plastic Ingrid, Your Inflatable Friend? Dunno ...
# joelsteinlover 2010-06-10 20:34
I'm like 80% sure that 2 is (are?) the writers.
# elle2 2010-06-11 12:17
Oh, Karen, this is great fun!

I instantly went for Impala for number one -- but then I read comments and agree that the Impala's rear view mirror is the better choice. Still, I'll only take credit for guessing Impala.

For number 3 I'm going with hellhounds and for number 6 I'm going with dead man's blood, number 9 I'm going with devil's trap (or is Key of Solomon its original name?) and number 10 I'm going with whoopee cushion.

Those four I feel confident about, as for the, you are very good at this.

I agree that number 5 is likely Sam's shoes but I only got that after reading peoples comments and then going back and, people on this site are really good at this. As for number 2, my admiration remains, shirts and/or writers work although I lean to writers.

This is a lot of fun. If you ever do this again (please do another one!) I'm going to print them off and puzzle them out more myself rather than reading other peoples' thoughts but again, we have so many really creative and intuitive minds at work...I don't think I would have come up with some of the answers. Can't wait to see the results and congrats, Karen, for coming up with this unique puzzle!
# Karen 2010-06-12 10:47
Hi Everyone
Wow you guys are really good. I’m so happy you liked the quiz/riddles and enjoyed playing. I had a lot of fun creating them and I am in the process of doing more.
Just to let you know the answers are up on a separate link, that way anyone that still wants to try it out can.