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1. Bobby had a junk yard dog that was killed by Meg the first time we were shown Singer's Salvage Yard. Extra Credit: the dog's name was Rumsfeld.

vlcsnap 00007
1.22 "Devil's Trap"

2. The Golden Retriever Sam had when he ran away to Flagstaff, Az.   Extra Credit: the dog's name was Bones. 

SPN 0511
5.16 "Dark Side of the Moon"

3. Sam's Australian Sheppard in season 8. Extra Credit: the dog's name was Riot.

8.03 "Heartache"

4. Crowley's hamster. Rowena turned her arch-rival into a hamster in 10.16 "Paint it Black". Crowley seemed to keep the hamster as a pet, because he had a conversation with it in his lair in 10.21 "Dark Dynasty".  Extra Credit: the hamster was a witch named Olivette. 


5. Jack's pet snake in season 14. Jack rescued the snake from the gorgon in 14.14 "Ouroboros".  Extra Credit: the snake's name was Felix.  

14 15 0097 jack snake
14.15 "Peace of Mind"

6. The heartbreaking dog that was Dean's rescued pet, then Sam's best friend after Dean died, in season 15.  Extra Credit: the dog's name was Miracle. 

SPN1519 HLC 0228
15.19 "Inherit the Earth" 

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