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Eight heavens in 5.16 “Dark Side of the Moon”:

  •                 Sam’s thanksgiving dinner
  •                 Dean at lunch with his mom at their childhood home
  •                 Dean and young Sam shooting off fireworks
  •                 Sam and his dog Bones in Flagstaff, AZ when Sam ran away (this doubles as a hint)
  •                 The road where Sam left Dean and John to go to Stanford, and the surrounding forest
  •                 The Roadhouse with Ash, Pamela
  •                 The childhood front room where Mary taunts them (per Zachariah’s meddling)
  •                 Joshua’s Garden

9. Castiel’s favorite park, the eternal Tuesday afternoon of an autistic man (6.20 “The Man Who Would Be King”)

10. Bobby’s reading room (10.17 “Inside Man”)

11. Amelia and Jimmy Novak’s Heaven (10.20 “Angel Heart”)

12. Jack’s mother’s Heaven of a plush garden where she plays with her dog (14.08 “Byzantium”)

13. Skipper’s Café in Jack’s Heaven (14.08 “Byzantium”)

14. Kelly’s House (14.08 “Byzantium”)

15. Dean's Finale Bridge (15.20 “Carry On”)

16. Roadhouse (Dean and Bobby) (15.20 “Carry On”)

17. Dean driving solo on a deserted road (15.20 “Carry On”)