Think you know #Supernatural? Let's put all that time spent rewatching 327 hours of heart stopping broments to the test! Below are four questions to ponder for a few days. These aren't trivia questions that ask for impossibly hard details you never notice because you are holding your breath in terror and/or staring at the fiendishly good looks of our heroes as they battle evil. No, these answers are probably lurking somewhere in your mind. The fun is slowly liberating all that SPNFamily knowledge, consciously or subconsciously, over several days. In other words, we're giving you an excuse to think about Supernatural day and night (like you need another excuse to do that!)!
Think about them when you're standing in a torturously long line.


Think about them on those long, backroads road trips.

SPN 0198

Think about them when you can't sleep at night. 

SPN 0193

Jot answers down on your phone, PC or a little notebook you keep handy. 

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Whenever you call it quits, add up all your points and see how you did! Don't Worry: Hints are generously supplied to help you get started! 

Brainteaser #1 (Difficulty Level: Medium)

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On occasion, Dean drove a car other than the Impala. Name the events that required Dean to resort to alternate transportation. (Thank Alice and Nate for the question's inspiration.)

Total Possible Points: 5

Brainteaser #2 (Difficulty Level: Medium)


13 very special episodes used unique opening title cards as a message to viewers that what they were about to see was anything but normal. Name the episodes.  (Again, Alice's idea!)

Total Possible Points: 13 

Brainteaser #3 (Difficulty Level: Very Hard)

vlcsnap 00453

4 episodes used unique closing screens to complement the creativity, or in some cases, severity, of the show that was just viewed. Name the episodes Note: the list does not include the goodbye shot that ended "Carry On".

Total Possible Points: 4

Brainteaser #4 (Difficulty Level: Medium)


In "The French Mistake", 5 people associated with the show play themselves in the episode. Name them or their role in the show's production. Note: Sam and Dean never see AU Sam and Dean in person, so they are not included in the 5 self-portrayals. (Credit Nate for the question's inspiration.)

Total Possible Points: 5

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1. The Impala is nearly destroyed in the season 1 finale accident. When Dean's back on his feet again in "Everybody Loves a Clown" (2.02), he borrows a car from Bobby while Baby is still being rebuilt.

ELACDean   SPN 0127

2. When Dean is resurrected from Hell by Castiel, Dean "borrows" a car to get home to Bobby and Sam in 4.01 "Lazarus Rising".

4.01 0148 car    4.01 0155 car

3. Dean stored Baby when he lived with Lisa, in an attempt to leave the hunter life behind. 

6.01 "Exile on Main Street" 

4. Chevy Impalas do not exist in the alternate reality created when the Titanic stays afloat in 6.17 "My Heart Will Go On".


5. The Leviathan!Sam and Leviathan!Dean go on a killing spree forcing the real Sam and Dean to lock up the Impala to avoid detection in several season 7 episodes. 

7.06 "Slash Fiction"

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Episodes: (source: Title Card - Super-wiki (

3.08   A Very Supernatural Christmas
3.13   Ghostfacers
4.05   Monster Movie
4.18   The Monster at the End of This Book
5.08   Changing Channels
6.09   Clap Your Hands If You Believe...
6.18   Frontierland
7.08   Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! 
7.14   Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie
9.04   Slumber Party
9.18   Meta Fiction
10.05 Fan Fiction
13.16 Scoobynatural 

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Episodes (source: Title Card - Super-wiki (

4.05 Monster Movie


4.22 Lucifer Rising
White background instead of the customary black background. 

4.22 Luci Rising End title credit

8.11 LARP and the Real Girl

SPN 1500

14.12 Prophet and Loss
White background instead of the customary black

14.12 Prophets and loss end card

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Show Affiliate - Job(s) 
  1. Genevieve Padalecki - Ruby, Jared's wife
  2. Misha Collins - Castiel
  3. Lou Bollo - Stunt Coordinator 
  4. Mike Carpenter - Jared's Stunt Double 
  5. Todd Scott - Jensen's Stunt Double 

Total Possible Points: 

Perfect Score: 27+ Supernatural Aficionado! Clearly I need to make harder games! How long did it take you to get them all right?

Supernatural Expert - 20 to 27

Supernatural Authority - 13 to 19

Supernatural Specialist - 6 to 12

Supernatural Fan in Training - 0 to 5. You may be the smartest player in all categories because your homework is to watch more Supernatural

How did you do? Did any questions stump you, or remind you of great moments in Supernatural's history?  Please share in the comments below!

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