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1. The Impala is nearly destroyed in the season 1 finale accident. When Dean's back on his feet again in "Everybody Loves a Clown" (2.02), he borrows a car from Bobby while Baby is still being rebuilt.

ELACDean   SPN 0127

2. When Dean is resurrected from Hell by Castiel, Dean "borrows" a car to get home to Bobby and Sam in 4.01 "Lazarus Rising".

4.01 0148 car    4.01 0155 car

3. Dean stored Baby when he lived with Lisa, in an attempt to leave the hunter life behind. 

6.01 "Exile on Main Street" 

4. Chevy Impalas do not exist in the alternate reality created when the Titanic stays afloat in 6.17 "My Heart Will Go On".


5. The Leviathan!Sam and Leviathan!Dean go on a killing spree forcing the real Sam and Dean to lock up the Impala to avoid detection in several season 7 episodes. 

7.06 "Slash Fiction"

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