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Match Game #14


Welcome to Match Game - The Supernatural Way! It's a quick and easy little game to test your knowledge of Supernatural! Just match up an episode from the first column to the various categories from the second column.  Try it out and have fun!


(Editor's Note - We are trying out something new this time!  I have created the match game in a new quiz format!  You can select an answer from ten questions and once you select "Finish Quiz" it will show your results!  I'm also keeping the old format this time for those that prefer the old way.  Just let us know what you think of the new quiz style in the comments.  Thanks!)



Bonus Question:  From which episode did we pull the header picture? (Leave answer in the comments)


Here's the old format: 


1) Slumber Party

A) Sidewinder Soup and Salad Combo goes to Big Bird, T.D.K. Slammer to Ken doll, and a little Heart Smart for Creepy Uncle

2) Hell's Angels

B) Castiel and Jack finally meet

3) How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

C) Castiel kisses Meg

4) Monster Movie

D) Dean is released from the Mark of Cain

5) Wendigo

E) Crowley whistles "Over the Rainbow"

6) Caged Heat

F) Meg returns in a new vessel

7) Tombstone

G) Third episode directed by Richard Speight Jr

8) Brother's Keeper

H) "Saving people. Hunting things. The family business."

9) Sympathy For The Devil

I) Horn of Joshua is used

10) Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

J) Filmed in Black and White




1- E

2- I

3- A

4- J

5- H

6- C

7- B

8- D

9- F

10- G

Bonus Answer:  "Ghostfacers" (3.13)  

How did you do? Did any questions stump you, or remind you of great moments in Supernatural's history?  Please share in the comments below!


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