Let's play some Trivia to take away the Hiatus Blues!

Test your knowledge and have some fun!
Be honest with yourself! Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed.

Give yourself one point for every right answer (We'll let you decide for yourself if and when you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!) Perfect Score this week is 17. Let us know how you did!


1 What was the name of the hospital from which Sam retrieved the blood?

2 What type is Dean's blood?

3 What is the name of the Drive-in that Cas and Hannah pull over in front of?

4 Who directed this episode?

5 How many Supernatural episodes has this Director done?

6 What is the name of the beer in the Neon sign showing behind Sam and Lester at the bar?

7 This beer has been used in previous episodes. What is the reference behind the name of the beer?

8 How many times throughout the episode does Sam stick Dean with blood filled needles?

9 Whose grace is taken to save Castiel?

10 In what other Supernatural episode did actress Raquel Riskin act? Which character did she portray?

11 What was on the lid of the vial that Crowley used?

12 What did Demon Dean remind Sam that he hated?

13 What did Crowley say to Castiel when he first came to?

14 Why was Demon Dean able to escape?

15 What was Sam going to do after he grabbed his 'brother some cholesterol'?

16 Who did Dean ask about whether Sam wanted a divorce?



1 St. Agatha's Hospital

2 Dean is 'O' type blood

3 Star Brite Drive-In

4 Jensen Ackles

5 Four

6 Margiekugel's

7 It was named after Jerry Wanek's mom! Combined with a local Wisconsin beer Linenkugel!

8 Five times

9 Adina

10 "I Believe In The Children" - Amber Greer

11 A skeleton head

12 Shots (needles)

13 'Hey Champ, look at you. Talk about road kill'

14 The effects of the sigils/devil's traps weakened as he became more human.

15 Sam was going to get drunk

16 Castiel