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Wow! What an episode!

Death is Dead....maybe?
Rowena is free and has both the BOTD and the codex.
Castiel is under a spell and is about to kill Crowley.
Dean nearly killed Sam!
The Mark has been removed, but The Darkness has been released.

That's pretty heavy stuff!

Let's lighten the mood a bit by playing Trivia!
Are you up for a little hunter's research? Here's your chance to test your knowledge and have some fun!
Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed!
Give yourself one point for every right answer (We'll let you decide for yourself if and when you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!) Perfect Score this week is 22. Let us know how you did!


1 How many emails did Sam have on his laptop?

2 What was the name of the Ddocument that Charlie sent Sam?

3 What was Sam adding to the bullets?

4 How many messages did Sam leave on Dean's phone?

5 In which other Supernatural episode did Robert Moloney appear? Which character did he portray? (2 points)

6 What name did Rudy call Dean when they met up at the first crime scene?

7 What two things did Rowena want if she performed the spell? (2 points)

8 What were the names of the two girls who went missing? (2 points)

9 In which other Supernatural episode did Roger Haskett appear? Which character did he portray? (2 points)

10 What was the name of the vampire that killed Rudy?

11 What did Rudy nickname the vampire pack?

12 What were the three items Rowena interpreted for the spell? (3 points)

13 What nickname did Rowena call Castiel?

14 What did Rowena use to kill Oskar/Seth?

15 What part of Dean was used in the spell to remove the Mark?

16 How many summoning rituals were performed in the episode?