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OMG! Dean! Yikes!

Between telling Sam it should have been Sam that died, his killing spree and kicking Castiel's ass, I would say the MARK has begun to take over.

Good thing Castiel hid the First Blade.

While we wait for the big finale, want to play some Trivia?

Are you up for a little hunter's research? Here's your chance to test your knowledge and have some fun!

Be honest with yourself! Rewatching the episode to look for the answers is definitely allowed.

Give yourself one point for every right answer (We'll let you decide for yourself if and when you deserve partial credit for half-right answers!) Perfect Score this week is 23. Let us know how you did!


1 What was the flavour of the bully's Slushy?

2 What year was the Styne Hall established?

3 What alias did Dean use when he was stopped by the police?

4 What was the name of the diner where Crowley ate? What cast or crew member did they name the Diner after? Bonus question: What was Crowley eating at the diner? (3 point answer)

5 'In the old country' the Styne's would have done 'what' after their first dissection?

6 How many fake ID's did the officers confiscate from Dean?

7 Dean's alias is who in real life?

8 What message did Sam pass on to Crowley from Rowena?

9 What three qualities did Sam say Crowley had?

10 What did Monroe say to Dean when he first came to?

11 What did Sam use on Crowley to subdue and kill him (2 point answer)?

12 What book did Cyrus take an interest in at the bunker?

13 What three things did Eldon find out about Dean (3 point answer)?

14 What nickname did Eldon call Charlie?

15 How many miles did Sam still have to travel to get to Lebanon, Kansas at the end of the episode?

16 What three Driver License names did the Officer read out (3 point answer)?