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Supernatural you say is your favourite show.

But how much would you say you really know?

What if I was to recite only a line or two?

Could you guess the episode, is it enough of a clue?

Game 1

1* "What's the plan?" "Stock up and get set." "So You're saying there is no  plan?"

2* "For the record I hated that Swayze flick, Romantic bull crap."

3* "In the words of a good friend, Bite Me!"

4* "Oh! Well if it isn't the Ghost of Christmas Screw You."

Game 2

1* "Damn it Cas! How many times I got to tell you? It's just creepy."

2* "I'm gonna scoop you out like a pumpkin, you know that." "You're scooping days are over, Gomer."

3* "Getting anywhere with him?" "No just a lot of wiseass remarks."

4* "Riddle me this batboy.  Ghosts aren't exactly known for hopping country lines"

Game 3


1* "Well you know me. I'm always happy to bleed for the Winchesters."

2* "What's up with your brother?" " Don't get me started."

3* "Sorry you must have me confused with the other Angel. You know the one in the dirty trench coat, who's in love with you."

4* "Just want to make sure you're okay." "What like my feelings?"

Game 4

1* "How long am I going to be on double secret probation?"

2* "You're not the most subtle tool in the shed are you?"

3* "What. What is happening?"  "An atrocity is happening."

4* "If you die before me, I'll kill ya!"

Game 5


1* "Well I'm glad you see it." "All I see is in our family tree is a whole lot of dead."

2* "They were getting together that night to perform a ritual, something big."  "Define big."

3* "I've been eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon."

4* "How do you know about this stuff?" "It kinda runs in the family."

Game 6


1* "If we go down, then we go down swinging."

2* "Oh the specter likes you." "Oh yeah? Why don't you tell him to come out here? We'll make promise bracelets."

3* "Go to hell!" "Already been, didn't agree with me."

4* "Why didn't you wake me?"  "Not your butler."


# cheryl42 2014-08-05 10:16
I got who and what season but not which episode...does that count? These are fun thanks it does help make the time go by a little faster.
# nightsky 2014-08-05 12:08
I'm with you Cheryl42. I can hear Sam or Dean saying the words, but 195 episodes to choose from!

Reading these lines, pulled out randomly from 9 years of shows, really demonstrates how incredibly witty this show is all the time. This is good dialog! These lines are clever and funny and memorable. We've all heard the 195 hours of words that were thrown at us, so sometimes it is nice to inspect the dialog just a little closer to really appreciate its charm.
# nightsky 2014-08-05 12:13
I think we should start scoring these!
1 point if you identify the speaker correctly
1 point if you identify the season correctly
1 point if you remember the circumstances of the line
1 point if you can identify the episode correctly.

Then we can all post our scores! What do you think?
# cheryl42 2014-08-05 12:39
That would be fun...I need to get a score sheet. I think I did pretty well other than episode (all without cheating of course). ;)