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Walker 3.12, "Best Laid Plans", explored the old adage “Best laid plans oft go awry.” Each of our groups had to overcome shocking surprises and derailed plans (most, but not all, successfully), only for the whole world to come crashing down at the end on …


3.12 LRM 504 Cordell

At the beginning of the episode, Cordell and Cassie quickly formulate a plan to smooth things over with Capt. James, only for it to turn out to be unnecessary because Cap has some secrets of his own. Quickly, the plans are changed as information is shared. Cordell reveals that his unit is being hunted, and he is the last one alive. Due to that, he is tasked with getting more information from Julia and keeping his distance from Grey Flag. He is successful with Julia in more mays than one. His time with her helps him open up to Cassie about not talking to Mrs. Cooper about Cooper, just in time for Cordell to be blindsided by the fact that Cooper survived. The multitude of emotions Jared puts across Cordell’s face is incredibly impressive as he processes all that means. Though his emotional hit was probably the biggest, another truth was a hard hit for ….


3.12 LRM 064 cassie

Finding out that Capt. James and Trey lied to her hurt Cassie. It was way too similar to what Fenton and Miles did to her. The way Ashley portrayed Cassie’s seething was excellent. But unlike Miles and Fenton, Capt. James came clean and showed remorse. To her credit, Cassie admitted fault that her lying and slip of the tongue tied Cap’s hands. She was also very supportive and understanding of Cordell’s lie when he admitted it. However, her plans did go awry when in helping Trey, she got shot. Luckily, it was just a graze, easily doctored, and though painful, not too bad physically. But it did motivate…


3.12 LRM 559 Trey on phone

Perhaps the one who most has his plans “oft go awry” is Trey. At the very beginning of the episode, his undercover assignment is exposed. But not only that, he discovered his “in” with Grey Flag is now deceased. Together as a group, they overcome the challenge this presents involving a cryptic text received and the deciphering thereof. It was fun seeing all four rangers use their intelligence and knowledge to figure out the message. Sadly, though, Trey’s plans once again fail when his new contact gets shot in a clandestine meeting. Jeff using his strength to pick up the injured person was a delightful addition to the episode. While Cassie’s understanding of Trey, and her and Trey’s quick actions save Lana, the Grey Flag member, and the mission, it causes even more problems. Trey has to explain away having the gauze and they’re lucky Lana was too out of it to remember Cassie. This causes Trey to make a perhaps wise, perhaps not, decision to go it alone undercover. However, others are beginning to understand the benefits of working together….

Liam, Stella, August, Abeline & Bonham

3.12 LRM 410 toast

Starting up any business is difficult. Starting a family business can be even harder, especially when the plans are vague like “help people.” But together, the Walkers are to overcome the Walker Rescue issues by bringing everyone on board. Abeline offers to help with the day to day running of the business when Liam and Stella disagree on how best to use their funds - helping the horses or helping the people. Even August offers a chance to network through a not at all suspicious event put on by the not at all suspicious Kevin Golden. Everyone is too busy celebrating to notice how incredibly not suspicious it is. Kevin even not at all suspiciously goes behind both Cordell’s and  August’s back to help the Side Step get their liquor license back. When August counters with Cordell’s possible disapproval, Kevin suggests not telling him, which, of course, is not suspicious at all. Kevin even scores an invite back out to the ranch. It makes one wonder what the totally not suspicious Kevin is planning, and if his plan will go awry.

This was a solid episode with surprises that lead to even more questions that the audience can’t wait to answer. The care and investment in the characters the episode engendered leave the audience creating theories and excited for the next episode.

4.9 out of 5.

Photos Courtesy of The CW. Screencaps by Raloria on LJ. Illustrated by Nightsky. 

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