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The Walker mid season continued the trend of last season by asking the question of “what happens next?” After Abeline collapsed, what do they do? The one leading the charge, at first, is ….


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Proving once again, he thrives in chaos, Cordell quickly gave orders to his dumbstruck family and got his mom to the hospital. Honestly, one of the best parts of this episode is how it allows Cordell to shine. He kept his family calm and comforted while waiting for news. He took point on asking questions when Bonham was too shaken. He outsmarted Uncle Willie by making a reservation. He knew he needed to let Stella and August figure out things on their own. Cordell even knew what Abeline’s true intent was. It was wonderful to watch him shine and grow. Jared was amazing in every scene, bringing light and truth to every moment. The family that were at each other’s throats were now playfully teasing. He even worked hard to make sure Auggie was included. It was a joy to watch. And then came the bombshell by …

Bonham and Abeline

One of the most developed older generation couples on television was extra adorable this week as they tackled the question of what happens next. Bonham’s fear over losing Abby and all his actions to keep her healthy were both over the top and sweet. Her increasing irritability with it until she snapped, was understandable. But the way she felt bad about it was also sweet in its own way. And the way Bonham knew she would come to talk more, shows how deeply these two know each other. Mitch and Molly are a joy to watch. And this week, so were …

Stella and August

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These two have had rough relationships of late, both with each other, and other members of the family, especially August. In this episode, they both seemed to decide what was next is to make great strides toward reconciliation. Violet and Kale are amazing as brother and sister. Watching them go from actual arguing to playful picking at each other was delightful. August and Abeline had a wonderful heart to heart. Cordell and Stella got closer, too. With the first step being a comforting hug while waiting for news about Mawline, the next step is a heartfelt thanks from Cordell for her talk with August. They, too, went from hurt and anger to playful barbs. Cordell is also making sure August feels noticed, from beckoning him to join the hug with Stella, to abruptly stopping his joking with Stella, to giving August his attention. August is still in trouble with his grandpa, though. But he isn’t the only one in trouble. So are …

Cassie and Trey

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Since Cordell was working on getting his family back together, the case of the week landed in the hands of Trey and Cassie. It was an interesting case, with a nice, though not entirely unpredictable ending. The problem comes from Capt James. He is on edge and commanded Trey to play strictly by the rules - something that Cassie is patently unable to do. Though it helped solve the case, her cavalier approach landed Trey in hot water, something she appears to be in already, as well.  One could perhaps see a different motive behind Cap’s very public dressing down of Trey, but the new Ranger may not be one much longer unless he figures out how to get back on Captain James’s good side. Leaving yet more questions of “what happens next?”

This episode brought back the heartwarming, warm hug of earlier episodes, making it an absolute joy to watch. The viewer feels like a member of the family, and the drama that plays out is both realistic and captivating.

There were also enough jolts to keep it from becoming too saccharine. With Cordell given notice to find a home of his own, and how Trey’s time in the Rangers is now uncertain, both the characters and audience are still left wondering “what happens next?”

4.95 out of 5

Photos Courtesy of The CW. 

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