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Note to readers:  I'm so sorry that I didn't get my recap of the last episode completed!  I watched the show and took notes but then got overwhelmed by acting in a community theater of A Christmas Carol on top of my job as a teacher followed by the busy Christmas holiday.  All of a sudden, the new episode was airing, and I'd never gotten around to completing the earlier one!  Apologies for my negligence.  Now, on to the recap of the latest episode!

Previously on Big Sky:  Avery tells the mob boss over the phone that he wants a larger finder's fee for getting access to the fifteen million dollars. The dark-suited  man says he doesn't renegotiate.  "A deal's a deal," says one of the boss's enforcers.  "Track him down," says the boss.  Avery purchases a gun from a pawn shop.  Carla is on the phone saying she's worried about Avery and thinks something terrible might have happened.  Beau tells Jenny that he thinks Avery is making a play for the money that Luke and Paige stole.  Sunny and Paige confer secretly at the campsite.  Paige asks Sunny to help her get her bag back; in return, she'll help get Walter out of jail.  Later, however, Donno and Tanya show up at the campsite and are deeply displeased with Sunny when they all discover that Paige is gone.  If they don't find her, they are all in trouble, Tanya reminds them.  Paige hasn't run away, though.  Instead, she's been captured and tied up by Buck.  Cassie rings the doorbell at the Barnes' house.  Inside the house, Buck lurks with knife in hand.  Jenny enters her own house and is surprised to find bloody bandages on the floor.  "Mom!" she breathes.

Big Sky 3.11 "Super Foxes" Jenny's mom Gigi walks into Jenny's living room, her face swollen and beaten.  "I need help," she says.  "Where's the thirty grand?" Jenny responds.  Her mom insists that they have to get out of there now.  The money's gone.  She grifted the wrong guy.  Jenny zip ties her mom's wrists:  "You'll be safe in jail."  When a vehicle pulls up outside, the mom starts to panic, but Jenny isn't buying it.  Hearing a knock at the door, she goes to answer it, but the door is smashed inward, hitting Jenny who goes down hard.  Disoriented, she can only blink up confusedly from the floor as two farm-booted men in jeans clomp by her and then back out again carrying her mom against her will.  

Tonya has been holding Sunny at gunpoint while Donno searches the campsite, but there's no sign of Paige.  Sunny is as sincere as possible as she explains that she did NOT know that Paige would disappear.  Tonya realizes that either Paige is playing both of them or someone else took her.  "Who else has access to camp?" she asks.  Sunny looks at her without answering.

At the Barnes' home, Buck serves Cassie coffee, but she doesn't take it.  He taps the edge of a pie with his knife and offers some, but she turns that down too. Unbeknownst to the detective, Paige is nearby, tied and gagged.  The helpless woman struggles but can't be heard.  Buck is acting ostensibly friendly but is also strangely aggressive.  Cassie tells him to drop the act.  She's questioning a lot of things, she tells him.  She says that he and his wife Sunny have been helping Walter evade capture all these years.  In another room, Paige sees a vase on a table and starts writhing about to knock it down and alert the visitor to her presence.  Buck tells Cassie that Walter was a cancer on their family.  Cassie gets a phone call from Jenny and leaves just as Paige managed to make the vase fall and shatter loudly on the floor.  Paige is terrified - her attempt to escape has been futile.

3.11M 0005 Beau side profile
Elsewhere that same night, outside his silver camper, Beau sits covered in a blanket.  Emily comes out of the camper saying she can't sleep.  When she sits down in the other Adirondack chair, he covers her with his blanket.

3.11M 0006 Emily 

He has a gun out on the arm of his chair; he's guarding his family.  "Avery's not a bad person," his daughter says.  "He's not a good one," her dad replies.  "He's trying to steal 15 million dollars.  That money got someone killed, put you guys in danger - I don't know what she sees in the guy."  As soon as he says that, he adds, "Sorry.  I shouldn't say that to you."  

3.11M 0007 Beau Face front
Emily says that maybe it's not about the money.  Beau replies that Avery is a rich guy and probably wants to stay that way.  "Yeah, because he thinks he might lose her," responds Emily.  "Let's talk about something else," her dad tells her.  Emily asks calmly as if she doesn't know the emotional impact or implications of her question, "What happened in Houston with your partner?"  Beau raises his eyebrows:  "Heavy!" Then he counters, "You know what happened."  "Not from you.  You never talked about it," she responds (with the emotional obtuseness and obstinacy of a teenager).  Beau looks away, then looks back at her.  

3.11M 0020 Beau sitting
"Not much to know.  Not much to talk about."  

3.11M 0041 Beau compassionate
Emily gets up to leave, not disrespectfully but definitely not satisfied with his non-answer.  "Mom never needed you to be perfect.  Just let her in more," she says as she leaves quietly.  Beau sits outside in the darkness, his breath a vapor in the chilly night air.

The police are at Jenny's house, and paramedics are checking her out after the violent hit she took when the men burst in.  She feels bad that she didn't listen to her mom's concerns, but when she gets up to head out, she almost collapses and has to be held up.

At the sheriff's office, Beau, Poppernak, and Cassie discuss what information they have about Gigi. 

3.11M 0053 office
They have the mug shots of the guy they think was her partner in the grift.  They also have security footage of a truck speeding off.  They couldn't get the plates, but the truck has huge long horns attached to the front of the red hood.  "Please don't be from Texas!" says Beau.  Jenny surprises them all by showing up.  When she hugs Beau, she whispers, "Thanks for being here." 

3.11M 0057 Jenny hug
"Try and stop me," he replies.  He tells her she should still be in the hospital, but she feels she has to be there to try to find her mom.  They have crime scene photos of Gigi's trashed hotel room, showing she didn't give in easily.  "She's a fighter," Jenny acknowledges.  A phone call interrupts them:  a patrol officer has spotted Avery. 

3.11M 0066 Beau close up
Beau, with everyone's approval, heads out.  

"Any idea where we can find them?"  Cassie asks Jenny.  "I know where to start!" replies Jenny.  

Back at the Barnes' residence, Buck looks at Paige with earnest eyes and apologizes for "all this mess.  I never meant to hurt you."  Sitting down at an old desk, he pulls out a bottle, calling it his old friend.  It's the first drink he's had in twenty years.  Pouring some of the amber liquid into a glass, he tells Paige that it's her lucky day because he doesn't feel like drinking alone.  She is trembling, terrified, and teary as he rips the duct tape from over her mouth.  He warns her that no one can hear her so there's no reason to scream.  He sits back down, running his hands over his face wearily.  She leans forward and begins to frantically beg, "Just let me go!  Everyone already thinks I'm dead!"  "Sonny doesn't," replies Buck.  "God bless her:  she's kept me on the straight and narrow all these years.  If she could see me now, there would be hell to pay!"  "I'll disappear!" Paige continues from where she sits on the floor, arms bound behind her.  She'd leave the country and Walter would stay in jail.  "You are a sharp girl," Buck says earnestly, "but then you know what happens to sharp girls.  They meet sharp ends."  "No! No!" whimpers Paige even more frantically as Buck toasts her and drinks.  "Please!  No!  Please!  No!" she cries as he stands quickly, crosses to her, leans over, and knocks her out with one quick move.

Avery walks down a hotel hallway.  Glancing about, he keys in a code and enters with a bag of take out from a burger joint.   A figure comes out from behind him, holding a gun.  It's the bald, older thug, Winston.  "Message from my boss.  He doesn't renegotiate."  Avery looks at his gun lying on the table, then back at the enforcer, who stares at him, blinks, and shakes his head slowly.

"Avery," calls out Beau, coming down the hallway just as the bad guy exits the room with Avery at gunpoint.  "Who's your friend?"  The man turns, holding Avery's arm with one hand and pointing his gun at Beau with the other.  

3.11M 0069 Avery captive
"His friend is none of your concern," says the bad man levelly.  "Well, actually it is, seeing I'm the sheriff and all," says Beau in a friendly way, slowly pushing back his jean, sheep-skin-lined jacket to reveal the star pinned to his belt on one side while he rests his right hand on his gun. 

3.11M 0074 Beau Gun Badge
"Huh.  I never shot a sheriff before," says the bald man.  Avery looks at him.  "We're not gonna do that, gunslinger," smiles Beau.  "Please, just turn around.  Walk away.  I'm handling things," says Avery, gesturing.  His eyes are desperate.  "No, Avery, I think you're pretty much done handling things," Beau responds calmly. "But you know what, big fella?  It's your lucky day." 

3.11M 0080 Beau stalling 

He lets his coat drop, covering his gun.  

3.11M 0083 Beau quizical
"You can have him."  

3.11M 0088 Beau Faking Smile
Avery's eyes are wide and worried as Beau turns to walk away.

3.11M 0090 Beau turning
Winston raises his gun, aiming at Beau's back, when Beau spins and shoots. 

3.11M 0092 Beau Firing
The criminal goes down.  Beau takes a moment to take the dead man's gun from where it's fallen, 

3.11M 0097 Beau after shot
then tells Avery, who's staring at his abductor in confusion, to put his hands on his head.  Avery is a little slow to respond so Beau repeats the command, frisks him, and handcuffs him.  "Don't give me a reason to make my life any easier," he says, more grimly than anything he's said so far.

3.11M 0102 Beau warning Avery

Sitting in their restaurant, Tonya is panicking:  Avery hasn't been at his home, and Carla and Emily are staying with Beau - where is he?  As he arranges cups, Donno says Avery's staying in a hotel under an assumed name because he's checked them all.  Tonya says she's not letting anyone get away with that money because it's theirs.  "What would you do with it?" asks Donno.  Tonya lists her wishes:  scale up the real estate business, start a diner franchise, OWN this town.  With a smile, she asks what Donno would like.  He explains how he'd like to breed extremely mean and extra smart foxes, ready to go up against any fox hunters.  His favorite movie was Fox and the Hound:  "Todd and Copper just wanted to be friends.  The world just . . . They had to hide their feelings."  Jenny and Cassie enter.  Tonya Ignored them, saying they're closed. Jenny persists, saying that she knows Tonya laundered money for Gigi.  Tonya is antagonistic, but Jenny says her mom has been taken by very bad men and she needs her help. They just want to know who they delivered the money to.  "It's my mother," says Jenny.  Tonya and Donno recognize the seriousness of her request and acquiesce.  They didn't get the money to a person, though, just a drop box.  Jenny wants the address.  

Sunny and Buck run into each other at the driveway.  Sunny tells Buck she found Paige and had her safe and sound at the campground, but now she's gone, and she needs him to help her find her.  "I'm not gonna do that," Buck tells her, and Sunny places her hands on her hips, tipping her head and narrowing her eyes in annoyance.  "What the hell's gotten into you?"  Buck tells her to leave the whole Paige business alone.  Nothing good will come of it.  Cassie had already been out asking questions; she knows Walter is Sunny's son.  How is that going to blow back on her?  "I'm gonna do what's right by my son!" Sunny tells him, finger upraised.  Then she pauses and accuses him of drinking, which he denies.  He says he's got to go to the hardware store, then they'll have a nice, long conversation.  Sunny thinks they could talk now, but Buck says he has something he needs to take care of and gets into his closed bed pickup.  She watches as he drives away.  In the back of his vehicle is Paige, unconscious.

Jenny and Cassie are surprised to see a small innocuous house when they pull up at the address Tonya gave them.  It looks like grandma's house, she tells Denise over the phone.  The parcel of land where Donno dropped off the money, Denise tells them, is registered to Anne Whitlow, in her 60s, with four sons and several grandchildren.  The property where they are now is also registered to Anne, is quite large, and has several buildings on it.  Cassie and Jenny check it out. 

As they approach the door, they see a dark-haired teenage girl spinning a whirligig and staring at them.  The door opens to reveal a smiling, white-haired, heavy set woman in a cardigan and house dress, white hair pulled back into a bun away from her make-up-free face.  She tells them to call her Ma; everyone does.  She's there alone with Buster, the shotgun she takes from behind the doorway.  The girl they saw must have been Fanny who lost her mom when she was young and is a wild thing.  But when they turn to look at the girl, there's no one there.  "Do you know Gigi Cessna?" asks Jenny.  Ma doesn't; should she?  "She stole some money that ended up in a drop box on property you own," Jenny tells her.  Mama doesn't know what she's talking about:  no one's ever dropped money there.  The two women leave, but they don't believe the older woman.  They plan to split up and search the property.

Sunny goes into the attic of her house and sees the glass out that Buck had been drinking from.

3.11M 0106 Beau interrogation
Beau enters the interrogation room where Avery is being held and tells him to start talking, but Avery says there's not much to say.  "How 'bout the guy who was trying to kill me?  Start there."  "Am I being charged with something?" Avery responds.  Beau leans back in his chair with a sigh and rubs his hand on his chin. 

3.11M 0118 Beau listening
"You know, I found those journal pages that you stole; guess you're trying to get your hands on that fifteen million, or maybe you already have it."  Avery isn't rattled in the least;  if no one's reported it stolen, it's a victimless crime.  Both men are now leaning across the table, both with hands laced in front of them. 

3.11M 0124 face off
Beau asks what Avery's plan is:  "New identity?  Thailand?"  He warns him that these people don't forgive and don't forget and the ones that steal from them rarely die alone.  Beau's eyes and voice are intense as he specifies, "You have put Carla and you have put my daughter into danger.  Did you even THINK about that?" He's staying remarkably calm, though his voice raises a little on the word "think."  "Everything I've done has been to protect MY family," Avery says back. Beau eyes him, eyebrows raised, lips curled in disbelief. 

3.11M 0131 Beau angry
"That's all you need to know," Avery continues. "You, on the other hand, have made quite the tidy mess.  Killing that man put us all in more danger." He leans back.  "Now I'd very much like to speak to my lawyer."  Beau just looks at him,

3.11M 0146 beau disbelief
tips his head, smooths his hands over the table, 

3.11M 0151 Beau
and then rises. In a sudden burst of violence, he kicks his chair over with a quick sideways blow before exiting the room.  

Cassie searches a barn on the property.  Elsewhere on the land, Jenny finds the red truck with the longhorns on the front.  Hearing voices from a large outbuilding nearby, she approaches.  She hears her mom's tearful voice:  "Please!  We'll give you back everything."  "My brother's dead because of you two," an angry male voice retorts.  "We didn't kill your brother!" a man's desperate voice replies.  Jenny, gun drawn, peeks around the corner.  Two armed men are confronting her mom and another man who are on their knees before them.  "We'll let the little ones decide what to do with you.  Does this man deserve our mercy?" he asks, holding his thumb up.  Our perspective shifts to show the rest of the building.  There are raised bleachers upon which are sitting a group of children, eight or ten or them, dressed like they came from another era.  One is even in a bonnet.  "Or our wrath?"  Thumbs turn down.  "No!" shouts the man, but one of the brothers turns rapidly and shoots him with his long gun. 

Elsewhere, Cassie lifts her head and touches her gun.  In the dark building, Gigi cowers and cries under the gun of one man while the other brother drags the dead grifter into a pig pen.  Jenny, holding up her gun, steps in. "Don't move or I'll shoot you."  "Jenny?"  "I got this, mom."  But Gigi is shaking her head.  A two-note whistle briefly sounds to get attention as a gun is cocked.  A third brother has entered the building and holds his gun to Jenny's head.  He tells her to put her gun on the ground or he'll feed her to the pigs.  "I'm so sorry, Jenny," cries her mom.  Jenny, scowling, puts her gun down slowly.  "Now, we got the new generation here, we don't need the old model.  I like the look of her way better," says one man creepily.  "Is that right, Troy?" says a hard, fake-friendly voice.  The children lower their heads.  "Pretty sure I taught you to respect your elders and women."  "Robbie's dead because of her!" he fires back.  "You raise your voice again to me, and I'll take your damn hand!" she fires back.  "Bring her to me."

"You don't want to do this," says Jenny, approaching with hands raised.  "Your mother cheated my boy Robbie, Fanny's daddy."  He shot himself when he realized he'd been cheated.  Then they tried to pay for his life with money, she says angrily.  "Now, what are we going to do, children?"  One little boy steps up the bleachers toward her.  She hugs him and kisses his head.  "This lady hurt our family.  What do you think we should do with her?  Bullets.  Pig pen." The boy whispers.  She gives a little laugh and says, "Joshua calls for a game.  A game for all the stakes in the world.  Your mother loses, she dies.  At least she got a chance which is more than I can say for my son."  Jenny can't believe what she's hearing. "Let's play or I'll just shoot her."   "I'll play in her place!" Jenny offers without even knowing what the game is. "You can play against each other!" says Mama.  "Shackle 'em."  She tells one of her sons to take Fanny and go find the other woman (Cassie).  Fanny is the best tracker.

The radio plays in a dark room while Buck prepares to tape a label on a jar.  Old jars stand in a dusty row filled with what looks like human hearts.  He looks back where Paige lies on the floor half wrapped in a blanket.  The new jar is now labeled Paige.  He turns back, but the blanket is empty.  Paige wasn't dead.  With a scream, she hurls herself at him, stabbing him in the leg and scrambles up a ladder, pounding frantically at the trap door above her.  Buck, groaning, gets up and tries to pull her off the ladder, and she kicks him desperately and viciously.  They both fall.  Buck gets to his knees with the knife, but Paige slams him in the face with something heavy she's found in the basement room.  As he falls backwards, she scrambles towards him and with short, guttural gasps she pounds her improvised weapon into his head four times until he lies unresponsive on the ground.  She falls backward, gasping and crying, then makes her way slowly up the ladder, where she slams the lock of the trap door until she can open it.

The game is cornhole.  Mama's late son Robbie loved this game.  Two children pull the slanted board into place.  They'll take turns throwing four sacks each.  They'll get one point for landing on the board, three if the sack goes in the hole.  "You should've listened to me," whispers Gigi.  "I'm sorry, Jenny.  I never meant for any of this to happen."  "I'm gonna get you out of here," says Jenny from where she stands next to her, both of them with chains on their ankles. 

3.11 Jenny mom
"How?" Gigi questions.  "Age before beauty," says one son.  Gigi throws and the sack lands on the board.  A couple children cheer.  "Looks like you got some fans!" says Mama.  "Everyone loves an underdog.  You're up."  Jenny slowly looks around, slowly lifts one of the small sacks, and  deliberately throws it straight up in the air, nowhere near the board.  Mama tells her if she deliberately tries to ruin Josh's game, she'll immediately throw her mother in the pig pen - and she'll throw her in alive.  "You gotta try, Jenny," whispers her mom.  "Only one of us is getting out of here alive."  They eye each other a moment.  Then Gigi tosses a bag to land on the end of the board, nowhere near the hole.  Jenny eyes her and shakes her head almost imperceptibly.  "Whatever happens, Jenny, forgive me," says her mom.  "You will never change," says Jenny.  "You want me to try?  Fine.  I'll try."  She gives an underhand toss that goes directly in the hole.  "Yay!" there's a subdued but enthusiastic cheer from some children.  Gigi smiles.  "Three - two.  Daughter takes the lead," announces one of Mama's sons.  Gigi throws again, and the sack lands near but not on the board.  Jenny stares then shakes her head.  "She's cheating!  She's trying to lose on purpose!" says Jenny.  "My daughter, everyone!  She's a bad loser - and a bad winner!"  "What are you doing?" Jenny asks her.  "Don't think so," the man responds.  "She barely missed."  "Two can play at that game," whispers Jenny to her mom.  She carefully aims and throws but misses.  "Last warning!" says the matriarch.  She tells her two sons to aim their guns at the women.  "Someone's about to lose."  

Gun drawn, the third son searches a building and sees Fanny.  He's rude to her.  No one has to be nice to her now that her daddy's dead.  "Guess I won't tell you then," she says.  "Tell me what?" he asks.  Cassie hits him in the head from behind.  "Thank you," Cassie tells Fanny.  "Do you know where my friend is?"  "She's in trouble," replies the girl.  "Can you take me to her?"  

"Don't think of me too harshly, Jenny.  I did a lot of bad things in my life, but I never stopped loving you," says Gigi, her face disfigured from bruising, swelling, blood, and running mascara.  "Mom, please.  Stop doing this."  "Never" Gigi replies.  "Don't do this," Jenny whispers.  Gigi tosses the sack.  It sails through the air and misses the board, falling short to the left by a foot.  One son racks his shotgun.  "Stop!" Mama's voice cracks through the dark room.  "Let them go, both of them."  No one understands why she's giving the orders she is, but Cassie is standing in the shadows, gun pointed directly at the older woman.  "Mama," one son says slowly, but she responds, carefully articulating word by word, "Fanny chooses mercy.  And Robbie was her daddy." 

3.11 MA Kid
"Tell them to have them walk up the stairs," Cassie commands quietly.  Mama complies.  "You can't just let them go!" complains one son angrily, but Mama flashes back, "Don't you argue with me!  I said let them go!"  The brothers unshackle the women and they walk together up the bleachers and past mama.  Brakes sound outside.  "They're safe," Cassie says in a low voice into a walkie-talkie.  "Police!  Hands up!"  Police enter and handcuff the adults.

3.11 arrested

"It's all right, children.  It's OK," smiles the grandmother.  Jenny hugs Cassie:  "Thank you."

Nightfall again.  Beau and his ex-wife sit outside his silver camper by an open fire. 

3.11M 0156 Beau Carla
Carla says she really thankful for him helping them.  "Yeah," he says quietly, not looking at her. "What's going on?" she asks compassionately.  He slowly turns his eyes toward her.

3.11M 0163 Beau close up
"I got a bad feeling about all this."  His eyes are anguished.  "It's like in Houston with Randy."  "No," Carla says firmly.  "You can't go there. "It's too late, 'cause it feels the same, like something is coming, and I'm powerless to stop it."  He's looking into the distance again. 

3.11M 0171 Beau far off look
"Randy's death was not your fault," Carla says quietly but confidently.  "We both know that's not true," Beau replies, looking back at her. She looks away, chin tightening as she fights back tears.

3.11M 0190 beau not tru
"He was my partner and I let him down.  And then I wasn't there for you, and I wasn't there for Emily." He looks away again.  "I don't blame you for leaving me."

3.11M 0178 talking
"Well, you are here for us now," Carla says, nodding her head firmly as she swallows against the emotion.  "It don't make up for the way I checked out," Beau replies, raising his eyes and looking at her regretfully, then turning his head again.

3.11M 0184 Beau knowing look
"I forgive you - for all that," Carla tells him earnestly, the firelight glowing on her face.  "Ok?"  "I'm telling you, this thing with Avery," he meets her eyes again.  "This isn't over by a long shot.  I'm not saying that to scare you, you understand?  But I need you to know this:  I'm not going to let anything happen to you two."  "I know," she responds, her voice breaking a little.  They keep looking at each other until Beau looks away and gives a small shake of his head.  He makes a small scoffing noise, then says, briefly, fighting emotion, "I'll always love you." 

3.11M 0187 Beau looking down
His eyes are ahead of him, but Carla, sitting beside him, is watching him, and she gives a slow, painful smile of acknowledgment.  She's holding his hand, and she places her other hand over theirs.

3.11M 0206 hands

Avery is on the floor, arms tied to cement blocks.  He's gagged.  Tonya and Donno have him and as Donno gleefully offers "progressive amputation",  Avery shouts out behind the cloth in his mouth.  Avery says people will know that he's gone and they will find out.  Tonya isn't phased:  everyone will just think the bad guys who wanted the fifteen million took him out.  "I have the fifteen million!" Avery says, wide-eyed.  Tanya laughs, and Donno threatens him with large, heavy mallets.  "If you kill me, no one gets a bloody thing!" says Avery.  "OK.  What do YOU want?" says Tonya.  "I made a move against the boss and it went badly," Avery tells them.  He has a mutually beneficial plan:  he gives them a much larger slice of the pie and they keep him safe.  

Gigi has given a statement to the police that will help them make a solid case against Mama and her sons.  "Anything to put those lunatics behind bars.  Now I understand how putting bad guys in jail has such an appeal," laughs Gigi, whose face is still bruised.  "Good," says Jenny as Poppernak handcuffs her mom.  "Then you'll understand why I can't just let you walk away."  "You would really put me in jail after what we went through?" "What we went through was BECAUSE of you!" Jenny tells her calmly.  "Sometimes you really disappoint me," says her mom.  "Right back atcha.  And I love you too," she smiles.

Cormac is drinking at the bar when his mom approaches.  "No Cassie Dewell, just your mama."  She wants to know what Cassie told him, and he won't tell her.  She accuses him of choosing Cassie over his own family, and Cormac says he is.  After all, Sunny is the one who made the choice all those years ago to hide the truth about his brother.  Sunny says she was trying to protect him, but he says he doesn't believe that.  Sunny pauses, then leans in confidentially.  "Your dad's started drinking again."  Cormac eyes her silently, then looks back down at his drink.  "And I think he might have done a bad thing."  "I'm sure you'll find a way to fix it.  I mean, anything can be buried under enough lies, right, mom?"  He gets up to leave.  "Don't you walk away from me.  Cormac!  Cormac!" But he leaves the bar.  

Emily and Denise and sipping coffee and staring at the board with the information about the heart killer.  "You know your dad's not going to let anything happen to you guys," says Denise.  "I know that.  Can we talk about something else?" replies Emily.  They discuss how bad the coffee is, and Denise asks her to get some coffee from a place down the street.  Cassie comes out from a back room.  She just got off the phone with Cormac and she now plans to go talk to Sunny and get some answers.  

In the coffee shop, a man says, "I love nutmeg too, Emily."  It's the mob boss.  "Do I know you?" asks Emily, forgetting that her name is on the coffee cup.  "Have a nice day," he says.  As she walks down the street with the coffee, one of his henchmen rolls after her in a vintage maroon white-top car.  


A few comments and considerations:

  1. Broken family relationships:  This show sure has some messed up families from the disturbed truck driver and his overbearing mom to the warped family of Jenny's former boyfriend.  Now we have creepy Mama with her hillbilly sons and cowed grandchildren.  (Did any of you think of the Benders?  This family isn't quite as creepy or cannibalistic, but they're still isolationist and backwards.)  I also saw a similarity between the way Mama and Sunny boss their families around and hide bad behavior behind an outwardly friendly, folksy demeanor.
  1. Things that stretch credulity:  Does anyone find it believable that Buck committed such horrible murders but then lived normally for so long?  How can you do something so depraved yet go for years without giving yourself away?  Also, has no one in the city noticed that the ranger that was guarding the road is missing?  The bad guys shot him, but no one has noticed that he's gone?  Furthermore, the last we saw Avery, he was in the sheriff's custody asking for his lawyer.  Next thing, he's tied up by Tonya and Donno?  How did that happen?  A dangerous crime boss has threatened Avery's family so Denise just has Emily walk alone down the street?  How is her dad supposed to protect her when they're not taking the most basic precautions?  
  1. Avery's presumption:  I was FUMING when Avery said everything he did (you mean the underhand finagling at his business and stealing a thief's stolen code for fifteen million dollars?) has been done to protect HIS family?  How dare he call another man's child HIS to the man's face?  Beau had remarkable self control to walk away.
  1. Supernatural reminders:  Besides the Benders callback, I of course had to think of Dean's words to Sam when Beau told Carla that he wasn't going to let anything happen to them.  
  1. Predictions:  Will Beau and Carla get back together?  Will something happen to Carla or Emily?  Is Buck dead?  Will Paige escape?  Will Avery die?  What do you want to happen and what do you think will happen?

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Illustrated by Nightsky. Jensen/Beau Screencaps by Raloria on LJ. Images courtesy of ABC.