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Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful… in theory. In actuality, it tends to be chaotic and stressful, filled with family and extended family drama. “Just Desserts” exemplifies the hectic holiday where not everyone gets what they deserve. In the role of the harried cook, trying his best while everything falls apart, is …


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Torn between trying to get his daughter back even though he hasn’t been told she wasn’t the one who threw the party, making a hard holiday better for his mom, helping his nervous brother, and dealing with work issues with Cassie’s slip, Cordell is having a rough day. As if all that wasn’t enough, the weather turns bad and smashes a tree branch through the preparations. Jared plays the myriad emotions exquisitely, ranging from excited to sad, supportive to admonishing. But he endeavors to stay optimistic until drama erupts over dinner when Abeline forces the issue of the party at the Side Step and …

Stella and August

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Teenagers often think they’re adults and that they know everything. Stella and August are no exceptions. And just like most teenagers, they’re wrong. Stella ran away in a car that is technically not hers to live with her overly supportive also teenage boyfriend without saying goodbye to her dad. She is giving him the silent treatment, even though he is doing his best to impress her. She only comes to Thanksgiving, with Colton’s encouragement, to blow it up with the news of the Side Step being shut down and leaving August to clean up the mess. Cordell is right, August is following in Stella’s footsteps by throwing parties to gain popularity. However, Auggie’s desire to be popular, his rage at being overshadowed by his sister, and his belief that he got away with the party, combine to make him and his actions increasingly bad. So bad in fact, when called on this he lashes out at …

Abeline and Bonham

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Thanksgivings are hard for Abeline. Bonham and their sons try to make it easy on her. Her mother died years ago on Thanksgiving and that night she and her brother had a fight that changed their relationship for the worse to this day. Now she fears history is repeating between Stella and August. Even worse, she’s worried about the path that August is on. Mitch is great as the secretly supportive Bonham who talks to Cordell about Stella and August. Molly Hagan is again phenomenal as Abeline. She shows that the history and present of this day proves too much for Abeline as she collapses at the end of the episode, unbeknownst to …

Liam and Ben

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Now that Liam was able to talk to Cordell and even save Cordell by taking out one of the men who physiologically tortured him, Liam wants to work on his relationship with Ben - and he’s so incredibly, adorably nervous about it. From talking about mash potatoes to making a “tuber pun,” it’s clear he likes Ben. It’s also clear that Ben also finds him adorable. Keegan and Matt make their characters so cute together, except when they turn up the temperature. Then, it’s even better. Liam probably had the best day out of all the Walkers. But Ben isn’t the only Perez in an intensifying relationship. So is...

Cassie (and Kevin)

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Cassie has a very unique personality… and that is an understatement. First, she let’s slip the name “Grey Flag,” which was from the evidence case they shouldn’t have opened and didn’t report they opened, right in front of Captain James. Then she invites Kevin to the Walker’s Thanksgiving as her plus one … for their first date. A move that even she admits is crazy … and as Trey says… totally her. But Kevin is equally determined and braves an ice storm to be with her, to get a second chance to make a first impression. And he makes a great one, even being called the best houseguest ever. He even appreciated the chaos that large family gatherings have, since he doesn’t have one of his own. Ashley and Jake are also adorable together as they grow closer. It will be interesting to see their relationship as the season progresses.

The Walker Thanksgiving episode seemed almost like it was made to help many feel better about their Thanksgivings. It was chaotic and drama filled. As Kevin said, it was definitely entertaining. It was also heartbreaking. Mawline’s collapse, as well as Cordell’s close brush with death the episode before, reminds us to be thankful for loved ones - because no one knows how much time is left with them.

4.94 out of 5

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