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Big Sky's "Duck Hunting" opens exactly where the last episode ended with a wide-eyed Luke being approached in the dark woods by a coldly calm Paige.  "Miss me?" she asks.  "Paige!" he exclaims, surprised and startled.  "You're OK!"  "No thanks to you!" she retorts, arms crossed. Recollecting the last time they were together in the woods, he says that she left him, but she says that she went to get help.  Then Luke catches her up on current events:  "They found us.  Mr. Jimmy sent people after us.  He knows where we are and he wants the money back."  "Where's the journal?" Paige zeroes in on what is most important to her.  "I thought you had it with you!" Luke stammers.  "If I had it, would I be HERE?" Paige asks angrily. 

Luke tells her that the money isn't important anymore.  What matters is that they leave before it's too late! In his earnestness, he reaches out to grab her arms.  A voice drawls from behind him:  "She ain't going nowhere with you." Luke turns to see the shadow of a man.  "Who the hell are you?" demands Luke. "Me?" The creepy stranger, Walt, steps forward.  He is holding a short handled axe.  "I'm the guy who saved her."  Luke turns back to Paige, begging her to get out of there, but she tells him calmly, "It's true.  He saved me.  From YOU!" Walt steps close, teeth bared:  "You were going to bash her brains out with that rock.  That's right.  I saw you.  I should have killed you when I had the chance."  He is standing aggressively close to Luke, tipping his head and eying him like a predator.  "Now where's the journal?"  Paige stands by, her eyes drilling into Luke.  Luke backpedals, asking them to just listen to him for just a second.  Then he turns and runs.  Walt laughs, but Paige is glaring.  "Are you just gonna stand there?" she says.  "I'm just giving him a head start," answers Walt, toying with the axe.  "More sporting that way," he adds, chucking her lightly under the chin.  "I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail."  He moves off after Luke as Paige glowers.

At Sunny Day's Excursions, the dark night is lit by strings of lights.  Sunny leads Jenny and Beau to a platform where Mary's body lies, covered by a tan sheet with only her head exposed.  Beau asks if anyone searched the area, and Sunny says that Buck and Avery went back to look around.  Suddenly, there's a cry of "Daddy!" and Emily comes dashing across the camp to her father and throws her arms around him.  He firmly embraces her back. 

3.08 0008 father hug

She's breathing in gasping breaths, and he reassuringly repeats, "I got you.  I got you," with one hand cradling the back of her head.  "You OK?" he asks, smoothing her hair back, and looking down into her face.  She nods, eyes still fixed on him.  "What happened?" he asks softly.  "I followed Luke into the woods, and I got lost, and then I saw her.  She was bleeding. She had Paige's bag."  Her voice grows increasingly shaky as she explains that she thought Mary was just hurt until she saw her eyes.  She begins crying again, so Beau pulls her in close again.

3.08 0014 concern

"I got you," he says, holding her and then resting his cheek against the top of her head.  Jenny turns back to Sunny:  "Tell me about Luke and Paige."  Sunny tells her that they were guests, Paige had left early, and Luke and Mary had a little something-something going on.  From her father's arms, Emily interjects that Luke had said he was leaving; he'd been really scared about something. 

3.08 0021 thinking

Sunny verifies, saying they can't find Luke.  Beau excuses himself to walk his daughter away.  Jenny tells Sunny that they'll need to gather everyone to get statements.  Sunny agrees, and, with one last look down at Mary, she and Buck walk away.  Jenny gently covers Mary's face with the sheet.  

As Beau and Emily leave the platform area, Avery and Carla approach, and Emily hugs her mom.  Carla greets her ex with her voice slightly shaking as she says hi, adding, "I'm so glad you're here."  Beau asks Avery why he went out to look at the area after the body was found, and he says that they'd wanted to find Luke.  Carla wonders if Luke could have killed Mary, but Beau can't answer that yet. 

Deputy Poppernak  tells Jenny that they've set up a roadblock to keep people from coming up to the campsite.  Then Jenny turns and sees Tonya and Donno standing on the platform of their luxury tent.  Tonya gives a cheerful little wave.  Jenny wants to know what they're doing there, and Tonya says they just wanted some time to relax, but, what with the murder, she's planning on writing a negative review.  "Zero point zero stars," intones Donno.

"Where was Buck when you found Mary?" Beau asks his daughter.  His questions are thoughtful and quietly spoken.  Emily doesn't know.  He must have heard her scream because suddenly he was just there.  He wants to know if she thinks Luke could have killed her, and Emily says no.  It's just a feeling she has.  Carla says that's enough questions, but isn't antagonistic as she understands that Beau is just doing his job.  With an arm around her, she walks Emily away to get some water, and Beau tells Avery, "You need to tell me what's going on here and why you let my daughter wander off into those woods - alone." 

3.08 0040 angry

He's not aggressive but is intense.  Avery glances over his shoulder in the direction where the women have left, then turns back.  "We had no idea, alright?  She didn't tell Carla either."  Jenny interrupts, asking to talk to Beau for a moment.  As Avery walks away, Jenny says, "Tonya and Donno are here!"  Her voice is upset. Beau glances to the nearby tent, where the two in question are.  Tonya waves casually.  "Did they confess?" Beau asks Jenny pointedly, reminding her,  "If they didn't confess, we've got to treat them like everybody else:  POSSIBLE suspects."  

In their tent, Sunny tells Buck that he shouldn't have brought Mary's body back.  The blue police lights are flashing through the windows of the tent.  Buck says he was improvising, but it's turning out to be a good thing because now there's a reasonable explanation for Mary's DNA being on him.  Sunny tells him that was smart; she hadn't thought of that.  She keeps thinking about poor Mary; she'd done nothing wrong.  Buck tells her not to go there because it's done.  "We're in a lot of trouble here, Buck," says Sunny, pacing the dim interior, lit by a string of lights strung along the lines of the tent above the door.  Buck says they're going to use Luke:  since he's missing, they can blame him for killing Paige and then killing Mary to cover up the original murder.  

3.08 0094 counting

Beau and Jenny check with Poppernak about the timeline of events.  Mary had left for a jog around 3:00 p.m. and no one saw her come back to camp.  They discuss that Paige probably didn't go home, since her bag has been discovered in the woods.  Luke and Cormac were the only ones not in camp.  They're going to collect statements from everyone.

3.08 0098 talking

A huge moon hangs above the camp.  Firelight flickers across Beau and Jenny's listening faces as a succession of people are interviewed, several in pairs.  First, Sunny and Buck discuss Luke and his relationship with Paige.  Buck claims that Luke had "what your generation calls toxic masculinity."  Then, Mary's friend, fighting tears, shares that Mary felt sorry for Luke and also thought he was cute.  Donno, creepy as always, says that there are lots of dead things in the woods, while Tonya says that she didn't know Paige, but she sounds like a pill.  She liked Mary though.  So did Donno; Mary had taught him yoga poses for his bad back.  Sunny says Mary was a sweet girl.  She hopes they catch the bastard that did this.  "Better catch him before I do," says Buck, adding that he didn't know why anyone would want to kill her.  Carla says that Luke seemed nervous and stressed, and Emily adds that Luke warned her about dangerous people being there before disappearing into the woods.  Avery tells them that Luke didn't want to be there; he'd been dragged up there for his birthday.  He also shares that Luke had told him that he and Paige had fifteen million dollars in crypto.  Beau and Jenny exchange a glance.  Avery had thought it was a joke, but now he's not so sure.  

Beau and Jenny check out Luke and Paige's tent, even though deputies had searched it before.  Jenny believes that the fifteen million changes things, but Beau tell her, "I wouldn't trust Avery; he's full of crap."  Jenny doesn't think he was lying.  Beau responds teasingly, "That son of a bitch charmed you, didn't he?  It was the accent, wasn't it?  Uh, huh.  Yeah.  'Cause an hour ago, you were dead set on Tonya and Donno being the killers."  The money has changed things, though, and they need to look into it.  Jenny reaches under the mattress and pulls out Paige's phone.  She remembers that Sunny said she'd been getting texts from Paige's phone.  It must have been Luke sending the texts.  It now looks to them like Luke killed Paige in a lover's quarrel and then killed Mary to cover up the murder when she discovered Paige's bag in the woods.  However, why would he leave evidence like the phone behind?  Something's just not making sense about this, muses Beau.

Cormac is in a bar with Cassie since he'd had to go into town to get his dad's medicine.  He asks her to dance, but she gives him a raincheck.  He's curious if Cassie had ever found the person his dad sold the truck to.  Cassie tells him that she doesn't think his dad is being completely honest about the situation.  

Law enforcement with dogs are spread through the woods looking for Luke.  Jenny ends up by herself.  She hears a noise, then gets a radio that a body has been found.  When she arrives, it's Luke, sitting against a large rock, too still to still be alive, a long arrow protruding from his upper body.

Denise is eyeing a wall of newspaper clippings all about the Bleeding Heart Killer.  Cassie walks up, just getting off the phone, telling her that two of Sunny's guests have been murdered.  Jenny wants Cassie to check out Cormac.  He'd told Cassie that he was headed back to camp, but Jenny says he never showed.

Jenny is on a computer at Sunny's campsite.  She tells Beau that both Luke and Paige registered under fake names and lied about their vocation.  Both of them had quit their jobs just days before they'd arrived.  Perhaps they'd not been on vacation but rather hiding out with the fifteen million dollars that Avery had mentioned; perhaps they'd stolen it.  That would explain why Tonya and Donno are there.  Jenny is relieved to hear that Beau is considering them as potential suspects; she'd thought that Beau had succumbed to Donno's sandwich-making skills.  "Bad guys can have good skills," Beau retorts.  "Donno's just happens to be making sandwiches."  "Oooo!  Donno's making sandwiches?" asks Poppernak, walking up.  "I wish," Beau replies.  The deputy tells them that there's a missing bow and quiver from the equipment shed.  Everyone had access to that shed.  So the question is, who had the opportunity to kill both Luke and Mary?  Cormac and Donno were both not at camp.  Buck and Avery went back into the woods after Buck brought Mary's body in.  Everyone else is accounted for.  Now they have to figure out motives.

3.08 165674 0452 discovery

Inside a two-story log house with a second-floor porch, Cormac is looking at a vehicle registration. He's sitting in a dimly-lit space surrounded by boxes and various stored items.  Opening one box, he takes out a baby blanket and then a small chest with the picture of his mom kissing a baby boy.  Then he takes out a hospital bracelet.  "Who's this?" he wonders.  Someone knocks at the door.  It's Cassie.  He tells her that he was going to go back to camp but stopped by his parents'.  He invites her in.

Jenny asks Donno why he and Tonya are really there.  Does their "vacation" include killing Mary and Luke?  "You got me," he says steadily, then adds, "NOT."  She wants to know why he didn't go on the group hike.  He says he prefers to walk alone in the woods.  "So that's how you got the mud on your shoes?" she notices.  "Yes," he says.  

3.08 0106 profile

Beau is questioning Tonya separately.  She tells him that she wanted to go on the hike but Donno didn't.  Beau questions her being up here with her cook, and Tonya says he's not who Beau thinks he is.  "The man contains multitudes," Beau concedes.  Hiking, however, isn't one of them, says Tonya with a smile.  Beau questions that they were pretending to be married.  Tonya says it was a ploy to get freebies like champagne.  Beau thinks it's a coincidence that they're there, but Tonya said all they've done is lie about being in love.  Beau isn't buying it.

3.08 0112 got ya

He thinks they're up there for something a lot bigger than free champagne. "Speaking of marriages," Tonya says, leaning back with her arms crossed.  "I met your ex, Carla.  She's a boss.  Really impressive.  I don't know why you left her."  Beau huffs a laugh.  "It's actually the other way around," he says lightly, then changes the discussion back to Paige. 

3.08 0122 laugh

Tonya says they should be looking at Avery.  He has incredible archery skills.  "Avery?  Really?" asks Beau.  Tonya says he's deadly, and Beau says just because he can shoot an arrow doesn't mean he killed Luke.  Tonya leans forward and says, "I'm guessing he's the one that told you about the fifteen million."  "How'd you know that?" wonders Beau.  Tonya answers, "Avery was talking to Luke, like, a LOT.  You can ask your daughter if you don't believe me, but something was going on with those two."

3.08 0132 close up

"I named a sandwich after Tonya," Donno tells Jenny.  It's grilled with only the good vegetables.  Jenny thinks they might have killed Mary and come back for Luke, probably for the money - the fifteen million dollars.  They either want it for themselves or were hired to get it.  "You have a fertile imagination for a cop," Donno says, "but that doesn't explain Mary."  Jenny says that Mary could have found Donno burying Paige's bag so he had to get rid of her.  "That does explain Mary," responds Donno, but denies any involvement.

Avery is sitting in one of the Adirondack chairs around a fire pit.  He has his eyes on the bags of evidence where the police have placed them.  When the deputy at a nearby computer walks away, Avery slowly strolls up, only to be called by Emily.  He says he wasn't doing anything and wonders if she looked through Paige's bag when she saw it in the woods.  Emily said she didn't.  He was wondering if there was a clue in there about the crypto.  "What are you talking about?" wonders Emily.  "Just something Luke was talking about.  Probably nothing," responds her stepdad.  "Let's just leave the clues to my dad," states Emily.  "Absolutely," Avery nods with a smile.  He has to walk away from the plastic bag with Paige's leopard print bag inside it lying in sight but out of reach.

Cassie tells Cormac that Luke and Mary are dead.  His parents haven't told him about it.  Cassie asks where he was, and he says he was there at the house all night looking for the bill of sale for the truck.  He didn't find the bill of sale.  He found the title.  He doesn't know why they'd lie to him about something like that.  You grow up thinking you know your parents, but you find out they had whole lives before you were born.  "Did you find something else?" asks Cassie.  "Nothing," Cormac tells her.  

3.08 0169 tent scene

Poppernak tells Beau and Jenny that he's done some research on Avery as they'd asked him to.  Jenny gently says Beau is stalking, but Beau says he's just investigating a potential suspect that happens to be his ex-wife's new husband and is good with a bow and arrow.  Whatever information Poppernak has forwarded to them on his phone makes them raise their eyebrows.  Beau will talk to Avery while Jenny talks to Carla.  "Keep it professional," says Beau.  "Maybe don't mention this thing between me and Avery."  "I'm pretty sure she's aware of it," responds Jenny.  "Just professional!  She's a lawyer.  She'll use your words against you.  Trust me."  "I think I can handle myself," says Jenny.  "Let's see if she knows Avery's little secret."

Jenny is seated at a table in an open tent talking to Carla.  Reading from a computer screen, Jenny identifies Carla as a well-known criminal defense attorney in Houston, lawyer of the year for three years in a row.  "Did Beau tell you that?" smiles Carla, arms crossed. "No, he hasn't said a word about you . . . or Texas . . . or anything personal."  Carla isn't surprised at that.  He'd taken issue with some of the criminals she'd defended. "Then he pretty much imploded and so did our marriage, so . . . " She cuts herself off, apologizing for being off topic.  "No, go on," says Jenny.  Carla gives her head a little shake with a line furrowing her brow:  "He never mentioned the Hatcher shootout, the bike gang, his partner?"  "Not a thing," responds Jenny.  "We just keep things professional."  

3.08 0241 in tent

Beau asks Avery what he was doing last night.  Avery says he and Carla had some alone time.  "We can move past that," comments Beau.  Avery says Carla went to look for Emily, he got dressed, did some work, and then they met up for the super moon hike.  He hadn't seen Luke at all.  Yet Luke had seemed comfortable enough to talk to him about the money, says Beau.  Beau is surprised that Luke would have opened up about fifteen million dollars.  Avery says he thought he was just joking, but now he's not so sure.  Avery says Luke just needed to share with someone and picked him.  Beau nods.

Carla has been discussing what happened in Houston.  Beau lost his partner Randy when the operation went sideways; he blamed himself, just checked out, of everything.  Some very dark days."  "I'm sorry," Jenny says.  "He's a good man," says Carla.  "Yes, yes, he is," Jenny responds.  "Anyway, it all worked out!" Carla lightens her tone, saying that he seems to be thriving as the sheriff and she is happily married to Avery.  They smile and nod for a moment and then Carla, with her lawyerly insight, tells Jenny that she should just ask what she wants to ask.  It's not about Beau, is it?  Jenny says, no, it's not.  It's Avery, who's probably under a lot of stress with what is going on with his company.  "What are you talking about?" asks Carla, seeming utterly confused.

"You know, I've bee meaning to ask," Beau says in an off-hand manner, "how your company A Point is doing?" As he gets to the end of the question, he raises his eyes to look directly at Avery.  Avery says they're doing rather well.  Beau says he's asking because the company is being investigated by the SCC for fraud.  Avery says he's not at liberty to discuss that.  Since he's told him everything he knows about Luke, he'll leave now, but Beau tells him that that fifteen million Luke talked about could be tempting to someone in a financial bind.  Avery chuckles, then asks if he's a suspect.  "We're looking at all possible motives," the sheriff tells him.  "I see what you're doing," Avery responds.  He leans forward.  "I'm done.  And I want a lawyer."  Beau nods.  "We both know a good one, don't we?"  

Cormac goes to his parents' tent.  He's not happy that they didn't tell him what had happened; he'd had to hear about it from Cassie.  "Well, sorry, but it's been a little crazy!" his mother replies.  Cormac tosses the pill bottle to his dad, telling him that the pharmacist said he'd filled the prescription right before the trip.  Sunny says that he had, but he'd spilled the pills and needed more.  Cormac tells them that he'd looked in the attic and found the title to the burnt out truck that they'd said they'd sold.  "You sure it was the same truck?" asks Buck.  "I definitely sold it." "That Cassie's got you all worked up, hasn't she?" remarks Sunny.  "Nope, she hasn't, but this has," Cormac says softly, showing them the photo he'd found. 

3.08 165663 0001 sunny photo

Sunny's face doesn't change and she doesn't speak.  Then she laughs, saying it's his cousin who lives down in Florida now.  "Uh, huh!" verifies Buck.  "That has you all worked up?"  Cormac tells his parents that he'd also found a hospital bracelet.  Buck says he needs to let it go because they have real problems up here.  "So you don't mind if I share any of this with Cassie then?" asks Cormac.  Sunny's cheerful demeanor slips:  "You need to steer clear of that gal.  We've got a business we've got to pull out of the fire.  I'd appreciate it if you'd focus on that."  "I'd appreciate it if you'd just stop lying to me," Cormac says, his steady voice only a trifle shaky.  He turns and walks out.  "We can't do this to him anymore," says Buck.  Luke is dead which changes things.  They should tell him everything.  They need to circle the wagons.  When Sunny asks why would they want to tell him NOW, Buck says because maybe her boy Walter killed Luke and Paige and the backpacker.  "Don't you dare say that!" says Sunny.  "It's my story, and I'm going with it," replies Buck.

3.08 0251 wife convo

Beau walks up to Carla who's pouring a drink in an open tent.  "Little early for happy hour, isn't it?" he remarks.  "You want one?" she offers.  "Thanks, but I'm working," he answers.  "Never stopped you before," she says bitchily.  He looks at her a moment, then gives a small, tight-lipped smile, nodding his head.  "I'm sorry.  That wasn't fair," Carla backs down, taking a sip. "That's fine," he says.  "How's Emily doing?"  "Fine," she answers, "all things considered.  She's tough, like you."  "Kinda describes you, doesn't it?" Beau asks calmly.  "Touche," she says softly. They reminisce about a time they went camping when Emily was a baby.  Despite Emily teething and the raccoons that scratched his truck, they both agree that those had been good times.

3.08 0272 with wife

Cassie tells Jenny, who was watching Beau and Carla at a distance, that Cormac was with her at the Boothill and then at his parents' house.  She says that he found the title to the truck.  She thinks Buck is hiding something.

Donno and Tonya pose for a selfie, while Donno mutters that they have to find the journal and get out of there. They fill each other in on their interrogation.  Tonya says she lied about their being in love.  "Is that what you said?"  "Yeah.  We're not in love," Donno says, without meeting her eyes.  They're about to swoop in and take the bag from the evidence table, when Sunny loudly interrupts them.  "Since you guys showed up, nothing's been right around here," Sunny says, her aggressive words contrasting strangely with her big smile.  "Is that an observation or an accusation?" Tonya smiles back.  Sunny says that Sheriff Beau said they lied about being married, and she doesn't like liars.  "I think you've got a little more to worry about than our little white lies," smiles Tonya, holding hands with Donno.  "Murder.  Two murders," Donno announces baldly.  Sunny, her chin down, eyes him sideways.  "You know lyin's just a stone's throw away from all sorts of sins," she says.  "I got my eye on you."  She walks away.  "What was that?" Tonya wonders.  "I think they call it cowboy mouth.  She also may be a witch.  Let's go," replies Donno.  

Jenny and Cassie are questioning Buck who is nervously moving his fingers.  He tells them he wasn't in camp when Mary was murdered because he was doing a safety check for the hike.  When they tell him that he is a skilled archer, he says he is and so are a lot of others in camp.  Jenny says he tampered with a crime scene when he moved Mary's body, but he says he couldn't leave her body out there for the bears.  "Maybe you did it on purpose," says Cassie.  Buck denies that, saying he'd never hurt one of their campers.  He'd treated Mary the same as he'd treat his own child.  Forgive him for not following police protocol.  Do they have any other questions.  Cassie unfolds the police sketch of the man she saw with the truck.  Has he seen him?  "Yeah," says Buck.  "I've seen him out in the woods."  Cassie says she thinks he might be linked to the backpacker who'd died as well as the bleeding heart murders.  "Do you know where we could find him?" asks Jenny.  Buck says he doesn't know who he is or where he might be.

Avery approaches Carla, who is clearly upset.  She can't believe he didn't tell her that the SCC is investigating his company.  "I had to learn about that from the police!"  "That is BEAU!" Avery tells her.  "He's trying to -" but Carla cuts him off.  "Is it true?" He admits it is and apologizes for not telling her.  "I should have told you, but the problems with my company have nothing to do with what is going on here," he tells her as she stands, arms crossed and jaw tight.  She says that, when they get back to town, she and Emily will get a hotel.  "For God's sake!" exclaims Avery, but Carla tells him she needs some space to think.  She steps away from him, eyes averted.  "Fine," he says shortly.  "I'll stay in the hotel; you can stay in the house, and we can talk when you're ready."  He reaches out to her, but she pushes his hand away and walks off.  

The man who hired Donno and Tonya approaches the road block where a ranger is waiting.  When he tells them to turn back, his passenger shoots the ranger.  They put the body in the back of their truck and head up the road toward Sunny's camp.

Jenny, Beau, and Cassie are discussing whether this mystery man in the woods could be the bleeding heart killer and also be responsible for Paige, Mary, and Luke. 

3.08 0280 day with cassie

Beau remembers that Emily said that Luke had told her that he'd seen a light in the woods the night Paige went missing.  Maybe that had been him.  Cassie says that Cormac might know where they'd been since he knows these woods. 

As night falls, Cormac points at a map, showing where they light might have been seen.  When Jenny says that's not on any of the trail maps, he says that his mom didn't want any of the guests going up there, probably because his dad had told her that he'd seen someone up there.  "Let's go!" says Beau, approaching with other deputies.  With flashlights, they head into the woods.  

With law enforcement gone, Tonya gets a chance to look at Paige's journal only to find that two pages have been ripped out.  Unbeknownst to them, Avery has the pages.  He looks at the pages in his hands in the gathering dusk.

In the woods, the criminal boss wonders how long they should wait.  His companion says he used to go duck hunting with his grandpa and have to wait in the cold and dark.  Avery gathers some stuff in a backpack, looks out of the tent, and then heads across camp.  "Hard or soft?" questions the boss.  "Don't matter.  Perlino will sort him out," replies the assassin.  

Sunny scuttles through the darkness up to the cabin, calling out to Walter, warning him that the sheriff's department is coming for him.  "Please if you're in there, run!"  Then she hurries off.  Walter heard her, but hadn't come out.  As the posse approaches, Beau tells Cormac to hang back.  Cormac tells Cassie to please be safe.  Beau wonders what they're walking into.  Jenny says Paige may be in the cabin.  

Inside the cabin, Paige asks Walter what they should do.  "Nothing to do," he says calmly.  "We can't give up!" she says frantically.  Walter tells her that she has nothing to be afraid of because she's done nothing wrong.  "If they take me, I'll be dead by morning!" she says intently.  Placing both hands on the sides of his face, she says, "No matter what happens, I need you to know, you'll always be my prince."  Then she kisses him.

3.08 165674 0145 love you

His eyes close, and he holds her hands tightly.  Then he says, "Come with me."  He shows her a trapdoor leading to a hidden tunnel.  It won't go far, just to the edge of the woods.  Then she'll have to run.  He tells her to go ahead.  He'll stall them. 

3.08 165674 0323 Walter

She says she can't run with her bad leg.  He reminds her that he'd told her that he'd always protect her.  They can hear the approaching law enforcement outside.  "I love you!" Walter says. 

3.08 165674 0383 goodbye

"Now go!"  He closes the trap door. 

3.08 165674 0399 paige

At the sheriff's command, Walter comes out on the porch. 

3.08 0283 raid

"Hello, friends!"  he says, acting unconcerned at the guns trained on him.  "Nice to see you again," he smiles at Cassie as he gets down on his knees.  

Paige makes it out of the hidden tunnel and runs through the underbrush.

As Walter is handcuffed and led away, Cassie and Jenny both say that it felt too easy.  Something's not right.  

3.08 0294 with cassie

Sunny watches from the woods.



  1. Buck's comment that Luke's problem was toxic masculinity sounded so strange.  Admittedly, Buck is trying to direct suspicion Luke's way, but it sounded like a weird thing to say.  What did you think when you heard him say that?
  2. Why are they interviewing people together?  Buck and Sunny should have been separated as should Tonya and Donno.  
  3. Walter is in custody, and Buck would probably only kill to directly defend Sunny, but Tonya and Donno's boss is hiding outside the camp.  Is someone else going to die?  Who and why?
  4. Beau is surprisingly open with Tonya saying that Carla left him and Jenny is also in her discussion with Carla about Beau.  It seems unprofessional to me.  Anyone else feel that way?
  5. While Walter is really creepy, I find myself really annoyed at Paige's manipulation of him.  Which character do you find most unlikeable and why?

Add your thoughts below, in the comments! 
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