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Friendship can be a powerful thing. Walker:Independence’s latest episode "Friend of the Devil" explored the power, value and limits of friendship in an incredible hour that left the audience seeing one character in a new light, and curious as to what the next episode may bring. Two friends who show the power of friendship are …

Abby and Kate

1.5 Screenshot 1268 Kate Abby

Being a single women in the West is dangerous. But these two banded together in this harsh yet freeing environment. Their bond is tested this episode when Kate pushes too hard about Liam’s life before he was killed. Abby does not want to to think about it… but when she is honest with herself, she knows that Liam was hiding something from her. And when the opportunity arises for Abby to save Kate from Eli, she does it without hesitation, willingly risking herself to do it. Kat and Katie are wonderful the whole episode, but especially the reconciliation scene. Even when Kate asks about …

Tom and Eli

1.5 Screenshot 1254 Tom   1.5 Screenshot 1253 Eli

Literal partners in crime, these two go back to Tom’s Texarkana days. But that was then, and things have changed, and though Tom still loves Eli as a friend, Tom works for his family now and can’t cover for Eli as he wishes. When Eli takes Abby hostage, Tom’s loyalty is further tested, because he has feelings for Abby, unbeknownst to her. Tom also can't let Eli escape, nor will he outright kill Eli, when Eli begs. So, when Eli forces Tom’s hand and Eli is killed in the fray, Tom grieves deeply. Greg Hovanessian is amazing in this portrayal of Tom’s failed attempts to hide his pain. It is riveting watching a man torn between friendship and familial duty. Another character who is mesmerizing as they are torn between different worlds is …

Calian and Augustus

WID105b 0307r

These long time friends have had their friendship tested as Calian tries to help Abby get justice. In keeping this from Augustus, Calian has lost his friend’s trust and works to earn it back again - and he does, by working side by side and supporting his friend even working with a person he knows is lying and bad. At the end of the episode, Calian takes the final step and reveals his suspicions. Augustus responds in kind, hurt but trusting. It will be interesting to see where this leads next episode.

Walker: Independence once again delivered an incredible hour of interesting characters as they try to survive in a dangerous place. The showcasing of different friendships in stress was a fascinating look into their interpersonal interactions... though, Hoyt’s presence sometimes dipped too far into comic relief territory.

The setup for the next episode is enticing, leaving one wondering what happens next.

4.9 out of 5 stars.

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Photos Courtesy of The CW. Illustrated by Nightsky. 

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