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Walker's episode "Mum’s the Word" caught us up on family drama before we get the next dose of Ranger issues. That made it full of personal connections without a lot of action.

As usual, I’ll leave the recap to others and share my impressions.

‘Overlooked little brothers’ seems to be one of the themes in this episode. Auggie wants to show the world who he is, but he’s trapped between his father’s reminiscing and Stella’s decision not to go to college. Every time he tries to take the spotlight, someone else shows him up. He’s angry that Stella didn’t leave, because he still feels he can’t shine with her around.

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Since Auggie didn’t win the free skip day, he decides to throw a wild party complete with underage drinking at the Side Step. It’s reckless, and could lose them their liquor license. Of course, he and a friend get stuck in the supply room. Auggie tells his friend that he wasn’t sure he would literally make it out of high school alive (thanks to the attacks on the family), and that he’s still overshadowed by being Stella’s little brother. His friend is surprised, telling him that Auggie is a badass who hung out with seniors and saved Liam’s life. Auggie ends up needing to text Stella for help.

Of course, minutes after Stella breaks up the party and rescues Auggie the cops show up and they both get arrested. Interestingly, Cordell doesn’t ask for their version of what happened, automatically blaming Stella and making her spend the night in jail. (Questionable parenting move there, Cordell.) When Cordell let loose, he reminded me of Dean’s side of the many fights with Sam in Supernatural—‘how can I ever believe you again when all you’ve been going for months is lying’—and enforcing consequences. (Ironically, Cordell is mad at Stella for abruptly deciding not to go to college when in Supernatural, Dean was angry with Sam for going away to school.)

We’re likely to see ramifications from this in Stella’s relationship with Cordell, and her bond with Auggie.

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Liam wasn’t too happy with Cordell for not talking with him about their kidnapping experience. He invites himself along with Ben to Ben’s family’s BBQ joint’s centennial celebration. It’s awkward, and Ben isn’t sure how to introduce him to his grandmother. Liam says the horse therapy is helping, but he’s got a long way to go. Then he admits to Cordell that he’s afraid Ben didn’t want him at the BBQ, and Cordell urges Liam to talk to Ben. Cordell holds out the olive branch by saying that he and Liam should talk about their captivity when they get home. That’s a big step for Cordell, and very important to Liam.

Fortunately, Ben and Liam talk it out and decide that although they jumped into their relationship quickly, they both want to move forward. That’s a real win, and I’m glad Liam and Ben are going to make the effort to stay together.

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Cordell tells Cassie that he’s not going to let the past trauma rule his life, and that he needs to change how he reacts to it and stop looking over his shoulder. He adds that their partnership has helped a lot. She still urges him to deal with the issue more fully.

Those were the main interpersonal issues.

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Geri and Stella talked about not fitting in, and how life changes a person’s plans. Geri is supportive while reminding Stella that she is lucky to have support while she figures things out.

Cordell and Cassie both realize that they are not honoring the work/life balance that is important to them, since Cordell missed Auggie’s game (which really mattered to Auggie) and Cassie was going to miss the BBQ. We also got some nice insights into Cassie’s family and her relationship with Ben. There’s a tension between past and present that goes with growing up and following one’s path that is echoed throughout the episode.

Cassie and Cordell also make a questionable decision to open the locked evidence box (and not confess to doing so) that is probably going to bite them on the butt. Cassie follows Cordell’s lead, but I suspect it’s going to turn out badly. (He’s angry with Stella about lying, but not admitting to opening the box is a lie of omission.)

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Trey’s mom isn’t happy with his decision to become a Ranger. Her worry is understandable, but she isn’t honoring the road Trey wants to take. Captain James has a good conversation with her, and when he passes on the custom holster from one of the first black rangers to Trey, he’s letting both Trey and his mom know that Trey’s role is important on more than one level. Trey’s mom is struggling with letting go and allowing Trey be his own person.

That issue of holding on/letting go/becoming one’s full self runs throughout the episode, together with the push/pull of the past and present. It’ll be interesting to see where this takes us next week, because there’s plenty of foreshadowing. What did you think of the episode?

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