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Deciding change is necessary is usually difficult, and sometimes can lead to missteps, but not always. Walker's 3.05 episode, "Mum's the Word", demonstrates this relatable premise through its wonderful people starting with …


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Starting at the Side Step, surrounded by those who love him and need him, Cordell relives his glory days but soon it’s shown all is not well. Unable to bring himself to run outside again after his capture, Cordell is on high alert, armed even running on a treadmill while in Ranger HQ. The way he startles when Cassie and Cap call his name is heartbreaking. He tries, unsuccessfully, to hide his precautions, but Cassie and Captain James let it slide. Even his music choices on the road trip show a person trying to keep calm - a calm that is shattered by mysterious beeping. Cordell and Cassie decide to open the case to make sure they’re safe, and it’s filled with watches with alarms set for two o'clock, and files from the Grey Flag, the group that captured Cordell. Going through those files was probably the first misstep, as it may threaten the investigation, but they are also the impetus for change. Cordell will stop looking over his shoulder. His job is dangerous, but he loves it so he needs to change the way he reacts to the danger. To prove this, they go to the Perez family business centennial where Cordell faces what he has has been avoiding ever since he escaped captivity, talking to his brother. And they make a date to talk about what happened, together. That is a good change. However, a misstep is how he changed towards Stella. Though she has made many mistakes lately, the one time he wants her to deal with the consequences of her actions is sadly the one time she wasn’t to blame. Another person who has decided to change is …


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After looking at the smallness of her file, Cassie is distraught, obsessing how little her life amounts to - though, it’s probably a good thing to not to have a terrorist organization interested in you. She takes this as impetus to change her life. This starts with a incredibly fun dance routine with …

Ben (& Liam)

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For a relatively new relationship, this one has been severely tested. The trauma from one being kidnapped would be hard for any relationship, but it took a major family event to bring into focus the unease of the relationship. Luckily, these two listen to advice, such as Cordell telling Liam to talk to Ben. So Ben and Liam have a lovely conversation and agree to work on their communication. Another group that worked well together towards deciding to change are … 

Trey, Trey’s Mom, & Captain James

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Trey Barnett is now officially a Ranger. Captain James is elated, for Trey is incredibly special... and the reason Captain James is alive. However, very understandably, Trey’s mom is not so happy that her son is once again in a dangerous occupation. Captain James recognizes this, and talks to her as both a fellow parent and also a son who saw the same look on his mother’s face. Through these conversations, she gains the understanding that she doesn’t have to like what he does, it's enough to respect his choice. This is easy with a wonderful son like Trey, not so much with …

August and Stella

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The two Walker kids don’t have the most stellar record when it comes to making decisions. "Mum's the Word" continues that trend. August is so upset at what he considers being in his sister’s shadow, that he goes overboard in trying to impress his peers. He opens up the bar and lets his friends run wild. When he gets locked in the kitchen with a friend, he learns that he is looked up to by his peers. Stella still feels lost after not going to college.  Geri does her best to help, but is facing issues of her own. So, Stella is still so caught up in her own problems, she doesn’t see what is happening with her brother until she comes to help break up the party, and they both get arrested. Even behind bars, the animosity remains. Neither have realized the decisions they made, and the changes they made, are going to have negative consequences. Except when Stella, shockingly, gets left in jail by her father. But what happens next, is left to next episode.

"Mum's the Word" was another wonderful mix of light & fun, moving and shocking. Watching the Perez siblings dance was wonderful. Captain James passing on the initialed holster he had received when he became a Ranger was a beautiful touch. All followed with the shock of Cordell unfairly accusing Stella of the party after letting both of his kids get away with other wrongdoings for so long.

This was a great way to continue the Walker extended family on their path. It showed that sometimes deciding to change leads to being better. Other times, it uncomfortably showed how one can be their own worst enemy even when trying to be better.

4.9 out of 5 stars. 

Photos Courtesy of The CW. 

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