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If I expect to be disappointed, am I still disappointed when it meets my expectations?

Final Score:

I was looking for gifs for the video (no luck) and saw someone point out that THIS time when Lucifer got stabbed by Michael, there were no survivors left behind. So chalk up another canon break to the episode. (Then again leaving Nick behind after Lucifer was defeated is one of the singular worst story ideas the show has ever had.) At some point you almost start wondering if this pair of writers are that uninterested in maintaining continuity, or if it's actually malicious and they go out of their way to break as many things as possible.

The boys also mention leaving Chuck to be forgotten. Ummm... anybody remember that time Chuck got to host a little convention? He should still have fans out there. Yeah Becky probably won't talk to him but we've seen other people as his fans. It's like Sam and Dean assume the entire rest of the world knows about Chuck the way they do, but he never revealed anything about himself to anyone outside of the core clique.

This is what bugs me about these writers - they seem incapable of realizing that the story has its own logic and consistency that is apart from the real world. For all we know, after this episode Chuck makes his way back to civilization and returns triumphantly to the Supernatural fan convention circuit.

On some level, I do half enjoy the ideas they were at least trying and attempting this episode - the raw materials were there - but man was the execution fumbled.

When Alice and I discussed best and worst season finales, I ranked S8's as the worst of them all. This one is a strong contender.

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