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I am so torn about this episode... 
Final Score:       
For those wondering, yes I messed up on the angel count. 3 died in S13 up to this point, and 8 died in S12, meaning it was 22 angels left in heaven at the end of S11.
Yes I know, technically a lot of the canon challenges and questions can be answered with "[blank] didn't know" but that tends to open up whole new challenges. Like how can Metatron know the deep dark secret about God's sister AND the secrets of the angel tablet and NOT know that angels power heaven? Unless they want to reveal that Metatron changed the rules when he was mucking about in S9 and THAT is when angels started powering Heaven. It still doesn't make much sense but it at least harmonizes some canon.
Do you have any answers to these canon challenges? Did they bug you at all? What would YOUR score be for "Funeralia"? Comment below!