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So much to say about this week, Supernatural packed almost everything in: old enemies, new enemies, conceivable alliances, dawning threats and nods to possibilities yet to be manifested or spoken of. If last week was a microscopic focus on Sam and Dean, this was the expansion pack to everyone else.

Through the Twisted Looking Glass

WOW2Brief though it may have been, we spent more time with alternate-universe Michael this week and glimpsed just how dark this character truly is. It may be true that we don’t know much about the Michael of the regular world either, though from what we’ve seen he doesn’t appear as maniacal and sadomasochistic. Where his counter-part was ever the stoic and loyal son – to a fault – this alternate Michael has a menacing edge and in his torture of Lucifer and address of Kevin, there is madness – even if it is controlled for the time being. If Lucifer was the most evil of the archangels to this point, he’s been trumped by this new Michael. Lucifer can at least claim a sense of humour (even if it is morbid) – Michael doesn’t appear to have that quality. Just a desire for dominance. Should make for an interesting battle (or battles) in upcoming episodes.

WOW7We also got to see a familiar, though new, face: Kevin Tran. Osric played this alternate version of Kevin with gusto and brilliance that only he could achieve for Kevin. Truly the delivery of this, as Lucifer put it, “meth-head” Kevin was one of the best moments in the episode. Twitchy, over-intelligent and far too verbose for his own good, it’s a miracle that Kevin has survived in the apocalypse world to re-create the rift. But he did: and this again raises so many possibilities. I do wonder how he was able to open the rift to the right world – I wonder if it was because it was Lucifer’s grace specifically therefore reopening his world door? Any thoughts on this?

Dimmed and Determined

WOW14Lucifer as a villain has been done too often now to be a legitimate threat – especially coming off last season. So the idea that he is depleted, weak and in fact maybe a possible alliance to the boys by circumstances; and in a different way than back when Amara was the threat since they don’t need him rather he needs them; well it is a thought-provoking scenario. As I said, alternate Michael trumps Lucifer in several degrees, and now with the loss of some of his grace, this new vulnerable aspect to Lucifer presents a whole new set of options for his character. Despite his new-found weakness, Lucifer is never short of a quip or showmanship, especially as portrayed by Mark Pellegrino so he is welcome as an old face and fresh meat.

It will be a fascinating scene when Lucifer and Jack finally meet face to face; Jack knows based on stories and reading what Lucifer is: bad. And if anyone has had a black and white perspective on that subject in his short life, it’s Jack. Thought that will likely change by the end of the season, Lucifer still represents “bad” to Jack. And on his part, well, Lucifer is salivating at the notion of Jack’s power, for all the wrong reasons of course. Will a paternal bond be forged when they do connect that changes things? Colour me curious.

Strange Bedfellows

Okay, let’s be honest: how many times does Castiel have to go to the sandbox and get “ambushed” before we are done doing this? I don’t have exact numbers, but I’m certain it’s been a few times now that he’s gone to meet a “source” from Heaven only to be betrayed. I realize that this isn’t a trope new to Supernatural but these particular players are getting a bit redundant now. Small nitpick, I know.

WOW13That aside the angels explained that their numbers are dwindling and that is what makes Jack so key to them: he can create more, somehow, they think. They’ll figure out the specifics later, just hand over the supreme being. Cas is, of course, against the plan because, well, slavery isn’t a good idea. I just wonder how the angels think they’d hold a being like Jack, whom they expect has power to create angels, against his will? Even if they have Castiel as a bargaining chip, if Jack is that powerful he can take Cas and wipe them out. It’s a flawed plan that’s all I’m saying. Asking nicely seems a much better way to go – after all Jack is part angel, it may be a cause he cares about. Especially if Castiel was concerned about angel extinction.

The entire sequence of Castiel in the park seemed a tad sloppily done if it were termed a "plot" and mostly executed to achieve two primary goals. One, getting Castiel and Lucifer together and ultimately on the same team and two, having Cas and Lucifer together to be taken by Asmodeus. Both of these are bound to bring some fun and games: although Asmodeus made the call posturing as Cas, how long with Sam and Dean let that lie without seeing Castiel? I also have to say again that I am impressed by the consistent honesty between our main characters this season – it appeared that Castiel was going to let Sam and Dean know about Lucifer. In the past this may have been an incognito partnership with shady happenings and a discovery at the most inopportune moment for everyone. All speculation since the call was cut off, but I like this refreshing change of pace!

What’s Dead Never Really Stays Gone

WOW9Arthur Ketch lives to see another day. At least for now. If you saw this coming, hats off to you. I thought we were done with Ketch last season, that head shot had such a great note of finality. That said, this is a great twist and a way to reintegrate a dark and morally absent character into a plot that involves questioning what it means to be human versus a monster. I also have to say, I loved Dean’s cold, matter of fact decision from the beginning that this was no “evil twin” – and that it was right. This conversation also made a myriad of implications for things to come:

Ketch: “Did it ever occur to you, Dean, that I might actually be one of the good guys?…You and I were soldiers in opposing armies who were at war.”

 Dean: “Well, the thing about war is, one side wins.”

Any thoughts on Ketch and his storytelling and pontification as the “twin”? Did you believe he was Ketch 1.0 from the beginning? Any remorse in this character? While I certainly don’t think Ketch is a good guy, this poses ideas about what it could like if the worlds cross over in some form and both sets of “good guys” end of in opposing armies. Both fighting the so-called “good fight” – will they come together and challenge the instigators – like apocalypse Michael - in a different way for a different outcome? I also did not expect to find Ketch working for Asmodeus – but it’s also not that surprising all things considered. Oh, the betrayal and double-cross options this presents.

WOW12I don’t have much to say about this partnership, or the witch-slaughtering trail Ketch laid out so carefully to ensnare Sam and Dean (clever and crafty – as expected from Ketch), and all else that it took to get to that reveal; only that I’m excited to see where else it leads.

Final Thoughts

WOW15This episode was all about following trails and flipping open doors – literal and figurative. WOTW was a great episode in so many respects. This viewer cannot wait to see how these play – especially once Jack factors back in. The one remaining question I am left with at this moment: where is Mary? Michael had Lucifer, who referenced Mary being taken so presumably she is alive and with Michael too. And then I have to wonder why he’d keep her alive at all really? That one question-mark aside, the twists and turns of episode seven were a great watch and perfect suspense building as we move toward a mid-season finale, only a few weeks away.

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