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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series for episode 12.17 "The British Invasion". Once again I put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be. 

Best Broment

SPN 0113

Sam is talking to Eileen about finding Kelly Kline.... 

SPN 0147

....after some discussion Eileen says 'Good bye Sam' 

SPN 0151

Sam says goodbye with all smiles. 

SPN 0152

Dean of course notices the special vibes between Eileen and Sam and has to comment... 

SPN 0156

...'Well that's cute.' 'Come on' says Sam trying to blow it off..... but we know the truth...

Best Dean Moment

SPN 1727

During the morning coffee, Dean asks about Eileen. Sam replies she's gone back to Ireland for a bit..... 

SPN 1739

...Sam hands Dean a special gift... 

SPN 1749 is the Colt... 

SPN 1752

Dean takes a loving look at it... 


...and aims it ' Welcome back Sweetheart'  

Brothers in Unison

SPN 0258

The brothers sitting side by side holding their drinks. 

Best Sam Moment

SPN 1340

Eileen has mistakenly killed Renny Rawlings and Mick proclaims that she must die for killing a MOL. Sam instantly tries to defuse the situation. 

SPN 1357

Sam's words reach Mick with the memories of killing his best friend. He lets them all go. 

Best One Liners/Comment

SPN 0795

Castiel's voice message ' This is a voice mail, so make your voice... a mail(male)' 

Best Mick Moment

SPN 1630

Dr. Hess has come to America to get back control of the BMOL.... accusing Mick of not following the necessary procedures. 

SPN 1684

Mick stands up for himself ... 

Best Eileen Moment

SPN 0827

Eileen tracks down the demon cleaning up Kelly's trail.... 

SPN 0864

She takes on this demon and wins the battle plus getting Kelly's cell number. 

Grossest Moment

SPN 0631

Lucifer licking the floor. 

Most Chilling Moment

SPN 1568

Dagon informing Kelly that 'Your baby is going to be just fine. But you won't. Those weird little pangs, just a taste of what's to come, cause Kiddo, birthing a Nephalim ...Fatal...Always.' 

Most Despicable Moment


Dr. Hess, the Head Mistress of the School, directs a young Mick and his best friend Timothy to a room.  

SPN 0066

The room has plastic on the floor and as the boys stand at attention, Dr. Hess informs them that they have a final challenge to fulfill.... 

SPN 0068

 ... they need to 'Execute orders, without questions' and that 'only one of you will be leaving this room. Good luck'. SERIOSLY!!!  These are not MEN that you are asking to 'Execute an order' but CHILDREN!  All I can ask is 'Who is the MONSTER, here?' 

"What the #%$...?"  Moment

SPN 1700

As Mick defends his and the Winchester's actions, Ketch 'Executes Mick without question'.   


After gasping and being totally mortified, I once again had to ask ' Who is the MONSTER here?'

Saddest Moment

Mick's Story

SPN 0527

Learning that Mick was orphaned and living on the streets. '....I never really knew my Mum or my Dad. I was on the streets until the MOL found me'....'I picked a members pocket, not on purpose, I was just after a couple of quid, but I got a cursed coin from Ancient Babylon instead.'.... 

SPN 0004

'the MOL thought I showed promise, signed me up, gave me a life.'    

SPN 0308

However I don't believe Mick thought he would be forced to kill his best friend. 

SPN 1328

Even after Timothy suggested they sneak out and he would contact his father ....

SPN 1330

...Mick's  fear of living back on the streets had him make a horrible decision.... 

SPN 1332

...he struck down his best friend .....

SPN 0100

... and has been haunted by that decision. 

Funniest Moment


As Sam and Dean return to the bunker....

SPN 0170

....they find Mick has let himself in.. 'did you know that your key opens every Chapter House in the world' 

SPN 0201

After a long discussion of Lucifer siring a Nephalim and that the mother Kelly had gotten away, Dean informs Mick that they are still looking for her but until they do... 

SPN 0272

'Let's drink'  

SPN 0468

The next morning leaves a very hung-over Dean and....

SPN 0490

...Sam. 'You look like crap' says Sam to Dean. Dean of course responds 'You look crappier'

Dean continues 'I got to hand it to Mick, when you get him started, that man can drink. We can drink, but he's got like the 'Can Drink Gold Metal'.

SPN 0507

Mick comes in showing no signs of being hung-over and pours himself a Tomato juice. After hearing a bit about his past, he then ask if they have Vodka. 

SPN 0529

This makes Dean very nauseous.   

Cutest Moments

SPN 0799

Sam and Eileen's special connection.  

SPN 0800

The way Eileen looks at Sam is so adorable.  

SPN 1000

As Sam successfully tricks Kelly into revisiting the Doctors Office... 

SPN 1005

Eileen gets all excited ....

SPN 1007

....making Sam just as excited. 

SPN 1534

Sam taking the time to learn some Sign Language, asking Eileen if she is ok.  

SPN 1542

When she responds that she is not ok, he comforts her. 

Most Raised Eyebrow Moment


Mary 'spending the night' with ....

SPN 1383

Ketch... Not going to judge here, everyone has needs. It can be a lonely life 'Hunting'. 

Best Slow-Mo Moment

SPN 1243

Eileen getting hold of the Colt.... 

SPN 1246

...and shooting it at ...

SPN 1250

Dagon, who is pulling Kelly behind her. 

SPN 1251

Just as the bullet should hit Dagon she wisps her and Kelly away. 

SPN 1252

Leaving the bullets' aim straight for Renny. 

Best Camera Shot

SPN 0132

The light of a oncoming car shines onto our brothers. 

Best Angle Shot

SPN 0033

The long view of the Office room with the animal skeleton head in the foreground. 

12.17 0006 crest

The down view of the Kendricks emblem. 

SPN 0087

Looking down on the corridor of a young Mick walking towards Dr Hess. 

Best Scenic Scene

SPN 1089

The view of the road with the Mountains in the background.  

I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!


Editor's Note: This review mistakenly appeared on our site for a very short period during SDCC17. It is correctly posted now in the order of S12 hiatus. rewatch.