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We have some some new interviews that give us a glimpse at Supernatural season 13.

What’s keeping Lucifer from killing Mama Winchester?
Her sons have something he needs—his son Jack (Alexander Calvert). I have something they need—Mary—and I think that we can make a deal with each other.

Does that mean Lucifer will have to protect Mary, which is against your nature.
He will to great effect. I hope she’s grateful for that that, but I doubt she will be.

The CW’s long-running demon hunting drama “Supernatural” first introduced Lucifer in its fifth season, which culminated with the fallen angel entering Sam Winchester’s (Jared Padalecki) vessel, beating his brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) bloody, and jumping back into the pit to return to Hell. But as the years went on, Hell proved not to be strong enough to contain Lucifer and now, in the show’s 13th season, he is back in his most common vessel (Mark Pellegrino) more permanently as a series regular.
TVLINE | In this week’s episode, we’re getting a lot of Lucifer and Mary in the apocalypse world. How is life treating Lucifer over there?
It sort of sucks, not just because Mary Winchester doesn’t like me, and we’re bickering all the time, but because the narrative of that world has no Lucifer in it. It’s like everywhere Lucifer turns, his existence is denied. [Laughs] That’s really troubling to somebody who takes pride in his stature as a celestial being: to be told, “Nah, Lucifer doesn’t exist. He’s dead, and he was killed. That’s the narrative here. You’re sort of weaker than your brother.” So he has to not only find a way out of this terrible place with a person who doesn’t like him, but the narrative doesn’t even include him anymore.
Is his desire to get back to Jack about power or is there that parental connection?
I think it’s a combination. I do think there’s something in Lucifer that desires to connect to his son on a fatherly level. I think that’s the nature of orphans. I consider the show to be about orphans and family, and the orphan who was rejected by his father, I think, would long to have that kind of connection. On a level, there is that desire to be a father and to nurture a son. Unfortunately, nurturing a son in Lucifer’s values means bringing up someone who’s bent on remaking things as we know them, some people would say destroying it. I think Lucifer would say, “I just want to remake things because it’s not quite as good as it could be.”
We have another new regular cast member this season.
During Supernatural’s summer hiatus, it was announced that Alexander Calvert, the 27-year-old Canadian actor who we barely glimpsed as the instantly-fully-grown nephilim Jack Kline at the close of the season 12 finale, was being upgraded to series regular for the show’s October return. Supernatural’s season 13 premiere “Lost and Found” aired last Thursday, and now that the dust has settled, we need to talk about the cosmic shift that Jack’s potentially permanent presence could bring to the show.
However, don’t expect the show to get too caught up in the darkness of it all. “The boys certainly aren’t mopey,” Padalecki says. Ackles adds, “That’s not interesting to me. What’s more interesting is the person who looks like everything’s fine when you are fully aware that everything is not fine.” And, considering this is Supernatural, fans can always expect humor to find its way into just about any situation.
We have a casting spoiler from Entertainment Weekly.
Any news on returning characters on this season of Supernatural? — Laura
Well, I’m assuming you heard the Kevin news, but he won’t be the only familiar face. And yet, this next one might not be in the apocalypse world. When talking about season 13’s standalone episodes, co-showrunner Robert Singer reveals that, “You’re going to see the return of Rowena in one of the standalones.” No word yet on what world she’s in or whether it’s even in present day, but just know that you haven’t seen the last of the witch that Lucifer claims he killed.
There are a lot of cast changes this year. What do you think about the addition of Mark Pellegrino and Alexander Calvert? Are you looking forward to seeing Lucifer cope in a new universe? Do you want to see how Jack adapts to his adopted family? What do you think about seeing how Sam and Dean deal with their grief? Let us know in the comments or in the discussion thread for season 13.
From TVLine
Question: Is there anything for Sam fans to be excited for on Supernatural this season? —Maria
Ausiello: EP Brad Buckner says Sam has “some really charming scenes” with Lucifer’s son Jack, who is struggling to gain “full control” of his powers. “Right now, [Jack] is at the mercy of impulse. He senses something or feels something and, wham, a power that he didn’t even know he had emerges. … He’s actually more powerful than Lucifer, and all that stuff is bottled up. He just doesn’t know how to access it on a conscious level.” Enter Sam, who Buckner says is “trying to deal with this kid as a kind of son and give him lessons and slowly give him little exercises to try to control this stuff.”
 Maybe Sam will have a storyline.