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Editor's Note: This article chronologically presents the reports and tweets on Mark Sheppard's status on Supernatural. It was updated hourly as events unfolded. The latest information, at the bottom of the article, makes it very clear that Crowley's death was quite real, and that there are no plans at this time to bring Mark back onto the show. Read through the progression of events:
TV Line first reported details.
 Addtional articles were released from
Recent posts by Mark have been indicating that he will not return.

I wonder if the SPN crew know just how much I love them? What a trip. Literally changed my life. I owe you all so much. Xoxox.

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After the S12 finale, Mark's wife Sarah, added:
In response to the idea that he was punking us, Mark posted this.
Mark also announced that he will not be a guest at Creation Conventions in 2018.
At this point, all reports said simply that Mark would not be a series REGULAR, which is a very specific casting classification, leading us to speculate, "Do you think Crowley could return and simply have fewer appearances?" 
Then late Wednesday evening, Mark responded to Jim Michaels with this: 
On Thursday, Mark's reply to a fan/reporter's question made it clear that he would not return to Supernatural at any time in any capacity.
Mark and Crowley will be sorely missed. We wish him all the best and hope we can see him in a new role! Good luck, Mark and family!
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