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Thursday, September 10 was a marathon of emotions as the SPNFamily waited to hear news from the set of Supernatural on its last day of filming. Beginning Wednesday night and continuing into the wee hours of Friday morning, The WFB captured farewells and best wishes from countless actors, writers, directors and entertainment industry affiliates whose lives had been touched by the show's 15 year record-breaking run. Their gratitude gives testimony to the show's legacy:

First Shot of the Day: Supernatural Family Starts to Say Goodbye
First Shot After Lunch: Supernatural Family Says Goodbye and Thank You
Last Shot of the Day: Supernatural Cast Finishes Filming 

Once the show had wrapped, cast and crew from set slowly began sharing their final moments together.

Bringing Her Home

Word first came from a Supernatural production assistant, Talli Buchanan

Then Alex Calvert (Jack) provided a small beacon of hope for the future

and our beloved Jim Beaver (Bobby) said simply,

Finally, Clif, the J's bodyguard, gave us our first glimpse of Jared and Jensen after they had finished being Sam and Dean one last time.

The third lead star who had been with the brothers from the beginning also hit the road for her new destination:

 Supernatural's Creative Team and Crew

The outpouring continued with present and past members of the Supernatural's cast, crew and creative team

Lisa Berry (Billie/Death)

Rob Benedict (Chuck/God)

Sera Gamble, writer/producer show-runner
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In honor of #Supernatural’s series wrap today, here’s a still from the episode that taught me more about the stories I want to tell than any other. It was season 1, the show was still finding its legs, I was a baby writer, and @raelletucker and I had pitched a story about a faith healer. It turned into an episode about how painful it is to be human - how life isn’t fair and doesn’t always make sense, and true faith is a deeply elusive thing. Co-writing the episode, I felt the power of using the fantastical to dig down into the real stuff. I realized if I followed the path we’d all found while working on this episode, I’d never get lost, no matter how crazy a story was, how wild the monsters, how dark and winding the woods, because I’d found my compass. Dean survives the episode, but forever changed. The show leans into what we all learned about centering the brothers’ relationship and their questioning, restless spirits, and it goes on for 15 seasons. I leave after season 7, and my friend @johnthemcnamara and I make a very different show about magic. I apply the lessons of Faith to every single episode. So the story of this little episode doesn’t have one ending. It has so many. And also, it hasn’t ended yet. Sending love to you, #spnfamily. Thank you.

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Peter Hunter, camera crew

(Spoiler alert)


Geoff Rednap, make-up, special effects

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Supernatural. What can you say about a show that runs 15 seasons, except... Supernatural. It was a pleasure, no an honour, to be a part of this show. Whether I was making a monster or mangling a Winchester Brother, I always tried to make an appearance every season. The cast and crew were and shall always be one of the tightest families you will ever find in film and television. Fun times were had by all for 15 season. Fifteen, damn. That is amazing and so rare. Tonight I will raise a glass to Supernatural and the talented folks that created it. Two memories here: Providing the latest and my final “Body in the morgue for Sam and Dean to sneak in and examine.” The second photo is my appearance in Season 4 as The Mummy. #supernatural #samanddean #winchesterbrothers #mummy #tv #cw #film @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @misha

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Jeannie Chow, hair and make up

Andreas Jukic, safety coordinator

Evan Chan, location scout

Cory Virs, VFX

Donald Painchaud, sound

P J Pesce, director

More from PJ Pesce, director
Michael Holm, crew

Zabrina Matiru, make-up

Susan Klein Ochoa, Creative Exec WB

Alex Brown, show runner's assistant

More from Todd Aronauer, sound
Rob Hayter, stunts
Kevin Parks, assistant director
Matt Tichenor, camera crew

Matt Meloche, VFX

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