Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Amazon Prime has been doing one huge promotional blitz for season three of The Boys.  Today, the streaming service drops the first three episodes of the season and then will run one each week for the remaining five episodes.  Not sure what to expect?  When Eric Kripke is your mastermind and he’s given the ability to do whatever he can with little censorship, the sky is the limit.  Just when you thought that seasons 1 and 2 were shocking, there have been teases that season 3 could go bigger. 

As we’ve been anticipating for a while now, season three will introduce Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles.  He’s someone who has been mentioned in past episodes as the original Supe, the Captain America of The Boys world.  So he’s an All-American good guy, right?  Hee, if you watch this show, and you know that will not be the case.  The question is, will he go the way of Homelander or Stormfront?  I anticipate a combination of both, but it could go an entirely different way.  The depiction of Soldier Boy in the series will stray from the comic, so anything goes. 

Soldier Boy crop

Oh my my, so much Supernatural goodness this week! Today was the big day though as The CW upfront presentation was held in New York City.  We have lots of pictures, some tweets and videos, and some general overall information about the festivities.  

It's upfront day for The CW, and we finally have some information to share about Jensen and Jared's latest projects, The Winchesters and Walker: Independence.  Not only are there series promo photos and descriptions, there are new trailers!  

Some very exciting news for all of us in the SPN verse today!  The CW has picked up all three of its pilots, The Winchesters, Walker: Indepedence and Gotham Knights.  All three have ties to Supernatural, making them all part of the ever growing SPN Universe.  So let's run down what we know.  
So, you want to see little quick snippets of Jensen as Soldier Boy in action?  Then the newly dropped trailer of The Boys Season Three is for you!  

Jensen Ackles joined series stars Karl Urban, Chace Crawford, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara and creator Eric Kripke for The Boys panel at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas this weekend.  A trailer was dropped, some teasers were shared, and suddenly fans are wondering why isn't June 3rd here yet.  Well, they were wondering a bit more than that.  Things like 'How the f#$% did Billy Butcher get powers?"  

First, here's the trailer.  There's a lot of...dancing?  Oh, and gory water balloon type explosions of people.  The norm.  Sera Gamble certainly noticed!  Please note, the clip attached comes with a warning from the creators, it is definitely not safe for work!  

News broke on Thursday, February 3rd that two pilots we had been eagerly anticipating had been ordered by The CW: The Winchesters and Walker: Independence! Jared and Jensen were quick to share their announcements and congratulate each other on social media.
The CW announced their pickups for the 2022 pilot season and we have some very exciting news.  
I don't know where to start either.  

Jensen Ackles posted a statement on Instagram today that I feel is imperative to mention.  Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography killed on the set of Rust, a western that co-stars Jensen, left behind a husband and 9 year old son.  Jensen and Danneel have donated to an AFI scholarship fund in her name and this post shares more information about that and how we all can donate.  

On Friday, July 23, Comic-Con@Home treated fans to a conversation with the writer and cast from the movie, Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2! Of course this was a huge thrill for Batman fans, but Supernatural fans were overjoyed to hear Jensen Ackles gush about his ultimate dream of playing The Bat! Voicing the part of Batman and Bruce Wayne, Jensen revealed that he recorded his parts in 2018 and has had to wait 3 years for fans to see the finished product!

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC was conducted virtually over 5-days due to the on-going pandemic) is noted for sharing exclusive releases, sneak-peek trailers and surprise announcements from the most popular pop culture offerings. The Long Halloween, Part 2 panel was timed to build excitement for the animated movie's July 27 release.