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I was happy about the 300th episode of Supernatural. Fans were celebrating and making all sorts of cool stuff while waiting for the episode. We were having fun; the anticipation was real. We got a nice Entertainment Weekly article with photos. I even made a new poster for the occasion (the banner for part 1), plus I decided to do something fun for the fans while we waited. A week before the episode, I tweeted "TOP 3" lists of different aspects of Supernatural every day until the episode. Little did we know that some sad news was waiting for us on the horizon.

I guess knowing what we know now makes the 300th all the more special. As fate would have it, on 22 of March we heard the bad news about the show ending in season 15. Suddenly my Top 3 lists were fitting for the entire run of the show, to celebrate what it has given me and others. For many, this last hellatus feels like a trip down memory lane.

In total, I created 30 categories in which I challenged fans to chose their favorite aspect of Supernatural. You can find the first nine of those categories, along with my picks and your replies, in Part 1 of my "Supernatural Top 3" series. Categories 10-20 were included in Part 2.  The following are the last ten categories, with my choices for the best of Supernatural!  I would like to hear your best 3 for each subject! You can also see some of the responses I got to the tweets.  Once you've seen all my categories, please suggest your own, and we'll all chime in with our top 3 picks! Then keep your lists handy because The WFB's BIG hiatus challenge is to rank your Top 100 Favorite Episodes! Referring back to your top 3 characters, moments, scenes, songs, etc. might help you pick 100 favorite episodes out of Supernatural's 300+ fantastic stories! 

21. Most interesting post apocalyptic/rugged worlds in Supernatural

Number 21 replies:

BettinaBierm @BettinaBier
Agree with all 3 ??

22. What is your favorite season in Supernatural?

Number 22 replies:

Gail Dunn 2 @gaildunn60
Season 9

DianeR @DianeRo62762689
Season 6 French Mistake, Clap Your Hands so many of my favorites in that season.

23. Favorite Sam quotes in Supernatural

24. Favorite myth-arc bad guy in Supernatural

25. TOP 3 season DVD/Blu-ray covers in Supernatural

 26. Coolest special title cards in Supernatural

27. Most enjoyable Castiel quotes in Supernatural

Number 27 replies:

Gail Dunn 2 @gaildunn60
Whatever happened to “Hey! Assbutt!”?

28. Coolest main title cards in Supernatural

29. What I like about Supernatural

Last but not least is number thirty. I decided to tweet this one after episode 300th and that was the right choice. That episode rocketed up to number one and I will re-watch that episode always to get the feels. Hope you enjoyed my TOP 3 questions! 

30. Favorite milestone episode in Supernatural

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I would love to hear if you agree with my list or what is your TOP 3 to every question. Share your thoughts below!