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There's always a certain amount of filler episodes in every season, and while they often vary in quality, it's a good chance for the show to let its hair down and experiment, as well.  So I'll leave the mytharc to people more qualified than myself.  But I'm a fan, and that is all the qualification I need to toss my own ideas into the ring for some filler episodes I'd like to watch in season 9.  Some of these are silly, some are serious.  Some will absolutely never see the light of day, but others?  Who knows?  In no particular order...

10.  Episode Title: "Enter Sandman"

A ghost starts haunting people, starting out benign but escalating quickly to more serious events.  Sam and Dean figure out it's the ghost of former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, who died in a tragic tour-bus accident in 1986.  He haunts people who still use '80s music technology, aka cassette tapes, so things get personal when Burton turns on Sam and Dean.  The haunting helps Sam finally convince Dean to update to an iPod.


9.  Episode Title:  "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Sam, Dean, and Cass take a day off in between hunts and spend the day doing laundry, going to the movies, and generally doing nothing all day.


8.  Episode Title:  "Three Lawyers Walk Into The Bar"

When students start dying in gruesome ways at a Law School, Sam goes undercover as a law student to figure out what's going on.  Throughout the episode he realizes what dicks 98% of the future lawyers are, and he ends up being thankful he avoided that fate.


7.  Episode Title:  "Blurred Lines"  (Part 1 of a 2-part episode)

Sam, Dean, and Castiel awake to find that all their clothes have magically disappeared.  No matter what they do or how many articles of clothing they buy, they keep disappearing.  They eventually discover that the Trickster is responsible, so they summon him.  When he arrives, the boys call him Gabriel, and he says, "who?"  Fade to black...To be continued.  Bonus episode joke: Sam and Dean are both dismayed to discover that Castiel's frontal TV blur would be much longer than theirs.  Dean chalks it up to him being a former angel, of course he's hung.


6.  Episode Title:  "Who Tricks The Trickster?"  (Part 2 of a 2-part episode)

When Gabriel shows up having no memory of ever being Gabriel, they all have to work together to figure out how Gabriel is alive and who could wipe his memory of ever being an angel.  Massive pranks ensue, of course.  In a "Changing Channels" style episode turn, Metatron appears and claims responsiblity, tying the episode to the mytharc.


5.  Episode Title:  "3 Men and Baby"

A witch curses the Impala, and it comes to life.  The Impala helps find the witch who cursed it and ends up being a very capable hunter.


4.  Episode Title:  "The Mothman Cometh"

When a small town starts seeing the Mothman, Sam, Dean, and Castiel have to determine whether it truly is a Mothman bringing death omens or if the town is under some other influence.  Cue super creepy Mothman images with red, glowing eyes.


3.  Episode Title:  "Survive This"

People on a "Survivor"-type reality show start dying off, so Sam and Dean make their way to the filming area and try and figure out what's going on.  They get caught, but the producers think they are a good addition to the show, so they're forced to participate in the events while they try and solve the case.  Naturally, they kick everyone's ass at surviving.


(Not that Survivor!)

2.  Episode Title:  "The Three Amigos"

Charlie meets Castiel, and the two strike up a fast friendship.  Charlie finds it adorable that Castiel doesn't get her references.  Kevin walks in on them playing some nerdy boardgame and joins in, and the three of them become inseperable.


1.  Episode Title:  "Laughter is the Best Medicine"

A town gets cursed, and the curse is all about making other people laugh.  So everyone is constantly happy and laughing and having fun and making each other laugh.  This happens in a town that was really hit hard by the recession, is normally a very sad and hard place to live in.  So far no one seems to be dying or having any other side effects other than they're happier.  Sam and Dean have to decide whether or not to break the curse.

SPN 1177

And there we have it!  Some silly, fun, stuff and then some others that are serious.  What do you think of my episodes?  Any of them sound good to you?



# tvmonkey 2013-08-16 11:25
No offence but none of those caught my interest in the least.
1-Jared and Jensen talked about wanting to do a Hangover type episode, where they wake up the day after and have to retrace their steps. I would love to see Sam and Dean in that episode with possible guests Garth, Kevin and the Trickster.

2-Sam and Dean on a MOTW hunt where they get caved in/trapped somewhere while the monster is running around threatening to attack all the while they have some seriously good brotherly chats, maybe even a few flashbacks of events past. Bonus points if one or more of them is injured.

3-The French Mistake part deux, Jared and Jensen end up in Sam and Dean's world and have to live in a world of monsters, hunting and weird friends.

4-Superheroes/tights, capes and masks notoptional-Sam and Dean get turned into superheroes costumes and superhero sercret id's/alter egoes.

5-Cluedo-murder/mystery weekend-Sam and Dean go to one of those old mansions for the weekend because the killings are suddenly real instead of just fake for fun, they have to solve the real mystery
# eilf 2013-08-16 12:03
How about an episode which starts with them deciding to go see a movie (the more characters the better so have Kevin and Castiel along too). They can't agree on a movie between them - Dean wants action, Sam something Indie, Castiel wants existential comedy and Kevin superhero.

Monster type things keep interrupting them on the way (though it doesn't interrupt the rows about whether the Three Stooges are funnier than Charlie Chaplin or whether we really need a new Batman movie right now (cue in-jokes)) so that by the time they get to the movie theater it is way late, they are all horribly bloody and dangerous looking and the visibly shaking sales-kid has to admit that the only thing left is Finding Nemo 3D.

So they shrug and go see that....

or it is some violent horror thing and they shrug (been there, done that) and go home again.

(I can totally see that last scene in my head - done from the POV of the sales-kid, looking up and seeing that lot walking towards him :D )
# Sylvie 2013-08-16 14:19
I would watch the "Blurred Lines" episode in a flash! :oops: Thanks for the laugh Ardeo, it comes at a good time on a Friday afternoon. :-)
# lada2011 2013-08-16 15:04
Survive This and 3 Mean and Baby.... I would definitely watch those!!
# eilf 2013-08-16 17:25
Eating fast food turns the guys into superheroes temporarily. Maybe they are investigating a town where everyone suddenly has superpowers.

It could be called "Do you want franchise with that?"
# Bevie 2013-08-16 17:31
I want to see ALL of these, but most especially the Trickster one! :D
# eilf 2013-08-16 18:59
They really should do an episode at what turns out to be an FBI conference / convention ...
# E 2013-08-16 19:47
I love all of these, but I'd really love to see the Survivor one...! I could actually see something like this really working on the show: Sam and Dean meet reality TV! I'll bet the boys could show them a thing or two.
# cleverlylemon 2013-08-16 20:04
Oh I would totally see Survive This! That sounds like something the boys would be really good at. And it would open the door for some funny reality TV jokes :D
# novi 2013-08-17 00:36
Thank you guys for all that fun! I, too, would love to see Trickster-Gabri el again. And the idea of Metatron outsmarting an archangel! What if all pagan gods were angels once? Or the other way round? What if Cas wasn't the first angel who felt he deserved more power but being unable to deal with it was turned into something wicked?
And Baby transforming into a pretty huntress would be a treat to see! Only where to find an actress good enough to satisfy the fans?
The FBI conference is where Sam could meet his friends from the college - so Ardeo's and Elif's ideas about lawyers could be perfectly combined.
And I just love the idea of Team Free Will 2. Only instead of Cas (he is on team already) there could be Garth or Aaron.
# Ale 2013-08-17 08:13
I would love to see the boys solving a case in a FBI academy.
The Fourth Crow
# The Fourth Crow 2013-08-19 03:11
Sam and Dean work a case at a health club. Sam and Dean in swimtrunks, in a sauna, working out etc. I want my fanservice!
# gabes 2013-08-19 21:41
I wanna see Sam and Dean take Cas to the mall. At Christmas. And try to park. hahaha
# E 2013-08-20 16:44
What if Baby turned into a beautiful huntress and then had the hots for Sam? I wonder what Dean would do?
# KELLY 2013-08-26 23:31
Loved the ideas, but especially Blurred Lines. For clear reasons.

E, that's the best! How sad would Dean be?!