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Now that Alice, sweetondean, and Ardeospina have finished their Top 15 Favorite Episodes Lists, it's time to give us yours!  Tell us your favorite 15 episodes, why you like them, your favorite quotes, etc.  Or just list the 15.  Whatever you want!  It's your list, so do what you want with it.  Just be warned: it's not as easy as it sounds to narrow it down to just 15 episodes.  You'll have to make some tough choices.  But we have faith in you!

Can't narrow it down to 15?  Yes, you can!  We did it, and so can you!  Just think about which episodes you'd want to be stuck with on a desert island.  Good luck!



# Lindab30 2013-01-16 23:35
Are you kidding me? No way will I try to do that thank you. Your lists will suffice. But, if I HAD to, Mystery Spot would be my number 1. It was the first episode I ever saw and it had me hook, line and sinker. It had humor, the brother's relationship, drama, they actually pulled of Groundhog's Day SUCCESSFULLY!, it had an absolutely awesome brother hug, and I agree, we got a taste of soulless Sam. It was scary then and it was scary in season 6. When the episode ended all I could think of was what did Sam have to save his brother from, Hell? No, it couldn't be Hell, they wouldn't be sending a lead character to Hell would they? Silly me, how little did I know. And the rest as they say, is history.
# Grace232 2013-01-17 00:07
You all inspired me. I have about 50 favorites (51 to be exact). When you all started your lists, I started working on ranking them. I can give you my top 15 as of now (but I am a fickle soul, and my rankings change often. Here goes:

15. Everybody Loves a Clown
Why? Watching the brothers deal, or try not to deal, with John's death made for a heart-wrenching episode. Both actors nailed it, with the conversation at the beginning when Dean would not open up, Sam trying to do what dad would want, their conversation on the road walking back to the carnival, and the culmination at the end when Sam told Dean he missed his father, felt guilty and was not alright - but knew Dean was not either. And then Dean beating the hell out of the car. Wrenching scene. Add to that a good old monster hunt, and the introduction of Ellen and Jo, and this makes my list.

14. Slash Fiction.
Why? Jensen and Jared each playing 2 characters, and nailing all 4 performances! Add to that them working together, the shout outs to season 1 episodes, the brother drama, the great reveal about Dean killing Amy, and one of the funniest scenes ever - the conversation between the 2 leviathans talking about how much they hate being Sam and Dean is hysterical. That scene alone would put this episode on my list.

13. Fresh Blood.
Why? The whole episode is great, with our favorite hunters becoming the hunted, one of my favorite villains Gordon becoming the thing he hates most, and finally getting killed by Sam. But this is a favorite for 2 scenes that get me every time. The scene in the hotel room where Dean tries to go after Gordon alone and Sam tells his brother he knows he is terrified slays me! Sam knows Dean better than anyone. And, Dean gets it and agrees to stay with Sam. And, the scene at the end, when Dean starts teaching Sam how to fix the car because he will need to know it for the future. Even the classic Dean line - put your shoulder into it - to Sam at the end was not enough to stop me from crying.

12. Something Wicked.
I love the episodes that show the brothers as children. This was the first that did that, and it was so well done - giving insight into Dean always following dad's orders and protecting his little brother. And, showing how Dean raised his baby brother during the times John was hunting. The first season established that Dean knew his father better than anyone, and Sam knew his brother better than anyone. This episode filled in some of that story. Add to that - Dean with kids is always entertaining, Dean finally saving his brother from the shtriga, and Dean in major badass mode when he realized who the creature was - great episode.

11. The Benders.
Why? Dean frantic to find his brother, opening up to the cop. Sam stuck in the cage, but able to overpower his captor and take them all out. Sam turning Dean's words back on him at the end - Getting a little rusty there, kiddo. And, I believe this was the first time Dean commented on humans. Makes me smile each time he does that.

10. Folsom Prison Blues.
This is such a fun episode. I can't think of it without laughing. I loved how well Dean fit in, and how freaked out Sam was throughout the episode. I know this is not an episode most folks pick, but I could watch it 10 times in a row and never get bored. The scene with Dean playing cards in the yard is classic.

9. No Rest for the Wicked.
Why? I just loved this episode, tears and all. The song in the car when Dean gets his brother to sing and then tells the viewer so much by the look on his face gets me every time. And, my favorite line is when Dean tells Sam to keep fighting, take care of his wheels, remember what Dad taught him, and remember what Dean taught him. Both actors knock that scene out of the park.

8. Hunted.
Why? Sam in danger - Dean saving him. Dean in danger - Sam saving him. All good. Add to that - really liked Ava in this episode (before she went all Glenn Close, to misquote another episode), Gordon was a great villain, and I still laugh at "Funkytown".

7. Mystery Spot.
Why? An incredible showcase for Jared's acting talents. He was amazing throughout - I found myself living each emotion right along with him, and was stunned to realize that without his brother Sam lost all color in his life and lived like a robot. Jared sold it. Add to that Dean's morning antics, the speech by Gabriel about not being able to save Dean, and the episode being so well done that I actually found humor in Dean Winchester deaths - classic episode.

6. The Usual Suspects.
Why? A big part about what I like about the brothers is how smart they are, and how well they know each other and work together seamlessly. This episode showcases all of that - while the brothers are separated! Locked in different rooms, unable to chat, their stories match perfectly and they still work together like a well oiled machine. This episode makes me happy!

5. A Very Supernatural Christmas.
Why? I am totally hooked by episodes that show the brothers as children. The insight into their childhoods makes the current stories so much richer. And, then, the episode also rips up the viewer by allowing them to see the pain both brothers are feeling as Dean's time runs out, and, the amulet story comes out. Fabulous!

4. All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2.
Why? The scene with Dean talking to his dead brother. The whole scene is amazing - lighting, tone, language - and Jensen Ackles' performance is raw and exquisite and perfect! The rest of the episode was wonderful, but this would be in my favorites for that scene, even if the rest of the episode was a dud.

3. Swan Song.
Why? This is a beautiful episode from start to finish. I love the narration by Chuck, the Impala, and the flashbacks to the brothers' past. I love Dean refusing to give up on his brother, and refusing to let him die alone. Sam, looking through Lucifer's eyes, and seeing the army men, having all those flashbacks, makes me cry every time. And it comes right before Sam sacrifices himself to save the world. Torture to watch - and beautiful.

2. Point of No Return.
Why? Broken record here, I know, but I love this episode. I particularly love how Sam is the one that sticks by his brother even after his brother loses faith in him, and Sam's faith in his brother is what brings Dean back. That brother relationship gets me every time. Oh - and I love badass Dean finally killing Zachariah. That angel seriously needed killing!

1. Pilot.
Why? This episode started it all it hooked me from the start, giving the backstory and setting up the relationship between the brothers. I caught the episode on TNT the other day and was again reminded of the chemistry that was there right from the beginning. The episode was funny, heart-wrenching , scary, and interesting. It made the viewer want to see more of these brothers. It gets my number 1 for those reasons.

This is officially the longest message I have ever posted anywhere! Sorry for babbling.
Kimberly Farrell
# Kimberly Farrell 2013-01-17 00:38
I wouldn't consider this babbling! You've written a lot that reminds me of moments I loved. Dean smashing up the car is probably my favorite scene in all of Supernatural, and Dean talking to Dead Sam is probably my second. Very different from my list, but I can see why you like these episodes!
# Grace232 2013-01-17 14:14
Thanks so much for saying that. I start questioning myself when my favorites are not on any of the other lists. Not that I am insecure or anything, but, well, yeah, kinda. Thanks again. This is the first site I have ever contributed to, and I really appreciate being a small part of it.
# Hades 2013-01-17 04:31
I see I'm not the only one having trouble keping it t just 15. Once I started thinking up my list I kept remembering more and more episodes that I love and the list just got longer and longer. But I think I've managed to narrow it down to a top 20 (OK 21). So here are my favourite episodes of SPN ever.

1-Mystery Spot
2-A Very Supernatural Christmas (3)
3-Bad Day At Black Rock (3)
4-All Hell Breaks Lose Part 1 and 2 (can not watch one without the other- cheating I know) (2)
5-Hunted (2)
6-Hell House (1)
7-Home (1)
8-When The Levee Breaks (4)
9-Heart (2)
10-Fresh Blood (3)
11-Playthings (2)
12-Shadow (1)
13-Provinance (1)
14-Pilot (1)
15-Tall Tales (2)
16-Bloody Mary (1)
17-Lucifer Rising (4)
18-Salvation (1)
19-Its a Terrible Life (4)
20-Ghostfacers (3)

I put the season each episode was from next to the episode title out of curiosity, I wasnt suprised to find no episodes after season 4 made the list. Season 5 was when I started to lose interest in the show I have stuck with it watching when I can be bothered to but I dont think I can come up with more than 10 episodes from season 5, 6, 7 and 8 (so far) that I would rate as being as anjoyable as nearly every episode fom the first 4 seasons.
# Bevie 2013-01-17 18:48
Grace232 -were you peeking at my list? Haha! I declare, every one of yours is on mine with the exception of my number 1 - Faith! Each and every one belongs in my top fifteen. As I've said before, I have a lot more in there than the rules provide for.

Asylum - Sam under the evil Dr. influence berating his brother with what annoyed him the most and shooting him with rock salt and pulling the trigger 4 times on the automatic while pointing at Dean's head. Yikes! Heart stopping stuff!

Scarecrow - probably the creepiest scarecrow ever seen. The big fight on the highway, Sam leaving and finding Meg! Then, coming back to save his brother from being eaten was great tv. And the cigarette-smoki ng man too!

Provenance - just for the spookiest little girl and the haunted painting. Really creeped me out. And I loved Sarah. She was perfect for Sam. So sensible and sweet and brave about what their business was. Also I loved Dean's smartass chat with Mr. Blake and grabbing the quiche and the champagne before it disappeared. So very Dean! And trying to set Sammy up with Sarah. "Sam, marry that girl!"

Hell House - just because it was so much fun, with the spoon in the mouth and the itching powder in the boxers, the dead fish in the back seat and the phoney producer's call to Ed and Harry. Poor Harry having to pee in front of people!! "Action figures in their original packaging!"

My goodness, there are many many more in my top fifteen but I won't go on as I have broken the rules already. :D
# Grace232 2013-01-17 19:12
Wow! The ones you mentioned not in my top 15 are all in my next 15! In fact, Scarecrow is my number 16. Love that episode - Dean's pride when Sam admits to stealing a car is such a great moment too! So happy to find a kindred spirit, Bevie!
# Sylvie 2013-01-18 09:16
Grace232, I love that you put "The Benders" on your top 15, it's one of mine too! I watch that episode so many times, it's actually a little embarrassing. I've always loved the fact that it has nothing to do with the supernatural! :D Dean & Sam are separated in the beginning, but we get a great storyline from both of them. And, yes, Dean opening up to the cop is what makes this one a fave. See, you are not alone. ;-)
# Grace232 2013-01-18 12:21
Thanks Sylvie. Love that one so much! Glad we are together on that - I bet I have watched it 10 times, so I am right there with you in the a little embarassing category! This site makes me feel so much better about how much time I have pent watching a tv show!
Kimberly Farrell
# Kimberly Farrell 2013-01-17 00:14
Ok, so I've been posting my favorites in the comments, but here is the summary:

15 Blood Brother
14 Abandon All Hope
13 What Is and What Should Never Be
12 Point of No Return
11 Death's Door
10 Lazarus Rising
9 The Monster at the End of this Book
8 A Very Supernatural Xmas
7 Monster Movie
6 Swan Song
5 Wishful Thinking
4 Weekend at Bobby's
3 Dark Side of the Moon
2 Changing Channels
1 Bad Day at Black Rock

Is this where I get to add honorable mentions? These episodes came so close: "The End", "In My Time Of Dying", "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie", "It's a Terrible Life", "Tall Tales".

This was definitely a challenging way to keep our minds off hellatus. Glad that's over. :)
# Karen 2013-01-17 00:53
Thank you so much for your list of favourites. I just loved them.
I did my list after reading your first article. I didn’t want to be influenced by your decisions, so I did it right away.
Man what a chore that was. I went through each season and picked my favourites…th e ones that stood out the most to me.
Now I was to pick out 15 from my list, hell I only had to eliminate about 40 of them.
But I did it, I have to admit each day when I read your picks it made me want to relook at my list, but I stayed true to my first instincts.
So here is what I picked.
Death’s Door (15) – Fantastic acting by all. I too will forever be bitter over them killing off Bobby for dramatic purposes.
Pilot (14) – I just love this episode, meeting the brothers for the first time and seeing the innocents of them at that time.
Nightmare (13) – My introduction to Supernatural, I was totally blown away. It will always hold a special moment to my heart.
Swan Song (12) – Such a heart-wrenching episode and the fantastic acting by all.
The French Mistake (11) – Still gets me giggling when I think of the acting scene.
Heart (10) – Sam’s face streaked with tears before going off to kill Madison and Dean with his one manly tear…what a mess I am just thinking about it.
When the Levee Breaks ( 9) – Sam just broke my heart through-out this entire episode.
Very Supernatural Christmas (8) – Loved the flashback scenes and Sam giving Dean his final Christmas.
Abandon All Hope (7) – To this day I still haven’t re-watched it since it originally aired. It affected me that much. This episode was phenomenal, the acting, the story..everything.
Metamorphosis (6) – I loved the brotherly moments in this. Sam trying to explain why he is doing what he is doing.
Black Day (5) – I’m a sucker for comedy and slapstick when done perfectly, and this was top notch.
Faith (4) – I loved everything about this episode. It left me believing that Layla was actually going to make it.
Changing Channels (3) – Loved, Loved, Loved everything about this episode, especially the Trickster/Gabri el reveal.
Tall Tales (2) – What’s not to love, Alligators in the sewer, Alien probing and dancing to Lady in Red, Sam’s signature Bitch Face and his Blah, Blah, Blah…Seeing our boys transform into five year olds as they wrestle and most of all our introduction to the Trickster (yeah I have a thing for him).
Mystery Spot (1) – Seeing the Trickster again and everything Alice said.
# EireneS 2013-01-17 02:21
Here goes-
1/ What Is and What Should Never Be
3/Abandon All Hope
4/Deaths Door
5/Weekend at Bobby's
6/Mystery Spot
7/Lazarus Rising
8/Swan Song
10/Point of No Return
11/Head of a Pin
12/The Monster At The End of This Book
13/Bad Day At Black Rock
14/All Hell Breaks Loose part 2
15/The French Connection
16/A Very Supernatural Christmas
17/Wishful Thinking
18/Something Wicked
19/Fresh Blood
20/Tall Tales

Sorry, I just couldn't stop at 15. In fact, it would be easier to list the episodes that are not my favorite. I just love this series and J and J are great!
# KELLY 2013-01-17 02:22
I totally cheated and STILL couldn't keep it at 15, even at twenty I had to cut off a bunch. The problem is what I re-watch a lot is often different than what I can see is probably "better". IE CiYB I watch ALL the time, especially when I'm in a bad mood, it so freakin' hilarious and I only watch Abandon All Hope if I'm watching them in order. It is just so depressing. Although I do watch SS a lot so I obviously have issues.

1Point of No Return/ Mystery Spot
2The Monster At the End of This Book
3 The French Mistake
4Death’s Door (Clap If You Believe)
5Swan Song
6Lazarus Rising
7The End
8 What Is What Should Never Be
9Free To Be You and Me
10Lucifer Rising
11A Very Supernatural Christmas
12 On The Head of a Pin
13 Dark Side of the Moon
14In My Time of Dying
15 Wishful Thinking
16 It’s a Terrible Life
17 Born Under a Bad Sign
18 Abandon All Hope (The Real Ghostbusters)
19 The Man Who Would Be King
20Changing Channels

I don't have any of the first season. Faith I saw made number one your guys list, and it was on my list until I started whittling it down. The first season,for me, is always more a preview for what could be. When I first watched the series it seemed like X-Files with a lower budget, even Faith had hints of Mulder vs Scully's struggle with faith in God. I might have stopped watching but I fell in love with brothers' unique relationship and by the 2nd season everything revolved around that and I thought the show really found it's own distinctive voice. Really unlike anything else before or after.

Now it ranks up there with X-File and Firefly for me. They each have their thing they do better than the other 2. But the hands down winner for myth arc is Supernatural and linking that so beautifully with the main characters. For instance, when Dean sold his soul for his brother, in order for that to work, you had to believe that not only did Dean love his brother to spend an eternity in hell. But to understand he felt responsible for Sammy and guilt for his dad doing the same for him and his lack of self-worth etc... But they had built up everything so beautifully that by the time he sold his soul I was a believer. That whole first half of All Hell Breaks Loose II could easily made #1 but the 2nd half fell a little short.

But on list of best scenes, Dean talking to Sam's body would definitely be on my top 10. Jensen deserved an Emmy for that scene alone.
# Ale 2013-01-17 06:41
Sorry, can't make a top 15 list. Best I can do is a top 32 (more than the double), but still with a feeling something is missing. And that doesn't include season 8! Although I'm enjoying this season very much, I still have to see where it goes before I'm able to rank it (in a top 50, probably!).

Kudos for you, girls, and for the people posting here for a better job than mine, and the courage to make such hard choices!

For most of them everything that made them special was already said. I stand by all your reasons to love each one.

1 Swan Song
2 On the Head of a Pin
3 No Rest for the Wicked
4 Point of No Return
5 All Hell Breaks Loose 2
6 Devil's Trap (love a papa Winchester episode)
7 In My Time of Dying
8 Lucifer Rising
9 Meet the New Boss (all my favourite characters!)
10 Hello Cruel World (mostly for warehouse scene)
11 The Man Who Would Be King
12 Heaven and Hell (if only for the end scene)
13 Shadow
14 Lazarus Rising
15 Dark Side of the Moon
16 A Very Special Xmas
17 When the Leeve Breaks
18 Born Under a Bad Sign
19 Jus in Bello
20 Nigthshifter
21 Changing Channels
22 It's a Terrible Life
23 Mystery Spot
24 Dead's Man Blood
25 Faith
26 Salvation
27 I Know What You Did Last Summer
28 My Bloody Valentine
29 What is and What Should Never Be
30 Abandon all Hope
31 Hunted
32 The Born Again Identity
# Thisoldbag58 2013-01-17 19:08
wow. Soooo difficult. I could list maybe 4 that I would put at the bottom of a list, the rest are so good but for all different reasons. So I am taking from my iPad where I keep only about 30 eps to watch on the fly, mostly because the acting is just so good!
1-the man who knew too much
2-born under a bad sign
3-bad day at black rock
4-fresh blood
5-mystery spot
6-changing channels
7-yellow fever
8-French mistake
9-clap your hands if you believe
10-like a virgin
11-mannequin 3
13-born again identity
14-curious case of dean Winchester
15-monster movie
Ashton Lee
# Ashton Lee 2013-01-17 22:25
15 The French Mistake

Because it's freakin' hilarious.

14 Mystery Spot

Best mood whiplash ever. Poor Sam.

13 Lazarus Rising

Just... everything. But especially Cas.

12 The Devil You Know

Crowley is just perfection in this episode. Oh, the good times when he was still helping...

11The Rapture

All the Jimmy feels. Looks even darker in hindsight now that we know how Heaven "re-educates" angels.

10 The End

Still fearing we are headed for this, even if not everything will be the same. Samifer is just delicious and Cas breaks my heart.

9 Changing Channels

Do I even have to explain? :D

8 When The Leevee Breaks

I love hallucinations, and cameos by dead characters. It was so sad.

7 Lucifer Rising

Really heartbreaking. Poor misguided Sammy. Poor Dean. All the Destiel feels. And this is back when i thought Lucifer would be scary :D

6 Monster Movie

This is just the funniest thing ever. Dracula. On a tiny moped. Dean in Ledenhosen.

5 Hammer of the Gods

Yeah, the depiction of the pagans was not too satisfying, but this was about Gabriel and Lucifer anyway. My baby. Please come back. :'(

4 Swan Song

Obligatory choice. If it wasn't for Jake Abel being a miscast as Michael (seriously, why didn't he resurrect John instead?) it would be perfect, but still a very strong episode.

3 The Man Who Would Be King

Don't even let me start about the Cas feels and the Destiel and the Crowstiel.

2 All Hell Breaks Loose 1-2.

Completely heartbreaking and awesome.

1 On The Head Of A Pin

This is where Cas really started to become the angel we love. Wonderful acting. And Dean. And Alastair. Flawless writing.
# SecretWillow 2013-01-18 11:39
Changing Channels – This is my go-to episode for when I need to cheer up. It makes me so happy from beginning to end. And I can never have too much Gabriel.

Pilot – Loved and adored the storyline, but I think even more than that, was Jared and Jensen’s acting was so believable to me. Right from the outset. I 100% believed these guys were brothers. And that gave me the warm fuzzies.

Roadkill – This was the episode that hooked me. Where I felt that this was truly the greatest thing in the whole history of ever. All the elements of the show clicked into place for me, and I gave myself over wholly to this show for all time.

Lazarus Rising - What can I say about an episode that has one of its main characters crawling out of his own grave? It was chilling the first time I saw it, and just as chilling the 100th time. And Sam and Dean’s reunion hug. There are no words.

Swan Song – Has me in tears every time. It’s so achingly beautiful in every way.

A Very Supernatural Christmas – I was always a sucker for Wee-chester flashbacks. And these were gut-wrenching. Not to mention the dread, as Dean’s year winds down, is palpable. Plus, I adore Christmas, and to see my favorite show screw with it in this way was delicious.

Hammer of the Gods – This episode didn’t sit well with a lot of people, but I can’t leave it out. While the gods' potential might have been squandered, I still love it. It had both humor, and grossness. (“Please be tomato soup. Please be tomato soup…Motel Hell”). I really liked the hotel and the way it was lit. All of the acting was enjoyable. Mark completely sold Lucifer for me here. I really did find him terrifying. The show-down in the conference room at the end catches my breath every time. Lurrrves me some Gabriel.

Mystery Spot – I love this one for all the same reasons that everyone else has already given, but also for the whole speaking in unison scene in the restaurant, and for all of Sam’s interactions with Gabriel. Have I mentioned I love Gabriel?

Two Minutes to Midnight – There was so much going on in this episode. It was incredible how they packed it all in. But what got me the most was Crowley talking to the boys in the scrap yard about the country-wide, simultaneous distribution of croatoan virus in the vaccine. I was TERRIFIED there.

The End – For the same reasons that others have given. The idea that, in the end, Dean and Samifer are still going to wind up in the same place, is like this little cloud of doom. And Jared was just brilliant as Lucifer.

Scarecrow – This one had it all for me. A scary monster story, the search for dad and the underlying myth arc, brotherly love. This was like quintessential Supernatural for me.

Provenance – I just thought this was brilliant. Haunted painting, awesome love interest, creepy creepy little girl, gruesome deaths. It's just one great big batch of awesome.

All Hell Breaks Loose – Both parts. I consider this one episode. Is that cheating? The stakes were so high here, I could barely breathe. It was scary, and sad, and heart-wrenching , and raw. My nerves were frayed at the end.

Phantom Traveler – Mostly for sentimental value, really. This was my introduction to the show, and while I wasn’t hooked instantly, the line had been cast, the bait was in front of my face, and ensnarement was inevitable.

Everybody Loves a Clown – Most of what drew me to this was the drama. The arguments, the soulful looks, the destruction of the poor Impala's trunk. And finding out there was a whole hunter community outside the boys. I think I felt just as blindsided by that as Dean.

Honorable Mentions:
Bad Day at Black Rock
Among others...
# jace 2013-01-18 14:17
This was hard. I narrowed it down to around 30 and then the cuts got painful. These are the ones that I love to watch the most.

Honorable Mention: Devil's Trap/In My Time of Dying.

15. And then there were none--This doesn't show up on a lot of favorites lists but I loved this kind of "something's out there and is going to get us." Also, the boys seemed very in sync in this one and the memorial to Rufus with Dean's speech on forgiveness gets me every time.

14. Playthings--I love a haunted house story and I enjoyed the creepy atmosphere. Sam making Dean promise to kill him if he turned evil and Dean taking care of Sam stabbed me in the heart.

13. Ghostfacers--Ju st a good episode for laughs. I loved every minute.

12. Provenance--ano ther episode with a creepy vibe that I love. Sarah may be one of my favorite guest stars ever.

11.Changing channels-Anothe r one to watch just for the fun of it. what other show could pull this off and still advance the storyline with a big twist? Genius.

10. Shadow--Our first real glimpse at John and his relationship with his boys. Their reunion scene alone puts this in the top to for me. And I loved, loved original Meg.

9. Home--I like that this takes the boys back to the beginning. Dean so upset that he calls his dad in tears and Sam's face when he sees his mom for the first time. Cue my tears. The "I'm sorry" mystery that wouldn't be solved for 3 more seasons.

8. Bad day at black rock--this one never fails to put a smile on my face. I quote from this one. I liked Bella here, less as the season wore on. Jensen and Jared were perfect.

7. Lucifer rising-This one makes my list because it is the culmination of season 4, the most perfectly plotted season over all. It also tied in threads from earlier seasons. It all came together brilliantly in this episode. Sam's devastation at finding out he had been tricked, Dean coming after Sam in spite of everything, Cas coming through, the boys killing Ruby together and then clutching at each other as the freaking devil rose. What a set up! I don't think season 5 quite lived up to it though.

6. The monster at the end of this book--this episode is an example of how this show can make you laugh til your sides hurt then , absolutely crush you the next minute. The discovery of the Supernatural books and the introduction of Chuck was delightful. Then I had my heart ripped out during the heart to heart between Sam and Chuck. This scene made get Sam and his motivations and fears.

5. Pilot--The one that started it all, set up the relationships and hooked me. Always a sentimental favorite. The opening scene was perfect in conveying what this family lost. Little bitty Dean kissing little baby Sam goodnight! Dean as Dad's little buddy, a loving mom. I Then evil takes it all away. This informs everything that happens after.

4. swan song-This one stayed with me for a long time after I watched. So much brotherly love in those last scenes. Dean beat to a pulp but still looking after Sam and Sam finding strength from his brother. So good. The looks between them right before Sam falls. They choose family. Rip my heart in two, show. I was really surprised at the negatively following this epi because I thought it was perfect.

3. All hell breaks loose part 1 and 2--Yes, I am a cheating cheater who cheats but I can't separate the two. I love part one for the again creepy claustrophobic atmosphere and how cool is Sam? Then, Sam's dead? What! Jensen killed me dead in the scenes when Sam dies in his arms and when Dean is talking to Sam 's body. We get Bobby and Ellen and John (!) and Dean telling Yellow Eyes, "that for our mom." SO much good stuff not to mention setting up the storyline for season 3.

2. Mystery Spot--what else can be said about this episode? Heartbreaking, hilarious, shocking. Jared was amazing in showing Sam 's evolving emotions.

1. A Very Supernatural Christmas--Love d the parallel storylines between past and present. Little sammy broke my heart. The villains were the best. So much going on between the boys in that last scene that didn't need words. Instead, gas station gifts and spiked egg nog. Perfect.
# KG_SPN 2013-01-18 20:54
Wow. This was really hard to get down to 15 and I’ve cheated a bit... oh well ;-)

1. The French mistake (season 6) – Supernatural is the only show I know that would attempt something as brave as this & these writers are the best in the business when it comes to breaking the fourth wall. This episode was also for the fans with so many in-jokes. It is definitely my all-time favourite episode and I’d never get sick of watching it.

2. Swan Song (season 5) – I didn’t realise the show had been renewed for season 6, so I thought this was the final episode. For me, the Pilot and Swan Song were the perfect book ends to my favourite show... well done Eric Kripke! But I’m very glad the show is still going.

3. Changing Channels (season 5) – So many great moments from the ‘ghost’ in the hospital (as a wink to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Denny in Grey’s Anatomy) to Sam’s brilliant impersonation of David Caruso (Horatio in CSI: Miami). Oh, and the reveal of the Trickster’s true identity. Brilliant.

4. A very Supernatural Christmas (season 3) – I love black humour & this episode turns traditional Christmas celebration on its head. Plus I just love the final scene with Sam & Dean. Beautiful.

5. Pilot (season 1) – I watched from the beginning and was completely hooked! Loved the Winchester brothers.

6. All hell breaks loose I & II (season 2) – I can’t watch one without the other, so I’m cheating. The last frontier town and the shocking realisation that only one will survive... and it’s not Sammy! Oh my god... that scene where Sam dies gets me every time (even though I now know he’ll be okay). Dean’s despair & desperation to do anything to get Sammy back. They finally killed the yellow-eyed demon, but at a terrible cost.

7. The Monster at the end of this book (season 4) – The first time the show broke the fourth wall with the SPN books, the introduction of Chuck, LARPING, and Lilith seducing Sam. This episode had everything.

8. When the levee breaks & Lucifer rising (season 4) – Again, I can’t watch one with the other & there is so much drama: Sam locked in the panic room suffering from hallucinations with Dean & Bobby at a loss about what to do. The heartbreaking scene of Bobby pointing a gun at Sam, with Sam telling him to shoot. The fight between Sam and Dean. The reveals that the angels were manipulating Dean and Ruby was manipulating Sam. Lucifer is coming! SO EPIC!

9. Bad day at Black Rock (season 3) – Hilarious! I lost my shoe. I laugh every time (even when Jared says it at conventions) :lol:

10. Mystery Spot (season 3) – Hilarious, but also tragic as Sam realises he can’t save Dean!

11. Dark side of the moon (season 5) – The shock of both brothers being shot dead in the opening scene; the stark differences of their happiest memories (with the fireworks scene being one of my all-time favourites); and the realisation that they will not get help from God.

12. Born under a bad sign (season 2) – Sam possessed by Meg; Dean will only kill Sam if he can’t save him. Love it!

13. Appointment in Samarra (season 6) – I loved seeing Dean as death in this episode, but I was blown away by the performance from Jared as he turned psychotic and tried to kill Bobby. I was so scared he would succeed.

14. Jus in Bello (season 3) – I always liked the character Hendrickson and he is finally fighting with the Winchesters, until Lilith takes him out. How creepy is Lilith!

15. Death’s door (season 7) – so sad, but fitting send off for a beloved character.

Honourable mentions to:
• The girl with the dungeons & dragons tattoo (season 7) – Felicia Day
• Frontierland (season 6) – J2 in the wild west
• Time after time (season 7) – The Untouchables is one of my favourite films & this episode also had a great musical score
• Citizen Fang (season 8) – my favourite episode this season

Sorry that was really long :oops:
# Alice_Winchester 2013-01-19 01:33
1: 'The End' (S4)
2: 'Lazarus Rising' (S4)
3: 'A Very Supernatural Christmas' (S3)
4: 'Blood Brother' (S8)
5: 'In My Time of Dying' (S2)
6: 'Abandon All Hope' (S5)
7: 'On The Head of A Pin' (S4)
8: 'The Man Who Would Be Knig' (S6)
9: 'The French Mistake' (S6)
10: 'The Monster at the End of The Book' (S4)
11: 'Dark Side of The Moon' (S5)
12: 'Home' (S1)
13: 'Yellow Fever' (S4)
14: 'Roadkill' (S2)
15: 'Frontierland' (S6)

Honourable Mention:
'All Hell Breaks Loose 1 & 2' (S2)
'The Pilot' (S1)
'Changing Channels' (S5)
'Swan Song' (S5)
'What is & What Should Never Be' (S2)

Season 4 is my fave season - but loving 8 at the moment!
# Melanie 2013-01-19 13:44
I can't rank the episodes because it depends on my mood as to which one would be my 'favorite'. Also, I admire you guys who can trim it down to 15 - I can't. I have a whole season's worth of favorites - a top 25. Here they are broken out by season:

1 The Pilot
2 Faith
3 Scarecrow
4 Shadow

5 Bloodlust
6 Born Under a Bad Sign
7 Houses of the Holy
8 Hollywood Babylon
9 Folsom Prison Blues

11 Sex & Violence
12 When the Levee Breaks
13 It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
14 It’s a Terrible Life

15 Free to be Me and You
16 The End
17 My Bloody Valentine

18 Live Free or Twihard
19 Clap Your Hands if You Believe
20 My Heart Will Go On
21 The French Mistake
22 The Man Who Knew Too Much

23 Hello Cruel World
24 The Born Again Identity
25 Plucky Pennywhistle’ s Magic Menagerie