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We did it! We reached #1. We'll be honest with you, this was a tough project. It was not an easy thing going through all the episodes we love and narrowing it down to 15. Sometimes it felt like Sophie's choice! But here we are at #1. Our 3 favourite episodes.

Thanks for joining us on this labour love, we've thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments and what your own personal picks would have been. 

And now...drum-roll we present your WFB Admins' picks for the Gold! Here are our #1 episodes!

sweetondean's #1 



Why: I think "Faith" was the moment I fell head over heels in love with "Supernatural". Yes, I loved it from the "Pilot", yes I was committed from the get-go, but "Faith" took my enjoyment of "Supernatural" to another level. It was when I knew this show would hold my heart forever and that the Winchester brothers would forever be held in mine.
When doing this 15-episode countdown, I sat there staring at my numbers 1 and 2, brooding over them. I really love "Swan Song" so much. I thought, should I put it at number 1? Should I move "Faith", which has always been my favourites of favourites, out of the top position?
But I just couldn't.  
There's something about this episode that has always resonated with me. It's my go to episode when I'm feeling blue. My go to episode if I need to relax. My go to episode when I don't know which episode to watch! Put simply, I love it.
I could sit here and tell you that I think "Faith" is an incredibly important episode, because it establishes another world beyond the ghosts and monsters and demons, by introducing the concept of the reaper. That by bringing in the reaper the door was opened to the concept of an afterlife and a world beyond which the boys had previously dealt. That in doing all this "Faith" ambitiously posed the question, if there's a reaper and an afterlife, is there then a God?
I could go on about how "Faith" is the first time we saw the boys face a life or death decision that forced them to choose one life over another. Previously, good and evil, live or die and been cut and dried, but not in "Faith".
I could mention how this was the first time that we saw how little Dean values himself and the first time that we saw Sam step up and take on the role of big brother, refusing to give up on Dean, refusing to let Dean give up.
I could certainly say that "Faith" sets up later mythology by revealing Dean has an important purpose, a job to do.
I could talk about how beautifully shot it is. That I love the grade on "Faith". The colours are muted. It's filmic. That it has one of the best music cues of the whole series, with the use of (Don't Fear) The Reaper and the scene it accompanies.
I could say that Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker wrote near perfect words and that even Eric Kripke loves this episode, quoted in the Season One Companion as saying; "It's when I first realised what the show was capable of. Here's this episode about: Is there a god? What's meant to be? And is there free will? And is your life worth the cost of someone else's life? It's a metaphysical and moral study of the boys' universe."
I could go on and on and on about how "Faith" is a perfect storm of all the elements that make "Supernatural" great, a compelling concept, a powerful story, a conundrum to make you think, a big dose of foreshadowing, a lovely script, beautiful production values, killer supporting cast, nuanced performances and a brilliant example of the Winchesters love, compassion and relentless dedication to each other.
I could say all of that stuff"¦'s not why I love "Faith". I just do.
Just"¦ "˜cause.

Favourite Quote:
I dig the foreshadowing here, but I also love Dean's vulnerability"¦
Dean "Why? Why me? Out of all the sick people, why save me?"
Roy "Well, like I said before, the Lord guides me. I looked into your heart, and you just stood out from all the rest."
Dean "What did you see in my heart?"
Roy "A young man with an important purpose. A job to do. And it isn't finished."
Favourite Scene:
I don't really have a favourite scene, because, seriously, I love every moment of "Faith" from start to finish. But, seeing as I have to pick one, I'm going to pick the closing scene.

I love the conversation between Sam and Dean as to whether they did the right thing. Sam is so gentle with Dean. But it's one tiny look in this scene that kills me every time. When Layla arrives and Dean realises Sam called her"¦there's a look that passes over Dean's face as he glances at his brother that is pure love.

From that moment"¦. I was lost forever.


# Grace232 2013-01-16 22:23
Thanks so much, ladies. Fabulous lists - and great highlights of each episode. Alice - thanks for sharing that story. Could you repost that article (How a show manages to succeed despite its network) or post a link to it? I would love to read it.
# Alice 2013-01-16 23:05
Oops! I thought I had that in there. Here you go!
# Grace232 2013-01-17 00:26
Thanks Alice. Great article! As I read it, I was thinking that the CW seems to be giving the show a lot more love in season 8 than it did in 3. Quite an accomplishment dor you and others like you!
Kimberly Farrell
# Kimberly Farrell 2013-01-16 23:53
Yes, thank you for your lists! I'm a little ashamed to say I don't have any of your #1 picks in my top 15. Ashamed, because I love all three episodes, especially "The End". I kind of want to put it on my list now. But what would I take off?! Narrowing it down is such a tough task, and probably one that would change with my mood. What's done is done, I suppose!

My top episode of Supernatural is "Bad Day at Black Rock". It just gets better every time I watch it! Probably helps that I always enjoyed Bela as a foil to the boys. Oh, but cursed Sam was adorable! I usually have more of a soft spot for Dean, but seeing Sam just sitting there as the hotel room catches on fire... good stuff. Not much to say that hasn't been said, so I'll just leave it with this:

"I lost my shoe." - Sam
Kimberly Farrell
# Kimberly Farrell 2013-01-17 00:02
I also wanted to thank Alice for sharing her origin story with us! I've been to a few other fan sites looking for interesting discussions, and I've seen some of the hate that you saw on livejournal. I don't understand it, personally, because I have to really love something before I'm willing to spend my time and energy sharing my thoughts with the internet. Who would bother posting just to hate? Thoughtful criticism or debate is great, but a lot of what's out there seems to be vicious attacks on the people who are working so hard to make the show or the fans who are still enjoying it. Ultimately, I'm so glad I found this site, because you all do a marvelous job moderating it and keeping the discussions positive and thoughtful. So thanks for that!
# PaintedWolf 2013-01-17 01:39
Sweetondean-I watched season 1 for the first time on DVD so I watched a string of episodes at once, and I think Faith was defintely the first time I got the sense that SPN could be epic. They were actually toying with questions like "Is there a God?" I loved that since there's no other show I can think of that I've watched that has inspired so much philosophical thought in me.

Alice, I must admit I’m not at all surprised at your number 1 pick. I’ve been hanging around here long enough that I know your feelings toward Mystery Spot, and figured your mind wouldn’t have changed. How A Show Manages to Succeed Despite Its Network was the first article of yours I ever read, back when I was trolling the Internet for a place to read about this show, since no one knew anything about it here until I’d been a fan for about two years. It did take me a while to get up the courage to start commenting, and now I’m pretty much addicted. Mystery Spot is still a go-to episode for me, one of those that I like to call a great example of how good this show is at balancing horror, humour and drama.

Ardeospina-Oh, The End. I pretty much adore that episode too. I was utterly mesmerized by the scene between Samifer and Dean, and man, watching Jensen play off himself, how the differences between Dean and Dean14 were subtle, yet in your face. I think a little part of me may have died when Dean14 said he and Sam hadn't spoken in 5 years, then the scene right at the end brought it right back to life. "We keep each other human", indeed.

Thanks for these lists, ladies, I've thoroughly enjoyed them. I have been starting the inklings of my own, so we'll see how that goes, and if I can get it down to 15!
# sylvia37 2013-01-17 03:00
Thanks ladies for the epic undertaking. I didn't always agree, but I enjoyed reading.

Alice, thanks for this last choice. For me, Mystery Spot will always be one the best hours of television ever. I can't even think about it without tearing up. I loved it from beginning to end, but the last shot of Sam staring at the unmade bed with that devestated look had me sobbing.

And can I just add how glad I am that this episode led you to where we are today.
# judyann 2013-01-17 07:04
Thank you for your wonderful list. I don't know how you were able to do it. I love them all.
# Sylvie 2013-01-17 11:42
Thank you ladies for this great list, I enjoyed every one of your choices, and your number ones certainly deserve all the praises you've given them.

Alice, I loved your story on how you started this site, because this very site is the reason I found the great fandom that is the Supernatural family. I'm not big on checking out websites about television shows, but when I heard about yours, I just had to check it out and I've been hooked ever since. I always felt alone in loving this show, never having managed to get any of my friends or family to even want to watch it, let alone become fans. I do on occasion force (yes, force) my big sister to watch one of my favourites with me, but no go. It's because of this site that I started checking out the conventions on Youtube and falling more in love (if that's even possible) with all the people involved with the show. And thanks to this site, I'm going to my first convention in Toronto. Sorry for gushing so much, but I felt I finally had a chance to thank you for everything you've done and keep doing for this wonderful show. :-)
# Bevie 2013-01-17 17:59
Sweetondean's list is closest to mine because she had the most of seasons 1 - 3 and those are my favourite seasons.
Alice comes second for the same reason. Sorry, Ardeo, I loved your choices but nothing from 1-2?

I think sweetondean has helped me to make my difficult choice of number one with her review of "Faith". Of all the episodes ever, this one has my heart and soul completely. I love it and it is just the epitome of the reasons I love this show and still do, in spite of missing out lately on the love between the boys, and will keep me enslaved until the finale! Oh, how awful that day will be! :cry:

Mystery Spot and The End are both in my inflated top five! I think my top five is just about 50 episodes over the top. :eek:
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2013-01-17 22:32
Hi Alice, Ardeospina and Sweetondean,

Thanks so much for this wonderful, wonderful series. I wish I could tell you my top 15 episodes, but I can't. It would change every day! But I'm pretty sure almost all your top picks would be on my list. (Okay, that would make my list about 35 episodes long.)
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2013-01-17 22:40
Part 2...

Well that's embarassing. I pushed some random button on my computer and posted my comments too soon. Who knew?

Thank you for all the personal stories you shared. I was especially interested to hear Alice's stories of how she started the-little-webs ite-that-could for the-little-show-that-could.

So, in a little twist on Dean's line from The End... Thank you Supernatural and WFB...

We keep each other sane.

We keep each other supported.

We keep each other motivated.

We keep each other connected.

We keep each other happy, sad and really, really REALLY looking forward to Wednesdays!

Gracias! :lol:
# PENNY JAIME 2013-01-18 00:11
Love all 3 of these. I think everyone has 1 episode that holds a special place in their hearts. For some it is the 1st one they ever saw. For me personally, it is the 1st time I ever cried over a TV show. That is when I realized just how amazng this show (and Jensen Ackles) really is.

All Hell Breaks Loose 2. Of course I mean the Dean talking to dead Sam scene. I mean this episode has everything. Sam's dead; Dean's speech to him. Dean selling his soul. Sam coming back. Bobby when Sam comes back. Bobby and Dean's junkyard talk. Ellen comes back. The 100 mile devil's trap. Killing Jake. The devil's gate opening. John is back (for a second anyway). And the biggest thing of all--Dean KILLS YELLOW EYES!!
Most shows are afraid to kill off he big bad,but not this show. They just make another big bad.

But for me, that scene did it. I didn't cry over imaginary people. Not real. Why should I cry? All that went out the window with Jensen's first tear and quiver in his voice. I had to stop the dvd. I was sobbing.Now, they all get me. Every time that man sheds a tear, I cry. And sometimes when he doesn't!!
# KG_SPN 2013-01-18 19:42
Thanks so much for sharing your top 15 episodes. It was a great idea and inspired me to look back & attempt the same... it was so hard! Kudos to the brilliant 'little show that could', which has delivered so many great episodes. One thing it confirmed for me was that season 4 was my definitely my favourite (as after my initial cull, I still had 11 episodes from season 4). Doh!

I also really enjoyed reading about those episodes that impacted personally on you... this gave me new insight to some episodes that I wouldn't have expected to see on the lists... very moving. Thanks especially to Alice for sharing her story about how 'The Winchester Family Business' website came to be... I've only discovered it recently and I really enjoy coming here to read the blogs and comments.

I will list my top 15 on your other blog... but I will say that I have the Pilot and Swan Song in my top 5. They are the perfect book-ends to an incredible story created by Eric Kripke and I loved both of them. I watched Supernatural from the beginning and the first episode had me completely hooked. Then, when I watched Swan Song, I thought I was watching the final episode. I was so proud of Sam & Dean and, at the same time, devastated at the thought of Sam forever in the cage with Lucifer. It had such an impact on me.

A few days later, I found out that there was going to be a season 6... and Sammy was not done for... I can't begin to tell you how happy that made me :D

Thanks again girls! It's been a lot of fun filling the final days of the hiatus :lol: