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We've got some good episodes on tap for number 6.  Did they make your list?  Read on and find out!

Alice's #6

Born Under A Bad Sign

Why?:   This episode leaves me a total nervous wreck, and in a good way. 

Season two is my second favorite season, right behind season four.  There is so much to love about season two, yet I'm stunned that only one episode from that season makes my list.  I think that the episodes themselves are much better as a set than standing out on their own.  However, this episode brings something different to the table and stands out in a huge way for me. 

We love Jared, always have, but when he started as an actor on "Supernatural", he was a little rough.  Yes, he grew and got better, thanks a lot to all that screen time with Jensen, but he spent all of season one just finding his footing.  However, this episode is when he proved to any skeptics that he could act on Jensen's level.  And he's never looked back. 

Let's face it, one and half seasons of playing essentially a brooding boy scout, complete with gorgeous, endearing puppy dog eyes, is endearing to a fan, but it doesn't give much range to a character.  Turn that character diabolically evil through possession by a very boisterous and angry demon, and WHOA!  Holy mother of...that's Jared???  Damn!  Meet evil Sam, aka Meg in a gigantor suit.  It's entralling. 

I mean, where do I begin?  This is not only a major treat to watch such a deliciously evil version of a character we love, but it's an intense brotherly drama which put Dean through the ringer as well.  Meg!Sam played Dean exceptionally, using all of Sam's "dewy eyed" and self torturing qualities to try and sell the fact that Sam had turned evil and Dean needed to make good on his promise in "Playthings" to kill him should that happen.  I mean, Sam's lip even quivered as he shoved the gun into Dean's hand!  All the punches were pulled, and Dean couldn't do it.

If Dean experienced any strife, it was nothing compared to what Jo was put through.  There is something very scary about being a female alone in a bar with a very large man coming onto you who can swallow you whole with just his arms.  Which is exactly what he did.  If this was HBO, I know that Jo would have been sexually assaulted on that bar.  But that would have also taken away from the next part, which is Meg!Sam taunting her over her father's death.  That sent the creep factor off the friggin scale!  

It gets worse.  Meg!Sam shoots Dean!  That completely sinister grin after looking into the dark water trying to find Dean's corpse, I swear that's psychologically damaged me for good.  Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but I shiver over that visual every time. 

It's only the awesomeness of Bobby Singer that stops Meg!Sam cold.  Speaking of which, did I mention I will never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, forgive them for killing off Bobby?  Yeah, I think it's come up a few times. 

The significant part though is the end.  Sam is upset that Dean didn't kill him, especially since he could have killed Jo.  Dean's answer is what defines the entire series.  "Sam, when Dad told me that I might have to kill you, it was only if I couldn't save you. Now, if it's the last thing I do I'm going to save you."  Meep! 

Favorite Quote:  From a horror standpoint, this is up there with the classics like "Here's Johnny..." for me. 

"My daddy shot your daddy in the head..."

Hearing Meg!Sam sing-song those words, it always gives me major chills!

Favorite Scene:  It's an exorcism that goes completely wrong.  Meg!Sam remembered the first one from "Devil's Trap," and came prepared, which only added to Dean's anxiousness since she was riding Sam this time.

Oh man, this scene is so damned thrilling.  For one, could Sam be any hotter?  Tied to that chair, firing all sorts of insults at Dean, wild facial expressions and flying hair, hmm just...I'm sorry, was I describing something? 

Then there's a furious Dean who can't even hit him!  "Oh, careful, now. Wouldn't want to bruise this fine packaging," Meg!Sam teases.  Then the exorcism doesn't work, triggering the most frightening laughter from Meg!Sam.  Meg thought everything through, trapping Sam with a binding mark.  Suddenly Meg!Sam cracks the devil's trap in the ceiling and it's time to beat the living snot out of Dean, all while monologuing.  Bobby burns away the binding mark, Meg flees, and poor disoriented Sam is on the floor with Dean wondering what happened.  So Dean punches him!  Hee, brotherly humor to cap all that breath taking drama. 

Oh Cathryn Humphris, your awesome writing talents are sorely missed. 

(sweetondean's #6 is on page 2)



# Grace232 2013-01-11 19:09
Hah! I am on a roll with you all! A Very Supernatural Christmas is on my list too! Loved all these episodes though. And, Alice, I had the same reaction as you. I liked both actors from the beginning but felt Jensen was a cut above. From the first episode he just blew me away. However, Born Under a Bad Sign really showcased how great Jared is too. He completely freaked me out - in a good way - in that episode, and I have been in awe of both actors ever since.
Kimberly Farrell
# Kimberly Farrell 2013-01-12 02:45
Wow, I forgot about "Born Under a Bad Sign"! Rewatching it now, and it's making me nostalgic for Evil Meg; she became so non-threatening in later seasons. Solid choice. "Skin" is one of my favorites from season one; I love that it begins their extended trouble with the law.

My #6 episode is "Swan Song". All the episodes of the first five seasons were basically leading up to this, and it did not disappoint. We even get Impala POV, as told by Chuck the Prophet. They finally save the world, but at the cost of Sam (and Adam) being locked in Hell with pissed off archangels. There's just so much I could try to say about this, but I suspect that you will say it more eloquently in future articles. This time around, I chose a thoughtful quote that I think does a fine job of representing the bittersweet nature of this finale.

"You got what you asked for, Dean. No paradise. No hell. Just more of the same. I mean it, Dean. Which would you rather have - peace, or freedom?" - Castiel
# ryder21 2013-01-12 07:39
Another great pick ladies. Skin has always been one of my favourite episodes, my other two from Season One being Faith and Devils Trap. I chuckle at the way Sam brings out the Puppy Dog Eyes to get Dean to backtrack to St Louis and Dean's reaction to his police sketch. The angst shifter/Dean unleashes to tied up Sam wrings my heart out for the real Dean. But one of the best things about this episode is the music, that opening scene coupled with In-A-Gadda-Da-V ida is Hey Man, Nice Shot is one of my very favourite Supernatural song choices as well Sweetondean.
This episode to me truely sets up the isolation of the boys as they do the job they do.

Born Under A Bad Sign is also a favourite. This episode certainly showed Jared's maturity as an actor, and I agree with you that he makes an extremely chilling bad guy - in fact down right creepy towards bound Jo. I enjoy Dean's frantic journey down the hotel corridor and his frenzied search for any injuries on Sam, a Dean in big brother mode. Jo's butcher job on Dean always tickles me as well.

As for A Very Supernatural Christmas, this is always a favourite for all the reasons listed. When others in my family play cheery Christmas videos, I play this!
Thanks guys.
# Bevie 2013-01-12 12:18
Skin is a great episode and so is Born Under a Bad Sign. All 3 of today's picks are in my top 15 as well.

As for Faith and Devil's Trap, they both vye for my number one position along with Supernatural Christmas and Mystery Spot. Along with In My Time of Dying and What is and What Should Never Be. Each one of these is in my top spot at the time I am watching it. To pick one alone is impossible for me.
# sylvia37 2013-01-12 07:43
It's so nice to see some season 2 and 3 episodes on here. I know I'm in the minority, but seasons 4 and 5 were my least favorites. I won't go into the reasons because that's a different thread, but I guess I just look at things a differently then ya'll do.

BUABS, Skin and the one and only Supernatural Christmas episode are some of my favorites and I don't need to state why because you all did such an eloquent job.

My only nitpick would be that I didn't think Jared's acting was quite as subpar as you did. I know that, in the beginning, Jared stated in interviews that he was trying to find out who Sam was, but it came across to me as Sam trying to find himself after what he'd been through. I think both he AND Jensen have had some clunky dialogue moments, but I never felt that his acting was worse than Jensen's.

I do agree that he really showed what he could do in BUABS, though. When he let out that deep laugh, it was so UNSam like that it gave me chills and I loved it.

Great choices, ladies.
# Bevie 2013-01-12 12:11
Your lists are great, guys!

But, they don't line up much with mine as there are so few of seasons 1 - 3, and those are my favourites, and with a few exceptions my list would come mostly from the Pilot to Lazarus Rising.

"On the Head of a Pin", "It's a Terrible Life", "Changing Channels" and "French Mistake" would be on my top 15, but the rest would come from seasons 1 - 3.

Thanks to Ardeo for the Christmas episode. It is at times my number one episode. :P

You should do your 15 worst episodes, and then we could have lots of controversy and interesting opinions. I could do that one in perhaps 10 minutes! :-*
# mer 2013-01-12 15:13
ah season 7 *sigh* only one episode from there has been included and it was at the number 15 spot so I strongly suspect that will be it (we are at the top 5 now after all.)

If I were to pick ANY episode from s7 for the top 15, it would be Repo Man.

Looking forward to your top five--thanks for doing this, it is very enjoyable.
# LoveMeSomeDean 2013-01-12 20:36
I love each one of these episodes.

I agree Born under a bad sign was when Jared finally hit's his acting stride. He plays evil so well. I even loved soulless Sam.

The entire bar scene w/Joe is just so darn sexy and creepy at the same time. Love, love Sam pulling the bar stool over so he can sit and use the knife to play w/Jo's bangs while she tells him the story of her dad's death. Then Sam gets up and struts around and leans against the post..."My Daddy shot your Daddy in the head".

Jared has one of the sexiest smiles on the planet and the smirk Sam gives after he shoots Dean is priceless.

Skin-oooooohhhhhhhhhh, Being a huge Dean girl any episode that gets Jensen to take off his shirt is OK by me. The fact that he also removed his skin...not so much.

I also feel this episode continued the brotherly issues from Asylum and Scarecrow. Both brothers have deep seated issues that they are still working on in Season 8.'

A very supernatural Christmas, wow I can go on about this episode for pages.

Fav scene: Sam and Dean sitting in the motel and Sam is explaining why he does not want to have Christmas. Dean says yeah but it is my last one
Sam tears up and explains he cant sit around drinking eggnog and pretending everything is OK, knowing next year you will be dead.

Who does not choke up when Dean opens the motel room door and all we see is the Samulet...camer a pans back and he breaks into a huge smile and he sees Sam has created a last Christmas for him.

And the kicker is after they exchange presents and toast each other. Sam looks at Dean and just says "Hey Dean", tears welling up in his eyes says nothing but looks at his brother, Dean smiling back at him and Rosemary Clooney softly signing in the background.
Someone give me a tissue please.
# dru 2013-01-12 23:34
If I wasnt peepingdru I would wanna am's laugh.....whooo hooooo::DDDD
# krystal 2013-01-12 23:41
Born Under a Bad Sign has always been in my top 3 and it continues to be. Evil Sam shows off Jared's abilities and put him on the track to being the Sam we have seen since then. My favorite line and overall scene is as well the conversation between Jo and Sam. Love it and you nailed the reasons why Alice!!!
# Sylvie 2013-01-14 08:32
Great choices. "Born Under a Bad Sign" is definitely in my top five, that evil laugh of Jared's at the end in the devil's trap, so creepy good! ;-) "Skin" is also on repeat viewing on my DVD player. I love when Jensen & Jared get to play evil, they do it so well and sexy to boot! Any episode that let's us get a little peak of Jensen's beautiful bod is good enough for me...even though the moment turns ewwww. And what to say about "A Very Supernatural Christmas", that is my number 1 and always will be. I agree with you Ardeo, Madge & Edward are the best villains. I love when he says "Sweet Peter on a popsicle stick", ha! :D It's like Christmas just threw up in that house.