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Editor's Note: In case you hadn't yet heard this important piece of American trivia, today is National Tell A Joke day in the U.S.A! Since it's also a Thursday, which signifies Throw-Back-Thursday in social media, it seemed appropriate to pull out Karen's magnificent ode to Supernatural's favorite jokester, the Trickster!  

When this article was originally published on March 5, 2010, it was run as pure poetry without the interuption of the associated images of each scene. I thought we could have some fun with it today by adding appropriate pictures for each stanza, only instead of me doing it, I would turn creative control over to you for a day! Pop over to WFB's Photo Gallery and pick the pictures you'd like to see in each verse. You do not have to choose the most obvious choice of the scene being referenced. You know Supernatural! Is there another scene that also illustrates or is funny given the lines? Note the exact episode name and picture number (hover over or click the image) in the comments below. I added verse numbers as a reference. I'll choose the best option if there are multiple offerings for each verse and slowly add them over the next few days. Have fun looking through images of some of the funniest episodes in Supernatural's history! Too much work? Then just enjoy the artistry of the poem and picture the action in your mind!


Ode to the Trickster

1 Oh Trickster you're a crafty one.
Creating chaos and mischief just for fun.
Playing deadly pranks on the unexpected.
Usually the high and mighty are selected.
2 You are known to be immortal, a spirit or a God.
Taking on any form and creating a facade.
Along with your murderous sense of humour.
Your passion for sweets makes you quite the consumer.
3 We first met you on a routine case.
When a professor took a nose dive from his office space.
Making it look like a haunting of a female ghost.
Seeking revenge on those who deserved it most.
4 Then you had this case take a different turn.
Having Aliens take student Curtis to study and learn.
Where he was probed AGAIN and AGAIN, much to his dread.
And subjected to an alien slow dance, listening to Lady in Red.
5 And to make this case a real head shaker.
You took a research scientist to meet his maker.
Killed by an alligator in the sewer, just for kicks.
Feeling justified since the victims were all dicks.
6 I'm sure you were delighted adding to the brothers confusion.
Igniting their bickering, accusations and wrong conclusions.
With Dean drunk on purple nurples with a girl name Starla.
And Sam all bitch faced not having time for his blah blah blah-blah.
7 Dean stuffing his mouth full of sweets, unable to refrain.
And Sam hugging Curtis's room mate, acknowledging his pain.
Adding a missing computer and the Impala's tires deflation.
They summoned Bobby to help them solve the situation.
8 While retelling their tale and pointing the blame.
Bobby explained it was a Trickster behind this game.
The brothers acting like five year olds was Bobbys biggest clue.
And now with their heads out of their asses, they could see too.
9 So a scuffle was started between you and your new foes.
Along with your she-women and a man with a chainsaw in tow.
But finally Dean managed to stab you, with a wooden stake.
And the three happily left, not knowing you had sent in a fake.
10 Your paths crossed again, after about a year.
A professor went missing, foul play it would appear.
So the brother's came to town, to see what they could find.
Not knowing this deadly prank was your mastermind.
11 Asia's Heat Of The Moment had started Sam's day.
Also Dean s Rise and Shine Sammy! in his witty way.
Down at the local diner Dean ordered Tuesday's Pig-n-a-Poke   
And the waitress brought them coffee, but the hot sauce fell and broke.
12 Dean wanted to hunt down Bela, but they just didn't have squat.
Only a lead on the professor at the Brower County Mystery Spot.
So they snuck in after hours, but the place was spirit free.
Then a voice came out of nowhere, "You robbing me?" 
13 The owner was standing terrified with his rifle aimed at Dean.
While trying to calm him, the gun went off, for which he didn t mean.
Sam ran to Dean and watched him die, while cradled in his arms.
And then suddenly there was the click of the motel's clock alarm.
14 From that time on you had poor Sam relive that tragic day.
But each time having Dean succumb in a different way.
Being hit by a car, crushed under a desk, "Does this taco taste funny to you?" 
Choking on a sausage, slipping in the shower, just to name a few.
15 Electrocuted and sliced with an axe, like a butcher's cleaver.
And attacked and killed by Cujo disguised as a Golden retriever.
No matter how hard Sam tried to have Wednesday come along.
You would send him back awaking to that damn Asia song.
16 But Sammy saw your syrup slip from maple to strawberry.
He confronted you with a stake in hand and a mood far from merry.
You agreed to let them go, and quickly snapped yourself away.
And Sam was so ecstatic, now that it was finally Wednesday.
17 But this happiness would not last, as your prank was not fulfilled
And once again, you SOB, you had Dean shot and killed.
Sam turned his mind to hunting , becoming robotic and routine.
But what was really heart breaking were the dinners set out for Dean.
18 After a deceitful meeting you warned Sam that he needed to move on.
Sam pleaded to have his brother back, and with a snap you were gone.
Sam woke again to Wednesday, with Dean alive and well.
And after a much needed hug, they finally left the motel from hell.
19 It would be two years, before your next meet.
And what you had in store for them, nothing could out beat.
A murder by the Incredible Hulk was your carrot on the stick.
And leaving plenty of candy wrappers, so they would catch on quick.
20 You staged an incident, to draw them out to an old mill.
So they would go inside, and you could start getting your thrill.
For they entered into a hospital, dressed in doctor's coats.
Dean realized they're in a TV show, one he secretly devotes.
21 A nurse approaches Sam and proceeds to slap his face.
Calling him a Brilliant Coward encouraging his next case.
Dean was confronted by Dr. Sexy, but he realized it was you.
They had 24 hours to play your game, before you'd listen too.
22 A man approached Dean about the surgery for his wife.
Dean said no, then got shot, and was now fighting for his life.
Sam operated and saved Dean by using his own tools.
Next they were in the game show Nutcracker, looking like fools.
23 Standing on platforms with their feet strapped to boots.
With a metal poll with a ball on top, aimed for their family troops.
And with a question asked in Japanese, Sam could not transpire.
So time ran out, the metal bar rose up and Sam now talks an octave higher.
24 Castiel showed up and tried to free them from their current blight.
"Mr. Trickster does not like pretty boy Angels ," so was tossed from sight.
Now it was Dean s turn for a question, with his troops being risked.
He played along, he answered right, and to a commercial they were whisked.
25 "I have genital herpes," Sam was forced to say he had.
With Dean's encouraging, to play along with this commercial ad.
Live in front of a studio audience they were now in a cheesy show.
They even did the opening credits, with a catchy song in tow.
26 Castiel managed to return, looking like he lost the fight.
Warning that you were too powerful, that things just weren't right.
You taped up Castiel's mouth and vanished him away.
Now Dean is pissed, he's had enough and refusing now to play.
27 It was then you informed them, what you were aiming for.
Wanting them to say Yes to the angles they abhor.
Since they had freed Lucifer, they must take on this endeavour.
And until they did agree, they would stay in TV land forever.
28 With a snap of a finger they are now at a CSI crime scene.
Wearing cool shades, sighting corny lines, playing it to the extreme.
And after some careful maneuvering, Sam stabbed you from behind.
With you gone, they were freed and no longer being confined.
29 Back at the hotel, Dean noticed that Sam had disappeared.
Transformed into the Sampala, things couldn't get more weird.
After some thought, the lights came on, it all became so clear.
That it was not a Trickster, they had been dealing with here.
30 So they cried Uncle, just to draw you out.
Trapping you in holy fire, giving them some clout.
Leaving you no choice, but to come clean.
You re an archangel, who had left your family scene.
31 "They call me Gabriel," You made your introduction.
You had fled years ago, due to your family's self-destruction.
Dean advised that with family, you take the good with the bad.
And it was time to take a side and standup to your Dad.
32 With Castiel safely returned, they freed you from the fire.
Leaving you to think about, what's your true desire.
And make a decision whether you re a friend or a foe.
But only time will tell, which way you're willing to go.


# Jasminka 2010-03-05 17:31
I couldn't help it - I had to take a look at this before I get to sleep, I haven't had the chance to read any of the other - undoubtedly - great pieces over the past days...

Lovely, Karen! This is an amazing ballad, thank you.

I love the Trickster. I love to be mad at him and to wish him to hell.... What an excellent, fun villain...
This was a lot of work... Hail thee....o Bard of the North!

Love Jas

P.S: what exactly is pig in a poke?
# zafti 2010-03-05 19:29
Excellent work! How you manage all those rhyming couplets is beyond me . . .
Jas, a pig in a poke is a pancake wrapped around a breakfast sausage.
# Sablegreen 2010-03-05 20:04
Wonderful Karen. You are amazing. How well all of this goes together. Loved it!
# ElenaM 2010-03-05 20:14
:D Love it!! You've got a really fun and clever way with words. Hellatus may have got me but thanks to you all it's not so bad!
# Randal 2010-03-06 11:17
Verily, I must profoundly pontificate upon your precocious powers of poesy. That last line, a surreptitious nod to another Asia tune? :D
# Ardeospina 2010-03-06 11:53
Great Ode, Karen! I love the Trickster, Gabriel now, I guess, and you really did him justice here with your verse.

Jas, as far as breakfast goes, zafti answered that, but the saying dates back to a con from the Middle Ages when someone would offer to sell you a suckling pig in a bag, or poke, but when you purchased it and opened it, there was a cat in the bag. So says Wikipedia anyway.
# Bevie 2010-03-06 12:43
That was an awesome and fun versification Karen!

I too love the Trickster (or Gabriel). My favourite fun villain. (hoping he will be an ally before the end of the season).
# Jasminka 2010-03-06 18:43
zafti and Ardeospina, thank you both for explaining that to me. I have a strange feeling of déjà-vu right now (as in: did we speak about this before??)...

Perhaps I'll try this should I find it on some menu,ha... Ardeospina, so ít's also an idiom... Love the wordplay... In German it's 'die Katze im Sack kaufen'.

Thanks! Jas
# Supernarttu 2010-03-07 13:31
Wow, Karen. This is so awesome :-)

I love the Trickster too, and this is a perfect homage!

Thank you, our sweet Bard :-)
# Suze 2010-03-08 06:46
:lol: :lol: :lol: Well done, Karen! And the return of the weird sausage questions ... Deep joy. We call it Toad in the Hole over here, which is probably prophetic considering what's supposed to actually go into some sossies. ;-)
# Karen 2010-03-08 22:53
Hi Everyone

I just love the Trickster/Gabri el and these three episodes.
They are definitely my top three in the comedy group of episodes.
I had a lot of fun working on this, however I have to admit it was quite the challenge to keep it scaled down. There was so much material to work with.
And Narcissus there were times I would of liked the Trickster to throw me out the window.
I’m with all of you and hope the Trickster/Gabri el will side with Team Free Will.
What a great ally he would make. I could only imagine what ridiculous and hilarious situations he would put Michael and Lucifer thru.

Zafti and Ardeospina thanks for the explanation of the Pig in a Poke.
I think Jas is right, that this was discussed before, but I couldn’t remember what it was either.
Leslie92708 Welcome and thank you for coming out of the lurker world to comment.
I also hope Jessie will come back as an ally as well.

Randal the line ‘Only time will tell’ was strictly coincidental. I was not thinking of the Asia song at all. Either that or a supernatural force was at work. Muhahahaha.:twisted:

Thank you all for your support and comments.