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There was some talk at a recent Supernatural convention in Jacksonville that Sam and Dean should run for president. I wouldn’t say an official candidacy was announced, but shirts were made, so that makes it a legitimate possibility in my book. One convention goer even offered to be a part of the Winchester cabinet...and that got me thinking; What would it be like to be a member of a Winchester White House? Being selected to be part of the brothers’ inner circle could be pretty interesting. In fact, if you were looking for someone to legitimately “clean house,” our boys would make ideal candidates for the job.

Here’s my take:

The Leadership

President - Sam 


He’s logical, focused, TALL, and generally does not get rattled...even when he’s being tortured. (And he seems to get tortured a lot!)

Vice President - Castiel

SN1313a 0144b

Cas would make a great Veep, mostly because...well...Veeps generally don’t do much. (Hopefully that changes soon. Fingers crossed for you, Castiel.)

Secretary of Defense - Dean

12.05 0608 Dean

With his special set of skills, I see Dean as an especially effective, hands-on Secretary of the Defense. He would initially move operations to the bunker where military personnel would receive hunter training in the backwoods of Kansas.

Speaker of the House - Crowley

SPN 0764

Crowley could play both sides of the isle. With style.

Press Secretary - Jody Mills

wayward sisters jody supernatural s13e10

If there is anyone who could get past any media B.S. and explain things in a cut-and-dry fashion, it’s Officer Mills.

Department of Education - Jack

SN1417b 0094b2 07

I once heard that the best way to learn something is to teach it...and Jack still has a lot to learn.

Head of the Environmental Protection Agency  - Rowena

SN1414A 0049b

Pretty sure Rowena could take care of any threats to the natural world. Especially from her current vantage point. (It pays to have friends in low places. Like, really low.)

Country Ambassadors - Bobby, Donna and Charlie 

            Bestforlast        SPN 0237        charliesmile

They could each do some recon and identify foreign governments who might be currently run by tricksters, gens or wraiths. At least then Sam would know what he was really dealing with...and handle it.

The Message


Overall, I think the biggest plus of having Winchesters in the White House would be their ability to separate honest policy makers from the cheaters.  They could put a devil’s trap under the rug in the oval office, invite individual members of Congress to meet with them, and perform exorcisms where necessary. It would certainly give Cas something useful to do. (Can you imagine him in his full-blown Constantine glory?) Then they could salt all entry-ways to important government buildings. Much of the problem, solved!

The Results

SPN 0908
Once they got used to the new leadership, I think the American people would have a lot of confidence in their government. I imagine our boys would have a lot of influence...on other people...a lot of the time... (Hang on. Let me rephrase.) As leaders, Sam, Cas, and Dean have always modeled cooperation, inclusion, generosity and devotion, so their constituents would practice these things as well--and that would benefit the country. Of course, there would likely be a challenge from Lucifer to the Sam-Cas re-election campaign, but we would not be fooled. After experiencing a Winchester Presidency, voters would be able to recognize that Luci is only out to do what is good for him, not other people.

The Takeaway

Annette Prez close up sm
While we all know (well most of us) that fictional characters can not be elected to public office, it is possible that you may find a few of Sam, Dean or Cas’s leadership qualities in an actual, real-life presidential candidate. Need a refresher on what you could do to get someone like our heroes elected? Here is an unbiased, educational explanation of the American candidacy and election process. (The Disclaimer: It is not our website’s intention to try to sway your vote in real elections, so if you don't want to see real politics, don't stray from the linked page.)  

The Challange

A few friends and I came up with these “Winchester White House” scenarios. What are your ideas? Who would you want to see in the various offices? What would Sam, Dean and Cas do with their power if they took over the White House?  What would you choose to be their campaign pictures? 

-- Penny Fie

Convention photos courtesy of SPNConGirl.