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 Are you ready for part four of the Christmas story? If you missed the opening chapters of this year's Christmas in the bunker with the Winchesters, you'll want to go back to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 before continuing. After this we have still one part to go.

 The original idea for this story was to make it ready before Christmas day but unfortunately that didn't come to pass. Sometimes I plan too many things to do and I realize that there is only so much you can do in a day. I didn't have a holiday (vacation time) to finish it but so much was already done. I decided just to relax, keep the idea for the story in mind and slowly let it reveal itself. That was good as I could fully focus on it and write all that was needed. So finally we have arrived at the part that is my favorite.

Ruins low

As a video I chose one where fan/fans have made a ginger bread bunker. It is pretty awesome.




It's a Supernatural Life



A tree fell on Sam and everything went bonkers. Or did it?

Chapter 4

Sam ran but stopped when he saw a middle aged man run into the clearing. There were two men and three women running after him and they were all coming towards Sam. Sam dodged behind a tree, leaned on it then waited while pulling his machete slowly up from his belt. As the escapee ran past the tree, Sam stepped in between him and the ones who were chasing him. Two of the persuers hissed at him with vampire teeth. Sam did not wait to dispatch them. He swung his machete, slicing through the two necks. Two heads dropped down; the third one followed shortly after Sam had swiftly stabbed the body.

The last two survivors, male and female flashed black eyes at him. Sam's eyes widened and he took a step back. He might have reacted because of how they looked but that was not the reason. The female demon host was clearly dead; the same could be said about the male - the first having a scar on her neck that was half way through and clearly had been lethal, while the male had half of his face ripped away so that his skull bones were showing.

Sam: K-k-Kevin?... What --
Kevin: You knew my host? Well, that's a kicker. Too bad. I'm Astaror and I have been in him a while. Maybe... You want to join him?
Sam: Wait! This is not right. H-hhold on! Your mom... How...
Kevin: Haha, she's dead. I killed her. You really have been out of the loop.

Sam tried to regain his bearings fast even though he was almost in shock. He was stretching his arm like that would stop the duo from advancing towards him and killing him. This was a nightmare. Had to be. How could Kevin be here and like this?

Kevin: Or, maybe our lord would want to have another pet? What do you think?

The female demon gave a deep throat cackle to that because that was probably the only thing she could do. Meanwhile Sam had reached for his phone and he clicked on the exorcism from it. He dropped it and attacked both of them. This was not his friend and while he did not know what was going on he would stop both of them. Kevin needed to have peace.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus,
omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,
omnis congregatio et secta diabolica."

Both demons tried to reach the phone but they needed to get past Sam first and he fought both like his life depended on it. Hell, not only his life but also the one's they were hunting. Luckily the man was not running anymore. He dashed to pick up the phone and took it further holding it up. The demons screamed and snarled and they did their best to try to get to the phone but no avail. Sam was always between them and it. His defiance finally brought results and the demons evacuated the hosts and they returned to hell as the black smoke they were. Sam was out of breath but he did it.

Man: You did it. Their gone!

Kevin's body dropped dead on the ground and so did the female's. The survivor walked beside him and handed Sam his phone. Sam was still out of breath and his hand was shaky. Now that things were quiet he took some deep breaths and calmed himself. He took his phone and put it in his pocket. Then he turned to the man. He was getting bald and wore clothes that looked like he was a bum. The stranger snatched a rainbow colored sour belt candy and popped it into his mouth. Sam blinked at him.

Man: Low blood sugar.
Sam: WHAT is going on? Did you see my brother out there? He was here with me.
Man: I saw no-one... Why are you out after dark? You know that is dangerous..
Sam: Dangerous?
Man: Yes... Are you alright? Do you belong to the battalion?
Sam: Battalion?.. Wait... I have no idea what you are talking about.
Man: Well, you can fight, defend yourself and they are close by. And you are a human and armed. That was also pretty clever with the exorcism.

Sam's face turned more clueless the more the man talked.

Man: You really have no idea what is going on, do you? Right then... Come with me if you want to live.
Sam: No, I have to find my brother.
Man: He is probably there too. Now come on. We need to get to safety.
Sam: No, I can't leave without him. He is out here somewhere.
Man: LOOK, we got to go now or we die. There is no time to argue.

Sam looked around and sighed. The victim had a point. Sam stretched his arm towards him and Gab offered him his hand.

Sam: Fine... I'm Sam.
Man: You can call me Gab.


City low


Sam shook his hand.

Sam: We still need to burn their bodies first. I can't leave them this way.
Gab: Look, we have no time. We will have the patrols on us any minute now.
Sam: Fire would distract them would it not? The bodies burn and we escape while they check the bonfire out. And the bodies could not be possessed anymore.

Sam eyed around and noticed an abandoned car close by. He immediately went to retrieve some gasoline from it. Gab just spread his arms and dropped them down. Resigned, he went to drag the bodies and lay some wood under them. When they worked together, piling up the bonfire was pretty fast. Sam sprayed the bodies and wood with gasoline and then made a gas fuse for it so that they could be long gone before the bad guys arrived.

Sam: I will find out what is going on Kevin. I promise.

He muttered, lit the matches and dropped them on the ground. The fuse lit and they ran away while the bonfire flamed full blast. Immediately they could hear angry yelling drawing closer to the fire. Gab headed to the other side of the forest. Sam cautiously followed him. The forest had gone wild so they needed to go over and under some obstacles. Sam's mind was wildly trying to solve this puzzle. He also checked his phone to see if he could call Dean but of course it didn't work. The signal was non-existent. Hell, he didn't even know if cellphone towers were up and running.

Sam: Let’s play that I don't know anything about what has happened so can you give it to me straight?
Gab: How far do I need to go? It’s year of our lord 2016.
Sam: ... Uh, well. When did this start?
Gab: Well, there are many legends, stories and rumors about it. But for sure I can say that this all started about seven or so years ago with the heavenly battle. Welcome to the time after Judgement day.
Sam: No, no I... It was prevented.
Gab: Yeah, I wish that was true pal.

Sam couldn't believe this was happening. This had to be a nightmare or maybe a Djinn got him. Nah, this was not what he wanted... Not by a long shot so it couldn't be a djinn. Or wait, he did tell his mother that everything would be better if he did not exist. Sam sighed and looked up to the dark sky. Is that it? Was this happening because of what he said? How is that possible? If it was a djinn, Dean would surely get him out of this.

Gab: Prevented? Hah! Tell that to Lucifer. He won the battle. Struck his brother down with his wrath. But that was not all. He loathes everyone, everything, but humanity... We were a thorn on his spine. He wanted to make us suffer and with the Croatoan virus and bringing our enemies together he is succeeding. He even has mother of all monsters by his side. She is making new monsters all the time from humans.

Those were just the words Sam didn't want to hear. Everything was like he feared and so much more. The forest was getting thicker. They needed to go over fallen trees and crouch under the branches.

Sam: Enemies? And Eve is alive? Great...
Gab: Monsters... They all came together. Every day we are  hunted and killed or worse. Humankind is almost extinct.
Sam: I can't believe this...
Gab: Yeah well, we don't have that luxury. Lucifer and his bossy are the worst.
Sam: But wait... If I am gone then... who...
Gab: Hmm? What?.. Alright, we're here.


Gate low


Gab had no time to ask more about what Sam said before they reached an entrance to the sewers just outside the forest. They stepped in and two soldiers stepped out from the shadows and pointed their guns at Sam. They looked very gruff and unamused about strangers. Sam lifted his hands up and Gab stepped in front of him to protect him.

Soldier 1: Hold it!
Gab: Woah, woah, woah! He is cool. He saved me. See.

Gab tossed some holy water on Sam's face from the vial he had in his pocket and salt followed right after it. Nothing happened. Sam shook his head and his hair flung from side to side. Gab also took out a silver dagger and Sam's hand making a cut on it. This inspection was everyday life nowadays.

Sam: Ow! Hey! Thanks...

The second soldier scanned him with a machine and he nodded.

Soldier 2: Neither bugs nor worms. No parasites.
Woman: Stand down Viper and Stash. Welcome to the New Hope hunter.

From the shadows a woman stepped out. She was carrying M4A1 assault rifle in her hands and if Sam didn't know better she looked just like Sarah Connor from Terminator but she was actually someone way better. Sam was face to face with Jody Mills, or at least a different version of her. She had a long scar going down from her right eye to her torso. It was covered with an eyepatch. The kindness Sam knew from Jody's eyes was not there. Her face was cold and emotionless. Also everyone was dirty and unclean in this place.

Sam: Jody! It's me!

Jody eyed him up and down.

Jody: Who? Do I know you?
Sam: I'm Sam. Don't you remember me?
Jody: Look kid. I don't know who you are but you are safe here if you like. It is dangerous out there at night. You got guts or you are insane to be out there at this hour.
Sam: I... Well, I am a friend of Bobby Singer. You know him?
Jody: The town drunk? Haven't heard his name in many years. After that monster killed him.
Sam: Yeah, Dick Roman...
Jody: Who?
Sam: Wait, he wasn't killed by him?

Jody seemed to lose her patience a little bit.

Jody: No, he was betrayed and killed by Lucifer and now he is one of the seven. He is one of them.

Sam rubbed his forehead. This was literally a nightmare. He couldn't help but worry about Dean and where he ended up in this twisted dream.

Sam: One of them?..
Jody: High ranking demons lead by Cain. Everyone knows this. Where have you been? Under a rock?
Gab: I think he has hit his head or something. I have seen him fight. He does it the old way.
Sam: Has anyone else come this way today? A man that looks like a male model?
Jody: No, just you. But, now I have business to attend to. Gab will show you to a fire. Nights get pretty cold around here.
Gab: This way.
Sam: I really should...
Gab: Rest. It is safer in the morning.

Sam sighed and gently grabbed a hold on Jody's arm. Jody turned and narrowed her eyes a bit.

Sam: Ma'am, if you come across him will you notify me? He is my brother.
Jody: I will, I can see you are very worried about him.
Sam: Thank you.

The soldiers let them pass and they let Sam keep his machete and gun. Sam sighed. He would rather wake up from this nightmare. He followed Gab inside and they closed the gate behind them. There were a lot of survivors in the sewers, even children. Rats were running beside the walls and clothes were drying up on the ropes crossing the halls. Gab guided them to a corner with a fire and they covered themselves in blankets. Sam sat down and stared into the fire.


Cewers1 low


Gab: She was not like this before, you know. She had a family and she was a sheriff. Then all this happened.

Sam glanced at Gab.

Gab: Everyone here has done horrible things, even me. Jody... I think something broke in her when she needed to shoot her zombie son after he killed her husband. She was never the same after that.
Sam: She needed to... Of course... I wasn't there to do it...
Gab: Huh?
Sam: Nothing...

The situation was bleak. Sam was getting frustrated from the whole affair. Everything was different and everyone he knew was gone or had died in even more horrible ways. A shiver went down his spine. He had a feeling the worse was still to come. Was Dean also? No, he did not want to think about it.

Sam: What about the angels?
Gab: The angels? HA! They don't care about us. They orchestrated this whole thing because they thought their Golden Boy would win the fight in the end. Now there are few angel rebels left fighting their own fight against Lucifer.
Sam: Great...
Gab: Angels are no better than demons. Jody met this "Castiel" once that is the leader. Emotionless killing machine like the rest of them.

It made Sam crouch even more. So, even Cas was different. Hearing his name had lifted a little spark of hope to Sam's eyes but it went away immediately when he heard the rest. Jody walked and sat down beside the fire. She checked her weapon, cleaned it and then lowered it.

Jody: The angels are monsters too. I have lost... a lot of good people because of them.

Jody snatched some dry beef and she took a bite from it. She handed one to Sam but he shook his head.

Sam: Thanks but I'm not hungry.
Jody: You sure?
Sam: Yeah.

Jody handed one to Gab instead. He shook his head and took out an old chocolate bar from his pocket and showed it.

Gab: I'm cool.

Jody: We had Cain cornered once and we were ready to trap him. Our tech had designed a weapon that could do that but before we could trap him Castiel arrived and blasted the place killing everyone. Well, Cain escaped of course. Our tech... She was just a child and they killed her. Fighting was not her strongest point. Our clairvoyant Missouri died in the same attack. First thing she did not see. But like many, Charlie, Missouri and the others didn't deserve what was coming for them. None of us did.

Gab: For us!

Gab lifted his whiskey flask to Jody and then took a sip from it. Jody wiped the corner of her eye when she could see their faces in her mind. Sam felt nauseous. The strikes kept coming his way and he really couldn't handle any more of them. Every word he might hear could be another strike for his heart - how everything had gone wrong.

Sam: I'm beat. I think I will hit the sack if that's alright?

Jody nodded and Sam layed down. He covered himself fully with the blanket while he hoped from the bottom of his heart that he would wake up back in his world. His thoughts were also with Dean and if he could handle himself. At least Sam hoped that with every fiber of his being. He promised himself that he would find Dean tomorrow. At the moment though, this was beginning to be worse than his time in hell. Everyone he loved seemed to be dead or worse, and those that were alive, "if" they were alive, were in even worse states. Sam stared at the camp fire while the flames danced on his face until he drifted to un-peaceful sleep.

*Sam, Sammy!*

The yell was heard in Sam's mind. It was Dean. Sam saw snow surrounding him and then everything turned to flames around him.

*How could you do this?*

Sam twisted and turned in his sleep. He saw weird flashes of history he had not experienced. People he knew killing other people that they shouldn't have. Lucifer's squad killing people and the Croatoan virus going rampant. The last blow to Adam and how Michael's wings were ripped out of his back. He experienced all the horror from this timeline but one thing he did not see. Dean was a no show. That filled Sam with dread. Did that mean that Dean had died long ago? That almost broke Sam's spirit. That one thought.

His lips repeated only one name while he was seeing this nightmare.

Sam: I'm Sam Winchester... I'm Sam... Winchester. I am Sam... W...

Without his knowing, his dreams had betrayed him. He got a sharp blow to his gut from the back of Jody's gun. The sharp yell that followed would have awakened any one of them up.

Jody: Get up! Traitor!

Sam sat up in a sleepy blur that left him pretty fast. He was staring at the barrel of Jody's gun.

Sam: What?..
Jody: Winchester? You are a freaking Winchester! Under my roof!

Jody smacked Sam on his face with the handle again.

Jody: Stand up! NOW!

Sam: Jody stop! What is going on? I have done nothing.

Jody: Don't even call me by my name again. You think we didn't find out who Michael really was? Who was Lucifer's sword? If you think that then you are greatly mistaken.

Sam stood up. He had never seen such rage on Jody's face as he did now. Gab was also violently wakened by two soldiers and he stood up when they pulled him up pretty roughly. Jody made her gun ready as she was willing to shoot Sam then and there.

Gab: He's a Winchester? Jody, I did not know!
Sam: Nonono, stop! I don't understand what is going on!
Jody: Hah, you're kidding right? How convenient it is for you to fake amnesia when your family destroyed us all.
Sam: No, we hunt and save people... We are...
Jody: Save people... Seriously?
Sam: Just TELL me?!

Jody let out a dry laugh and she tilted her head going serious while clicking the gun ready.

Jody: How could you not know that Dean Winchester destroyed the world by killing his half-brother?

Sam stepped back and his mouth went open. It was like he was hit on his gut all over again but this time by a sledgehammer.

Sam: Wait... You are telling me that he is...
Jody: Lucifer.

Right there and then Sam threw up as a strong reaction to what he just heard. It was so unimaginable. Jody tried to press the gun barrel on his temple but he took a hold of it immediately. He turned it to the side while it went off and with his other hand he swung at Jody and hit her right in her jaw. Sam did it only to knock her out of course because he really didn't want to hurt Jody, not even this version.

Gab took the opportunity and he punched one of the soldiers and pushed the other to the ground. Then both fled towards the exit of the sewers. They could hear Jody yelling "Get them!" to her men but they did not stop to find out how close their pursuers were. They pushed through all the guards and then just walked calmly through the opening acting normally. Gab only said that they were heading out for patrol. But when they were cleared and they passed to safety they dashed to the places unknown.


Sam low


It was just the morning hours. They both ran like the devil was behind them to the nearby woods and beyond until they found a few discarded motorbikes near a bar. Sam checked them out.  One was usable. They had stayed one step ahead of Jody's squad that was searching for them. Sam pulled one motorbike up and he headed off with Gab sitting behind him. He drove all the way to Bobby's place but it was abandoned a long time ago and in ruins. Sam stopped the bike and dismounted. He looked at his foster father's place and sighed. Gab had already jumped off and snatched a lollipop from his pocket, removed the wrapper and put it in his mouth.


Motorbike1 low


Gab: What are you searching from here Sam? Redemption? Your family? Whatever it is you will find out that things are much, much worse than you can even imagine. You saved me and I saved you. I think our roads parts here.

Sam wiped his hand over his face. Then he looked at Gab who gave a small nod at him. Sam narrowed his eyes. Gab moved the sweet from side to side and he folded his arms.

Sam: The worse already happened if it is true. My brother is gone.
Gab: What do you think is happening here? What answers do you seek?
Sam: I must go where it all ended. I need to see it for myself.
Gab: You mean Stull cemetery?
Sam: Yes... Maybe that will end this.
Gab: You don't know the forces that are out there. You can't just go there alone.
Sam: I have made up my mind. It was nice to meet you Gab.
Gab: You are not going there alone, Bucko. Somebody needs to be there to save your behind.


Stull low


Gab sat back on the motorbike with Sam in front of him. Sam was in no mood to argue. Gab kept staring at him. Sam was just starting the motor when he suddenly blinked and turned it off again. He stepped away from the bike. Gab's eyes followed his movement.

Gab: What?
Sam: I get it now... I first thought it was a Djinn that had done this or it was a curse or something but this "dream" is way too detailed.
Gab: So?
Sam: Then you. You seemed to have an answer to everything. You knew what buttons to push with me. Also you have a really unhealthy obsession with sweets, don't you think?

Gab folded his arms and he stared at Sam.

Sam: The answer was right in front of me all along.

Sam rolled his tongue in his mouth and he grinned shaking his head. He was mad as hell. Then he snatched his gun fast from the back of his pants and he shot Gab right in the middle of his head. The shot echoed in the clearing while Sam stared coldly at the man. Gab did not fall and the shot on his head closed pretty fast though his face was full of annoyance.

Gab: Ow! MESSY! Now why did you go and do that Sam?
Sam: I should have known. Trickster or sorry... Gabriel. I thought you were dead?

Gab turned to his original form and stood up from the bike clapping his hands.

Gabriel: Well played... But you still have not learned anything my young padawan.

Gabriel grinned with his usual playful grin but Sam's face was not amused. He pointed his gun at Gabriel again and he pulled out his machete too. Sam was more than pissed.

Sam: Change it back. NOW.
Gabriel: Or you'll do what? You can't harm me with those Sam.
Sam: Watch me.

Both figures stood still and their shadows lingered in the ruins. The scene was like from an old western movie show down where the town clock was ticking to the ultimate end. Where would their roads lead now and what would happen next. Only time will tell.


Bobby low


See you in Part 5!

 If you missed the opening chapters of this story of Christmas in the bunker with the Winchesters, you'll want to go back to read Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 before continuing.

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