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We are on our way to season 12, so to pass the time during this Hellatus join me for a look at the "other" Supernatural - the Supernatural: Animation series! If you would like to catch up with the earlier articles, you can check them out here: PART 1, PART 2 and Part 3.

For each animated episode, I will give a short introduction then give a few words of what I think about them. Nate shared links for his reviews in the first article so I will add links for these episodes as well after each introduction. Give them a peek! Also YellowEyedSam continues to offer comparison videos between episodes from the show and anime. Thank you Nate and Y.E.S.!

The whole Jared and Jensen interview - Supernatural The Animation 


13. What Lives in the Lake

Episode13 1

“Personal growth centers on two types of people, the ones we like and the ones that drive us crazy.”  ― Auliq Ice 

Episode 13 is an anime-original episode. There is something stirring the waters in Louisiana. The boys are driving by when their car breaks down. They stop to eat and they hear about the demonic omens and activities that have occurred around town. People have not been hurt in any way which is pretty peculiar. The creature ends up to be a harmless and friendly “Kappa” as the Japanese call it that lives in the lake. It only takes some food to eat as a cost for its protection. All’s well that ends well and the creature lives to see another day. Sam and Dean can’t be right all the time.

Curious original case with an unknown monster, I liked how the story was unique and different and that the monster was no threat at all to anyone. Worst case scenario when rumors turn the situation ugly. Wild imagination and prejudice are not a good combination if the result gets the peaceful creature killed. Sam and Dean also stumble on three people that reminded me of the Ghostfacers. This episode also had a huge “cast” which was presented really well all through the story.

four stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester


Episode13 cast


Toby: Mike, are you getting the chitters? You are not backing out are you Mike?
Mike: No way unless you are wimping out Toby. Make sure you don’t scream “mommy” too loud when you see the thing.
Timmy: Knock it out both of you.
(Sorry, I had to. The chitters remark made be crack up)
Sam: I don’t know. I think that those people are having a hard time buying it.
Dean: Can you blame them? It may not be a demon but a spectre that saves humans that’s weird. Things I can’t figure out either. What caused the signs if it wasn’t a demon? What caused the radio interference? And what about the horrible trout? If it wasn’t a demon how do you explain all of those signs?
Sam: There’s your answer right there.
What Lives in the Lake review by Nate Winchester

14. Reunion

Episode14 21

“Reunion reveals friendship potential that haven't yet been emerged in the past.” ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

This is a remake of the 1.20 "Dead Man's Blood". Sam and Dean are investigating a case of Daniel Elkins. He was killed and fully drained of his blood. It all leads to them finally being reunited with their father. John tells them about his friend and "The Colt", a gun that can kill anything. It vanished when Elkins died and is now in the wrong hands. The three Winchesters search for the Colt only to find that Gayle, their old acquaintance, has it. He is possessed by a demon. The Winchesters head forth together even though John wants to take care of the YED alone.

I don’t know what to say about this episode. A demon possessing a vampire was a twist but every fiber of my being fought against even the possibility that that could be done. The story was a mix of old and a lot of new elements that this time worked against the enjoyment of the episode. Maybe that was the one thing that shadowed the rest of the episode or maybe it was something else, but I really can’t give more than three stars to this episode.

Three stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

John Winchester

Episode14 cast


Sam: So we sit here like obedient dogs?
Dean: Vuh!
John: That’s not the plan. I want you two to free the girl and get out of town.
Dean: What are you talking about? What about going after the demon?
Sam: You are not trying to do this alone, are you?
John: Discussions over.
Sam: Not this time it isn’t.
John: Shut up and do what I tell you to do.
Sam: Forget it! I am not doing it. Not this time dad. You pull us into this world and tell us to run away. Not a chance. We’re not kids anymore.
John: You’re my kids. Don’t ever forget that. – Now hurry up and get ready.
Reunion review by Nate Winchester

15. Devils Trap

Episode15 31

"We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell." ― Oscar Wilde

This is a remake of the 1.22 "Devil's Trap". The Winchesters have the Colt now and they have only three bullets left in it. They are going after the YED but they find Meg instead. John gets captured by the demon Terry. Sam snatches Dean inside the Impala and they run way. Meg stabs John while they are driving away. When they get to a safe place, Sam and Dean receive a call from a scared woman who says John got hurt and she is the cause of it. Meg tells them where they can find her, then the demon takes her over again. The boys are able to trick the demon at the start and find John and rescue him. They are too late, though, because he is possessed by the yellow-eyed-demon. Sam can’t shoot his father so YED escapes. An old friend comes to the rescue.

This was a solid episode pretty much and almost a mirror to the live-action episode. Things happened in a different setting but still they were almost identical. It was not as good as the original so it lingered in three stars territory. In the end, Bobby’s surprise save twisted the scale to a higher grade. The helicopter and Bobby taking fatherly care of a wounded Dean - No matter which actor does it, it makes me melt.

four stars

Main characters:

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester

John Winchester/YED
Meg Masters
Bobby Singer

Special appearance!


Episode15 cast

Dean: Sam, I know how you feel. Killing it, it’s not gonna bring mom or Jessica back.
Sam: After all we’ve been through. Why are you saying this to me now.
Dean: Because I don’t want to lose you too. – Sam, you and dad, You’re all I got left.
Sam: So you are the demon, you bastard.
John!YED: Yes I am. Nice to meet you. “Sam”
Sam: Why’d you do it? Why’d you kill mom and Jessica?
John!YED: Because I have a plan – a plan for you and other children just like you.
Something borrowed, Lilith

Lilith15 11


Supernatural Live action & anime: The crash

Devil’s Trap review by Nate Winchester

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