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300. That is a lot! By the time Supernatural filmed it's 300th episode, it was season 14! Jack had joined the cast and Jeffrey Dean Morgan came back for a touching reunion.

300 caption contests later, The Winchester Family Business is talking about Walker, doing retro Supernatural reviews, and still having a laugh at our favorite show.

When we celebrated our 200th caption contest, we chose winners based on the best captions for the 200th "CaptionThis!" game. This time for 300, we wanted to do a little something different, so WFB's editors selected the best and funniest captions from ALL the contests, from #201 to #300. Don't miss laughing, cringing or getting all warm and fuzzy with Alice's, Nightsky's and yours truly's favorites, whenever you need to lighten up a little! Then you, our faithful readers, voted on our 13 finalists to choose the top 3 prize winners! 

PRIZES: As a reminder, the three prizes to be distributed to the winners are:

Prize 1: The book There'll Be Peace When You Are Done, signed by author Lynn Zubernis

Prize 2:  Entertainment Weekly Ultimate Guide to Supernatural magazine

Prize 3: TV Guide Special Collector's Edition Supernatural Forever magazine

First place gets the first pick of our 3 prizes, 2nd place will pick from the remaining two, with 3rd place receiving the remaining prize. Note that we have email addresses for people registered on this site so if you're a winner, keep an eye out for us contacting you to select your prize and give us an address to mail it to you. If you haven't heard from us in the next two weeks, please send a message to alicej [at] jesterz [dot] net.

We want to thank everyone for participating! The voting was VERY close on the 3 winners!

The Winners!


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The best captions bring it all together. The framing of the shot is pretty funny to begin with, making it look like our towering hunters are little kids peeking over the counter with expressions that invite multiple interpretations. That's where the caption comes in, leading us to see Sam's face as one of terror and us to laugh at the thought of these two cowering in fear of a clown. Pithy and imaginative, this one is a full package and definitely earns its way to the top spot.


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But laughter can also be bittersweet, and yeah, it's STILL too soon. Dean trying to ward off tragedy by giving himself the same kind of warning he gave to his mother touched our fandom hearts. 


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Again, Sam's facial expression allows for so many possible set ups. The wonderful callback to one of the funniest moments from the episode "Changing Channels" makes us wince like Sam, imagining someone we like seeing us during one of our most embarrassing moments.

Thanks again to all you beautiful, wonderful, captioneers. You really do bring a smile to my face week after week. Play "CaptionThis!" each week to stretch your imagination, share the love with fellow SPNFamily members, and simply have fun! Here's to going on to #400!

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