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Happy you could join us for the second episode in the continuing saga of the Sockchester brothers!  If you missed the introduction to the Sockchester Supernatural fan fiction series, go back to the beginning and enjoy Socknatural - Episode 1, which takes place in Kenmore, Washington!  During this week's hunt, Sock Sam and Sock Dean learn that not all things still have their original label.

This time... it gets real.

The Sockchester Brothers’ Supernatural

Episode 2

Hinnom, Virginia

Sock Woman sits up and yawns.
Sock Woman: Honey? Can you get me some water?
She looks around at the room, which looks like the inside of a dresser. The space beside her is empty, the covers are rumpled and open.
Sock Woman climbs out of bed.
Sock Woman: Honey?
She walks down the hall to the nursery. The baby is crying.
She sees the silhouette of the Sock Man.
She pauses as she peers at him
Sock Woman: Honey? Are you? Are you inside-out? 
Sock Man picks up the baby as if to rock it: What’s wrong?
The baby sock continues crying.
Sock Woman recoils: That’s not your voice! Why don’t you have a gold toe? Who are you?
Sock Man: Go back to sleep.
Sock Woman: But…
The sock Man rushes out the door with the child. He’s gone in a blink.
Sock Woman: Honey? Honey!

Title Slide: The Sockchester Bros: Supernatural

The Cardboard Impala ™ is winding through some farm fields and past a few scruffy Gas and Sips that look like they’re mostly put together with cardboard and duct tape. Finally the car pulls up at a small diner and Sock Sam and Sock Dean get out, slamming their cardboard doors shut. A few missing persons flyers taped to the front window flutter in the wind.
Sock Sam: She wasn’t that into you, Dean.
Sock Dean: Oh yes she was. Why else did she come to that bar dressed in those fishnets and short skirt and long...long legs. Mmm!
Sock Sam shakes his head: Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Sock Sam and Sock Dean step inside the diner, which looks as run down on the inside as it did on the outside, patched together with duct tape and cardboard. Other patrons include an elderly couple holding hands across a table, a set of teenagers sharing some cheese fries, and three women sitting with laptops on the table before them.
Sock Dean: Her and some Busty Beauts. 
Sock Sam and Sock Dean are seated at a booth. Sock Dean glances around: So. Hinnom, Virginia. 
Sock Sam: Yeah, the local authorities are kind of stumped by this case. Children and their parents are going missing all over this area. Each spouse swears that their significant other looked…”different” right before they took them. Most recent case was Tony Gold and his baby Tory.  His wife, Victoria had to be hospitalized--she fainted and hasn’t recuperated since.  The cops are looking in dumpsters and wooded areas, but it’s like they completely disappeared. 
Sock Dean looks up to see the Sock Waiter with a pad and pen.
Sock Dean: Oh, uh, cheeseburger and fries for me with extra onions, followed by blueberry pie.
Sock Sam: I’ll just take a chicken sandwich. Thanks.
Sock Waiter moves to take the order to the kitchen.
Sock Dean: Okay, are you sure this is our kind of thing? I mean,  Amber Alerts track down dads or moms who run away with their kids. It happens all the time.
Sock Sam: Maybe, but the way they talk about their spouse acting ‘different’ makes me wonder.
Sock Dean: People always act different before they commit a crime. They go through all the motions in their mind first. It’s psychological.
Sock Sam: Where have you heard…?
Sock Dean: Shut up. 
Sock Sam gives Dean a look.
Sock Dean: Daytime TV. What? I get bored when you’re busy reading dusty books. Anyway, so you’re thinking…?
Sock Sam: I don’t know, it could be anything Werewolves, Shifters, Witches…
Sock Castiel: Demon.
Sock Sam and Sock Dean both start at Sock Cass suddenly sitting beside Sock Dean, near the window in the booth. His face is turned to look outside.
Sock Dean: Cass! Where have you been?
Sock Cass looks at Sock Sam and Sock Dean and lowers his voice: The angels are talking. They don’t like this town. There’s something very evil here. It makes even us shudder.
Sock Sam: You said a demon?
Sock Cass shook his head: Probably. Maybe an original.
Sock Dean: An original? What is that? Is that like Leviathans? You know, it really sounds like a TV show.
Sock Cass shook his head: Demons didn’t start with Lucifer, Dean. Lucifer is just one of the original demons. Over a third of the angels fell and joined him when he disobeyed God.
Sock Sam: Wait. They’re angels?
Sock Waiter returns with the guys’ meals and notices Cass: Oh, can I get something for you?
Sock Cass keeps staring across at Sock Sam: Water.
Sock Waiter moves on.
Sock Cass looks intently at Sock Sam and Sock Dean: They -were- angels. Now they are... vile. Incredibly strong. If there’s one here… 
Sock Cass clears his throat and tries to change the subject: Did you hear about the case in Tennessee? People there are turning blue.
Sock Sam eats his chicken sandwich: Cass, we’re not going to just leave this job. Besides, we’ve killed lots of angels and demons before. Angel blades should work, right?
Sock Cass looks out the window again: Maybe.
Sock Dean: Maybe? That’s all you’ve got? Maybe?
Sock Cass looks exasperated at the Sockchesters: I fought in the wars in Heaven for years. I’ve seen countless wounds from angel blades and swords, but Lucifer and the originals tapped the human souls they use as vessels. Lucifer as an archangel was invincible, we couldn’t even wear a hole in his heel with our blades. But the originals were unstoppable. Over forty of my brothers and sisters fell to slay just one of them. 
Sock Dean: Great, overpowered angels gone really bad. What does this have to do with our missing socks?
Sock Sam kicks Sock Dean: A baby was taken by his father from his crib, but the wife said he seemed "different". 
Sock Cass glanced at the other patrons in the diner: Original demons have a voracious appetite for the souls of children. This one has been seeding lust throughout this town for months now.
Sock Dean: What? How do you know?
Sock Cass leveled his gaze at Sock Dean: Every woman in this building is pregnant. 
Sock Sam and Sock Dean stare at Sock Cass. Food entirely forgotten.
Sock Waiter: Here’s your water. Is there anything else I can get for you?
Sock Sam and Sock Dean slowly shake their heads. The Sock Waiter walks off.
Sock Dean: How?
Sock Sam: You mean everyone here is making souls for this original demon? Even Granny Nester over there?
Sock Cass: Yes, Sam, she's two weeks along. Dean, women become pregnant through inter--
Sock Dean gestures with a fry at Cass: -Yeah! Yeah! I know. But how do you know they all have buns in the oven?
Sock Cass: I don't detect any pastries within this establishment's oven.
Sock Dean: No. How do you know the women here are all pregnant?
Sock Cass: Oh. They smell different. Like creation. Their fibers smell like anticipation. Like lamb’s wool about to be shorn, carded and spun into something new.
Sock Sam: Did you spend some time at a sheep farm or something?
Sock Cass: I spend a lot of time among sheep.
Sock Dean finishes a bite and puts in: No kidding.
Sock Cass: It just isn’t a good idea to be here. The longer you stay in Hinnom, the more you’ll be caught under this evil’s influence.
Sock Dean set down his burger: Lust? I won’t have a problem with that.
Sock Sam chokes on part of his sandwich.
Sock Cass: Your self-control is commendable, Dean, but even the strongest sheep can be led to the edge of a cliff and made to jump off.
Sock Dean: Again with the sheep!
Sock Sam: I guess that means we better find and gank this demon fast. Dean and I will go check out the house. Can you see if there’s anything else that can kill this original demon?
Sock Cass: I’ll ask my brothers if they remember and if any will help. But Sam, Dean, don’t expect a miracle. Above all, be careful. This enemy will knock your socks off, pull off your eyes, and tear you to pieces.
Sock Cass disappears and Sock Sam and Sock Dean blink their button eyes. 
Sock Waiter: And here’s your pie. Oh. Hey. Where'd your friend go?
Sock Dean: Probably halfway through Nevada. YOLO. Yeah?
Sock Waiter: Sure. I guess?

A modest two story house sits in a quaint, out of the way section of residential homes and rentals, right off the main street. The paint job is over fifteen years out of date, and crime scene tape covers the door.
Sock Dean keeps a lookout while Sock Sam produces a tiny safety pin. He pops the lock and cuts the tape to get them into the house.
Sock Sam and Sock Dean creep into the house and clear each room with their EMF sensors. 
They end in the nursery, but nothing seems awry.  
Sock Sam: So no ghosts. But I don’t see or smell any sulfur here either.
Sock Dean: So maybe it’s not the original demon who did this.
Sock Sam: Well, they’re different. Cass said they were once angels and angels don’t leave anything behind.
Sock Dean: Thank God. I don’t need angel glitter crap on my sleeve every time we see Cass.
Sock Sam chuckles and moves into the bathroom.
Sock Sam: Dean. Take a look at this.
Sock Dean: What? Hex bags?
Sock Dean follows Sock Sam into the bathroom.
Sock Sam: No.
Sock Sam nudges the trash basket over and a goopy sock falls out.
Sock Sam: It was a shifter.

The Cardboard Impala ™ turns into a motel parking lot and Sock Sam and Sock Dean get out. 
Sock Dean: So what is this? Shifters and Demons are playing nice together?
Sock Sam and Sock Dean move into their motel room. It also looks like a less homey version of the inside of a dresser. 
Sock Sam: Well, think about it, Dean. Their alpha is dead. The shifters are looking for another power to protect them. 
Sock Sam pulls his laptop from his bag and sits at the desk. In moments he’s got something.
Sock Sam: Check it out. The birthrate in this city has plummeted over the past year. 
Sock Dean: Maybe they discovered birth control tabs or rubber socks?
Sock Sam: ...and ten children are missing. In a tiny, unincorporated town. That’s unheard of. 
Sock Dean: Okay, so they’re bringing kids to this original demon and the shifters are what? The enforcers?
Sock Sam: I’m not even sure if the people of Hinnom know they’re being used as breeding sock, er stock. You saw those missing person flyers. A shifter could take the form of the father and walk out with the kid.
Sock Dean: Okay. You start sorting out the web and find what will kill this thing. I’ve got to check out the local wildlife.
Sock Sam sighed: They’re all going to be looking to sock hop. Half of them are probably already pregnant.
Sock Dean: Exactly.


Sock Sam holds a phone to his ear: Yeah, Bobby, he went out. I’ve already pinged his GPS, he’s still at the bar. I’ll make sure he gets back here tonight. Did you look into these original demons?
Sock Bobby: Well, pull your socks up. There’s lore from the book of Revelation. It speaks about a dragon, which is commonly thought of as the devil.
Sock Sam: Lucifer.
Sock Bobby: Yep, and his tail knocks a third of the stars out of the sky down to earth.
Sock Sam: Angels. Like Cass said. So how do we kill them?
Sock Bobby: I’d imagine an angel blade, but if they’re super-charged like Castiel says… it might take more than what you boys have.
Sock Sam: Well, we’re fresh out of archangel blades or wielders, and the Colt is missing. We could try Ruby’s knife. It kills normal demons.
Sock Bobby: Listen, you boys be careful out there. This ain’t something you wanna trifle with. One last thing, there are mentions throughout the New Testament about using Jesus’ name to drive them out of the vessel they’re possessing. It’s old. First century stuff. 
Sock Sam: But Christo rarely worked when we used it.
Sock Bobby: Do you have fuzz in your ears? These are a whole different kind of demon. One has stripes, and the other spots. One’s polyester, the other is real silk. One’s tumble dry, the other’s line dry only. Besides, Christo is just the Latin title for him. Like king, lord, or master.
Sock Sam: Okay. I got it. Thanks, Bobby. I’ve got to run, Dean’s hoofing it and he’s not heading this way.

Sock Sam hangs up the phone and grabs his jacket. He heads out and starts jogging down the darkened street.
A scuffle sounds behind him and he turns. Nothing.
Sock Sam looks around. Still nothing.
Sock Sam takes another step and gets dogpiled by three Sock Women. 
They are the women from the diner who were having a working lunch.
Sock Woman 1: I looked and found you! My true love!
Sock Woman 2: Have you slept on Egyptian silk? Come to my house and see.
Sock Woman 3: Come! Let’s drink some and play footsie until the sun rises. 
Sock Sam attempts to stand, but the Sock women are all over him.
Sock Dean: Sam?!
Sock Sam: Dean! Ugh!
Sock Woman 2: Look! Another man!
Sock Woman 2 and 3 streak towards Dean.
Sock Dean lifts his arms to welcome a Sock Woman on either side of him: Well, hello. I wondered where you all went off to.
Sock Sam manages to partially knock Sock Woman 1 off. 
A cloud of dust blinds Sock Sam and Sock Dean from a gust of wind, or possibly a strong fan.
Sock Woman 2 and 3 shriek and fall to the ground in front of Dean.
When Sock Dean and Sock Sam raise their arms to hide their eyes from the wind, they see a dark sock. It’s nylon wings stretch out behind him. Blood drips from each tip of his wings and an oily, acrid, burnt smell accompanies him.
Sock Demon speaks: Sockchesters. A pleasure to be bumping toes with you. 
Sock Dean levels his gun at the demon: Yeah, no one’s going to be touching our toes tonight, Toasty.
Sock Demon tucks his wings away, but blood still pools on either side of him: The name’s Adrammelech. And you are the famous Dean. The Michaelsword. How did your little rebellion work out for you anyway? Daddy seemed okay with your disobedience and not mine? That hardly seems fair.
Sock Sam pushes Sock Woman 1 away finally. She was clinging to him like static once they were in the presence of Adrammelech.
Sock Sam: What are you doing here anyway?
Adrammelech: Ah! Sammy! Samuel, Samson. The favored son. You make my toes curl just breathing the same air as you. But it might just be all that well-conditioned hair. No. I think it’s that faint smell of sulfur and my brother’s blood in you. 
Sock Sam raised Ruby’s knife: Who? Azazel?
Adrammelech laughed like a low-pitched hyena: Azazel? My brother? You have a lot to learn about us, young Samsel. How do you think my brother made Azazel? Those kinds of demons are made from both spirit and blood.
Sock Dean switched weapons and angles behind the demon, attempting to stab Adrammelech with an angel blade.
Sock Demon grabs the sharp end from Sock Dean’s hand and backhands him with the butt of the weapon.
Adrammelech: Oh, sloppy foot-work there. Let me help you.
Adrammelech raises a darkening hand and starts to put it on Sock Dean’s forehead.
Sock Sam: NO! 
Sock Sam throws himself at the Sock Demon. Ruby’s blade sinks into Adrammelech’s chest and the Sock Demon turns his head at Sock Sam, who is panting on the floor at the demon's feet.
Adrammelech: Well. That pinches my toes.
Adrammelech yanks out the knife and drops it on the floor. 
Sock Dean scrambles backward and reaches for his angel blade, just out of reach.
Sock Dean: Cass...anytime you and your friends want to show up would be great.
The angel blade rematerializes into Dean’s hand and in the same instant Castiel and two other angels plant their angel blades into the body of the Sock Demon. Sock Dean takes his chance and stabs under the angel’s arms in a sneak attack. All four blades plunge in, drawing blood.
Adrammelech: Et tu, Castiel? 
Sock Cass and the other angels say nothing but stab the Sock Demon again and again.
Sock Dean blinks, but follows suit.
Sock Sam rolls away from the fight and reaches for his angel blade at his belt.
Sock Woman 1 lifts the weapon she grabbed from him: Looking for this?
Sock Sam leaps at her and wrestles away the angel blade.
Adrammelech chuckles and raises a darkened hand to the angel on right: Shalom, Uziel
The angel vaporizes into fiery ash. Burnt wing marks mar Adrammelech’s face in white ash.
Sock Cass, Sock Dean, and the other angel back away. 
Sock Cass flares his wings: Why have you come back to earth, Adramiel?
Adrammelech: Ah, have you remembered my old name, brother? I’m touched. And who says we ever left? I’ve got to say though, listening on Angel Radio to the lead up to the apocalypse: Better. Than. Radio. Theatre. The cancellation was a letdown, though. But since there haven’t been any motions toward another apocalypse in, oh, about a year, I figured I’d show my pretty face to you and your friends, and I don’t know, jumpstart it.
Sock Dean: I’ll never say yes to Michael. Besides, he’s in the cage.
Adrammelech: You keep telling yourself that, Michaelmeat.
Sock Dean: Put a sock in it, Toasty!
Sock Cass: Adramiel, you’ve grown powerful by eating the souls of the children of Hinnom, but your heart has become an empty void. Your destruction will come quickly if you do not repent and return to Heaven with us.
Adrammelech: Hmm. Do what I want…
Adrammelech lifts one hand, then the other.
Adrammelech: ...or do what I was created to do… That’s a really hard question, Twinkle Toes. I’ll get back to you on that.
Sock Sam stands beside the angels and Sock Dean: What do we do?
Sock Cass: He’s too powerful for us to kill. He has so many, many souls sacrificed to him. We should leave.
Sock Cass lifts his hands to put on the Sockchester’s shoulders.
Sock Sam: Wait! We can’t just leave this town to this demon. Bobby mentioned using Jesus’ name.
Adrammelech: Okay. I really enjoyed this meet and greet, but my shifters have quotas to keep and if I’m not there… who’s going to take care of those little ankle biters? Huh?
Sock Dean charges the Sock Demon, but Adrammelech vanishes and reappears behind Sock Dean.
Adrammelech: Oh, too slow. Are you dragging your feet about this?
Sock Cass glances at Sock Sam: Do you know ancient Hebrew? Jesus is the Latin version… Yeshua is-
Sock Dean turns and Adrammelech places his blackened hand on Sock Dean’s head. 
Sock Cass slams into Adrammelech, with little effect. Sock Cass rebounds to the ground.
Sock Dean blindly slashes at the Sock Demon’s throat with his angel blade.
The other Sock Angel stabs from the side into Adrammelech’s liver.
Sock Sam raises his angel blade at the demon: By Yeshua, come out.
A gash opens at Adrammelech’s throat from Sock Dean’s blade and an oily vapor bursts from the Sock Demon’s mouth. It glistens like oil, but shoots into the earth, creating a fissure in the ground.
Red fuzz drops out of the Sock Demon’s vessel from its multiple wounds as it drops to the shattered pavement.
Sock Dean breathes hard and rubs his forehead: I feel like I’ve been wrung out to dry. Is he dead?
Sock Cass glances at the other angel: No. But he’s been sent to Hell, and it will be awhile before he can find another willing vessel that can contain him.
Sock Dean pulls two of the Sock Women up who are disoriented and looking around.
Sock Woman 3: Where are we?
Sock Dean: The road. I suggest you ladies find your feet and then your way home.

Sock Sam: Cass, what was that? We can just say ‘Yeshua’ and the original demons get banished away?
Sock Cass: It’s more than just saying words, Sam. You can talk about me anytime, but I won’t hear until you call for me. You invoked him.
Sock Angel: You humans have a more profound bond with the Son of Man than we do. That’s why you are able to cast them out, and we are not.
Sock Sam: So what now?
Sock Dean: I’d say we kill us a dirty pile of shifters and head on to Tennessee. I hear people are turning blue.
Sock Cass: Be vigilant, Dean. Adrammelech will return in another form. If he wants to restart the apocalypse, we all need to be prepared.
Sock Cass and the other Sock Angel disappear.
Sock Dean: Great. Another apocalypse brewing. Is that all they can think to do? What’s wrong with hitting up every ride and booth in Disneyworld? Huh?
Sock Woman 1: Woah.. those two pretty guys went poof!
Sock Sam puts an arm around her: Dean, where’s the Impala? She’s socked.
Sock Dean gestures behind him: A block this way. Come on.
Sock Sam: I’m still trying to wrap my head around this demon. I mean, mind control, angel blades and Ruby’s knife didn’t even wear the smallest hole in him, and I thought you were gonna die there.
Sock Dean grunts: I was gonna die. Good call with the exorcism.
Sock Sam: Do you think he meant I have Lucifer’s blood in my veins? If Lucifer created the lower demons with his blood, then…
Sock Dean: That’s not you, though, Sammy. We couldn’t stop Yellow Eyes, but you make your own decisions.
Sock Sam: Yeah, and look where that got us.
Sock Woman 1: Aw, Sammy, does it still cramp that you’re different like us?
Sock Woman 1 slams Sock Sam into the side of The Cardboard Impala ™. 
Sock Dean pulls his gun: Shifter!
Sock Woman 1 yanks Sock Sam back up between her and Sock Dean: Be careful you don’t shoot yourself in the foot.
Sock Sam struggles and reaches for his belt.
Sock Dean: So what’s the plan now that you’ve got no leader anymore?
Sock Woman 1: We’ll survive. We always have.
Sock Sam: Maybe so, but not you.
Sock Sam slides a silver knife into the shifter’s stomach. He twists around while she keels over, and stabs her heart as she collapses against him.
Sock Dean holsters his gun: I’m ready to get out of this town.
Sock Sam wipes his knife on Sock Woman 1’s shirt and climbs into The Cardboard Impala ™.
Sock Sam: We still need to kill the nest of shifters here.
Sock Dean: Right...
The Cardboard Impala ™ pulls a u-turn and heads back to the motel.
Sock Dean: I'm gonna take a shower and then we'll head back out.
Sock Sam: Yeah. I’ll wash up some too. 
Sock Sam pulls off his bloody shirt and puts on a new one. Then he settles in front of his laptop again.


Sock Sam and Sock Dean creep up on an old abandoned rail station on the edge of town.
Sock Dean: How did you know this was the nest?
Sock Sam: I pinged all of the locations Sophia went to. This one didn’t make sense.
Sock Dean: Sophia?
Sock Sam glances at the side of the car where he was thrown earlier: Our shifter friend.
Sock Dean. Right.
Sock Dean loads a silver round into his gun: Alright. I’ll take the front. Let's sock it to them!
Sock Sam and Sock Dean take their positions. Then Sock Sam launches a grenade into one of the train station windows.
Two shifters run out the front door. Two bullets later, they are dead.
Sock Dean and Sock Sam fill the air with silver as each shifter flees the building.
Before long the sound of leaves and wind retake the scenery as Sock Dean releases his clip and loads again. He walks past each body confirming each shifter is dead.
Sock Sam joins him and they finally return to the car.
Sock Sam: This kind of demon is something we’ve never seen before.
Sock Dean: Yeah. But they all want the same thing. You and me being worn by archangels to the prom.
Sock Sam pulls open the door of The Cardboard Impala ™.
Sock Sam: Well. That’s never going to happen.
Sock Dean: Yep. Never. 
Sock Dean tosses the grenade launcher back into the trunk and gets behind the wheel.
The Cardboard Impala ™ pulls out of the town past the cardboard Gas and Sip. Its tail lights disappear into the darkening clouds as a storm brews in the west. Sock Sam and Dean drive straight towards it.

***The End***

Don't be left in suspense! The Sockchester Saga continues in Episode 3

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Picture of Sammy Sockchester courtesy of Marion.

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