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We have so much talent in the Supernatural fandom! Fans draw, edit photos and videos, write fanfics, create costumes or props, make jewelry and much more.  It’s time to showcase some of the #SPNFamily’s talent and ask the people behind the creations some questions!

Let me introduce you to Courtney and Betty the Impala! Courtney brought her 1967 Impala to the Chicagoland WoL S13 finale and S14 premiere Watch Parties. That’s where Nightsky met her and asked if she’d be willing to talk about her Supernatural replica of “Baby” with The WFB family. Courtney was thrilled and has been graciously sharing her story and pictures with me over the past several weeks!  The car is absolutely amazing, as is Courtney’s genuine kindness. Let's meet Courtney and Betty! 

 Hi Courtney! My first questions are about Supernatural. How and when did you become a fan of Supernatural?

One day in May of 2015, I was having a sleepover with my friends. We were bored and had no idea what to watch. My Aunt Cathy, a huge Supernatural fan, came over and told us that she had all of the discs for the entire first season of the show. We ended up watching it and the rest is history. I’ve been watching the show now for over three years and have attended three conventions.

What does the Supernatural fandom mean to you?

The fandom means everything to me. Later that same year in 2015, my best friend moved to Florida. It was very hard for me. I became socially awkward and was sad all the time. But then I decided to create a Supernatural fan account on Instagram and instantly made many friends that I am still friends with today. My online friends are always there for me. For a socially awkward person, sometimes it can be easier to talk to people online. Later on, I made Supernatural friends face to face. Most people in this fandom are genuinely nice people and it is very easy to connect with them. The cast of the show is also super important to me. I love how kind and supportive they all are.

IMG 7340 sm Nightsky
Credit pic: Nightsky

Now let´s talk about Betty. When did you decide that you wanted your own Baby? Let us know how it all started.

I wanted my own Baby pretty much since I started watching the show. My dad isn’t super invested into the show, but he is a huge car guy and also loves Baby. My dad collects and sells cars regularly, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to have my own Baby.

You know, to me it seems like the transportation department of Supernatural bought every single 67 Chevy Impala for the Baby fleet. How challenging was it for you to find one?

We had been looking for one for a very long time - almost three years. My dad and I would check the web for one practically every single day. We found a couple along the way, but none of them were in good enough condition for us to be happy, so we waited patiently. [Then] my dad found an eBay auction for one in great condition. The guy selling the Impala loves the show as well and wanted to get an Impala that was from the same plant that Baby was built, Rainbow Motors, so he decided to sell another one he had. Betty was actually a surprise for me! On December 15, 2017 I drove home from college for winter break. I clicked the garage door opener to bring my car inside and Betty was parked in my spot! Everyone was recording, and my mom set up the cardboard cut-outs of Sam and Dean right next to the car. I was in shock and cried for probably around two hours because of how happy I was! My dad had Betty two weeks before then and had to wait for me to come home to see her.

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

Some people call me Betty (a nickname for Bettina) and I never really liked that - until now, because of your 1967 Chevy. I am curious. Why did you choose the name Betty?

Because my dad went through all the trouble of getting me my own Baby, I decided it was only fair to let him pick out her name. My dad’s all-time favorite song is “Black Betty” by Ram Jam and it just fit so well!

What condition was Betty in when you got her?

She was in great condition! We knew we definitely wanted to do a lot of work on her though. The most urgent matter was getting a new paint job!

What parts are original & what is restored?

Most everything is original to the car besides things like rims, tires and exhaust. It was originally Royal Plum on the outside and black on the inside and then it was painted to match the Supernatural 67 Impala. The car has 79,000 miles with its original drivetrain still intact and unrestored to my knowledge. Many of the original trim and parts were restored or reconditioned when we had it painted.

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

How long did you work on Betty to get her into her current condition?

We’ve been working on Betty since we got her and will continue to do work on her! The previous owners also did work on her before we ended up getting her.

I know that your dad helped you out with Betty. Tell me what this means to you.

It means so much to me! I love hanging out with my dad, but we don’t have a whole lot of things in common. I’m very happy that recreating Betty is a hobby of both me and my dad. The only other things that we both enjoy are watching movies together and going to Cubs games. It also makes me very happy that my dad got Betty for me. It really shows that he loves me a lot because he isn’t the biggest Supernatural fan. He just knows how much the car and the show mean to me.

Betty Courtney and Michael WFB
- Courtney and her Dad Michael
(Pic from Courtney)

Besides your dad, did anyone else help you with Betty?


  • Probst Collision in New Lenox: paint job, installed trim work
  • Frankfort Family in Frankfort: mechanical work, air conditioning, exhaust, shocks
  • Andy W: one of my dad’s good friends. He is also obsessed with cars and a fan of the show. He helped me attach everything to the roof of the trunk and helped with many other things.

Can you tell me more about Betty - about the seats, the engine, the interior and other details?

Betty is a highly desirable and optioned car. It has a power front seat, power windows and air conditioning! It is powered by a 327 cubic inch engine designated an L30 with 275 horse power. It has a 2 speed power glide transmission.

Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

I love all the details and the amazing props. What do you call the colorful thing? Where did you find everything? Did you make anything yourself? Are you willing to share the secrets behind all the awesome props?

The colorful thing is called a Slinky. One side of my tablet is the angel tablet and the other side is the demon tablet. I found everything in my trunk either on eBay or Etsy, except for a few things. I got John Winchester’s journal from Conquest Journals and my brass knuckles from knockoutknucks. Everything else was from eBay or Etsy.

IMG 7308 sm Nightsky
Credit pic: Nightsky

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

What accessories did you make and what did your Dad make for Betty?

Most of the things we have weren’t hand made by us. Some things I made were a curse box, a jar of lamb’s blood, and a jar of dead man’s blood. My dad’s friend Andy also helped me cut up a belt and attach the pieces to the top of the weapons trunk like the boys did in the show! We did purchase many hand-made items from Etsy, like the holy oil jug, the angel/demon tablet, and the EMF detector. If anyone wants to know where we got any of items, they can always ask us! We are willing to share and I have written down every item we ever got and where we got it from.

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

IMG 7329 sm Nightsky
Credit pic: Nightsky

IMG 7336 sm Nightsky
Credit pic: Nightsky

Who was with you on your first road trip with Betty, or did you drive alone? Can you tell me more about the feelings & the moment when you first drove her?

The first time I got to ride in Betty was with my dad (who drove because I was still crying and in shock that my dad had just got me this beautiful car), my friend Sam, my sister Katie, my brother Mikey, and my step-brother Mitchell. It was an extremely emotional experience for me to be in this car and it still is every single time I drive her. She’s one in a billion.

How does it feel to drive Betty?

It feels so amazing! I feel like I’m from a completely different time and I love it! I also like the funny looks I get when I drive her because everyone expects an older man to be driving this kind of car and then they see me driving and do a double take.

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

Is the motor really as powerful as they make it out to be on the show?

By today's performance cars’ standards, no, it's not that fast but there is definitely some power there! When you put the pedal down it responds with a great sound and gets moving fast enough. Betty’s performance is really impressive based on how old of a car she is!

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

Are there any things about driving a 1967 Chevy Impala that are harder than driving a modern car (for example, power steering, crank versus electronic windows, no dual side view mirrors)?

The hardest things for me are just the constant problems that arise here and there because of how old of a car Betty is. She’s had to be in the shop quite a few times and has to go in the shop again over wintertime! The biggest problem that happened so far was one of the control arm bolts came loose while I was driving! You have to constantly make sure that everything is running smoothly. Other than that, I’m completely used to the other [differences, like] having to brake much, much earlier than you would have to in a normal car, occasionally the left turn signal will not work, Betty’s gas meter isn’t reliable so you have to remember how much gas is in her tank, and parking is really hard because of how long Betty is!

Do you drive the car as your personal car, or is it a collector car & you only take her out of the garage for car shows & special events?

A mix of both. I certainly do not use Betty as my personal car, though. The car I drive daily is a 2012 blue Chevy Cruze that I named “Carstiel”. I have an hour commute every day to go to college, and Betty is too precious of a car to drive for an hour every day. I drive Betty to all car shows and events and sometimes for other random trips just for fun. Whenever I drive to get frozen yogurt, I always bring Betty! I will also occasionally drive her to my dad’s house or to my uncle Bob’s, who is also a huge fan of Betty.

What was your longest road trip with Betty?

Probably around an hour and a half for a car show.

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

If I could see it right, you have autographs from cast members on the visors. Looks like Misha’s autograph is there. Who are the other autographs from?

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Alex Calvert, Misha Collins, Mark Pellegrino, Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, and Clif Kosterman signed my visors.

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

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Credit pic: haleyrayphotography on Instagram

Did any of the cast see Betty? If so, do you have any pictures?

I wish the cast got to see Betty! When I got the visors signed, my mom helped me unscrew them from Betty and I took the visors to the convention to get signed, so none of the cast got to actually see Betty. But I talked about Betty to all of the cast who signed my visors.

Do you know how long it took you and your dad to finish Betty?

We will never be finished! My dad and I want Betty to be as screen accurate as possible, so we are constantly making changes to her! It’s a hobby for me and my dad. We both really enjoy searching for new things on the web!

So your Baby, Betty, looks like she is almost finished with everything. Do you have plans on adding more props? If yes, what?

Always! Right now, there are a few things on Betty’s wish list. I want to add:

  • Purgatory blade/knife (Dean’s)
  • Archangel Blade
  • Dean’s pistol (very hard to find)
  • Salt rounds (a lot of them!)
  • A belt bandolier to hold the salt rounds (like the one Dean used in “Jus in Bello”)
  • Contents for hex bags and crossroad deals ((herbs, coins, a cat skull (a fake one for me), and yarrow (a yellow flower used for crossroads deals))

I saw you were at the Peotone (Illinois) car show back in July. What were the reactions from the other collectors? Did you meet other Supernatural fans?

The reactions from everyone at the car show were amazing! People who didn't even watch the show thought that Betty was badass! I met probably around a handful of Supernatural fans there and they all loved seeing Betty! 

IMG 7318 sm Nightsky
Credit pic: Nightsky

IMG 7314 sm Nightsky
Credit Pic: Nightsky

IMG 7348 sm Nightsky
Credit pic: Nightsky

IMG 7346 sm Nightsky
Credit pic: Nightsky

Do you plan to go to other car shows?

I definitely want to go to more shows! I go to car shows when my dad brings one of his sports cars and we enjoy the car show together!

Now it’s time for the question I ask everyone. If you could change only one thing in the world right now, what would it be?

I think one of the biggest problems in the world right now, to me, is how we treat our environment and the animals on our planet. I am a huge animal lover and the meat industry upsets me deeply. For almost four years I have been vegetarian, and vegan for over one year. The one thing I would change is for people to really care about our environment.

Thank you so much for your time. I am sure we will see more from Betty in the future!

Please share your comments, questions and reactions below! If you want to follow Betty the Impala, you can find her here:

Instagram & Twitter: bettytheimpala  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for reading.
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