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Editor's Note: Supernatural inspires each of its fans in different ways. I write. Others draw, create fan videos or write fan fiction. Bettina creates collages of Supernatural's characters edited together with images that express her interpretation of the characters' personalities or characteristics. I first saw Bettina's "Animal" themed art on Twitter. I thought it was unique and inspired so I asked if I could share it with you. To my surprise, Bettina sent me her entire collection! These are my personal favorites, together with Bettina's story and the background of each piece, told in her own words.


It all started with this one sentence back in 2005: “Dads on a hunting trip and he hasn´t been home in a few days.” Now it‘s 2018 and I've been a fan for 13 years. I can´t believe how time flies.

Back in 2005 I was 25, so I‘ve grown older with Dean & Sam, gained experience & had my ups and downs like them. I could relate to them, and that helped me so much in my life. They motivated me. I always have in my mind what Dean said: “You always have a choice. You can either roll over and die or you can keep fighting no matter what.” I know that there is always a way, and things gets better, even if it takes some time.

The last few years, I started creating some things I'd love to have, like a Supernatural trunk, my own Supernatural fake IDs and more. Last year, I found the Supernatural Amino, and I saw all the creativity, all the edits, drawings and more. At first I thought, “I´m not good, I can´t do it” but guess what? I tried, and I got better. Why do I think I got better? People liked my edits and I felt more comfortable sharing them. I became a member of an edit group, but sadly it only existed for some weeks.

I fell in love with the idea of a weekly theme, and being in a group of people who edit, draw or write fanfiction for that theme. So I decided to start my own group and called it “Men of Letters Weekly”. Now we are in week 26, and I'm more than happy with it and my amazing team. I have met so many new people. I also started to use Twitter more often & meet more people. Last year, I joined the weirdness of Gishwhes & can call some of my teammates “friends”. I also became a member of the #DarkHunters. As you can see, I have gotten more and more trapped in that fandom called #SPNFamily.

What do I love about Supernatural & the fandom? It's really family for me. I can be the crazy & weird me, and I don't feel bad. We support each other, like the actors do. I see people doing so much good in the world - Helping People, you know, the Family Business.

This year, I will finally go to a convention in Germany. I can´t wait to be there and to meet the stars and all the other fans. <3

My old tag was @BoscosTina / New tag is @BettinaBier


Stories behind the edits:


I started this edit some time ago, but it was never finished. Now it is, with a quote from Misha Collins that means much to me. 

PicsArt Misha


PicsArt Misha Quote


The following are all edits with the theme “animals related to characters”.


Source for Pictures: Pinterest &

Ideas and designs by me.

I had to create “Dean & Squirrel”. I laughed so much while doing it.

PicsArt 01 24 09.33.35


“Dean with a Dog”

...because everyone needs a friend. The dog could go with Dean on a hunt.

PicsArt 01 27 02.20.28


“Ketch and a Panther”

A panther was my first thought of a match for Ketch so that’s how it ended up like that.

PicsArt 02 05 01.47.53



For me every witch needs a cat, so that’s what happened.

PicsArt 02 05 05.19.05


PicsArt 02 06 05.19.29

“The Boys and Foxes”

I just had the idea and made the edit.

PicsArt 02 06 03.56.39


Source for Pictures: pixabay, & Promopics

Idea and designs by me.

"The Boys and Wolves"

After sharing my animal edits on Twitter, someone said wolves would fit better for Sam & Dean.

I replied that I could make one if she would like to see one. Ended up making more than one and I have to say she was so right. The wolves fit better than the foxes.


PicsArt 02 16 01.30.18


PicsArt 02 16 02.03.14


PicsArt 02 17 07.17.40


PicsArt 02 17 07.20.27


PicsArt 02 17 07.25.12  PicsArt 02 17 07.27.43


Source for Picture: pixabay,

Idea and designs by me.

Well this one is easy. Destiel is my ship and we had to choose a character who writes a letter for his valentine.

PicsArt 02 15 09.19.41


Source for Picture: artneverlieschico on Instagram (I have permission to use them & share them), & Promopics

Idea and designs by me.

Well, The King needs no explanation.

PicsArt 12 28 01.56.41


Source for Picture: artneverlieschico on Instagram (I have permission to use them & share them) & Pinterest

Idea and design by me.


PicsArt 12 28 01.59.37


Source for Pictures: Pinterest & from the tweets of the actors who supported Rachel Miner.

Idea and designs by me.

“Be the Clarence” was the charity from Rachel Miner. I bought a bag and thought I could support her so I made the edit to share her charity.

PicsArt 08 28 01.30.07


Source for Pictures: Pinterest

Idea and designs by me.

It was an Autumn Challenge. I loved how the colors fit.

PicsArt 09 24 07.10.54


PicsArt 09 24 07.30.43


Source for Picture: artneverlieschico on Instagram (I have permission to use them & share them), & pics posted by David Haydn Jones (I also have permission to use every photo of him that he posts).

Idea and designs by me.

I love the on-screen chemistry between Ketch and Asmodeus aka Ketchmodeus. They are bad and they play it with style.

PicsArt 02 08 07.41.19


It feels great to write about what I love. Thank you for giving me a chance to do that!


Please welcome Bettina to the #WFBFamily! I'm sure she'd love to hear your feedback on her work, plus any ideas you may have for future edits! 


Please respect Bettina’s ownership of her art. You are welcome to download the pictures for your own personal use, as long as you do not remove the watermark or alter the picture. If you repost them online, please credit @BettinaBier. You can link to either this article or her blog to refer people to her work. If you wish to publish, reproduce or use her art in any way, you must first obtain her permission. More of Bettina’s unique artistic collection may be viewed at Selected pieces are for sale on Redbubble. The link is on her Twitter account page.