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One of the unique attractions of San Diego Comic-Con is wandering the vendor floor looking at the amazing pop culture collectibles. Since Supernatural  is a long-standing, popular genre show, almost every booth offers clothing, companion books, key chains or other Supernatural themed trinkets. Hoping to find something a bit different, though, I braved "the floor's" massive crowds in search of Supernatural treasure.

Of course, everyone has heard of Funko Pops. Their booth was all the rage this year. With Funko Pops’ popularity sweeping the world, collectors had to line up in the central pavilion first thing in the morning to get a timed ticket  that granted its holder the honor of being allowed to stand in yet another Funko booth line at the designated hour later in the day. I decided to pass on that rather trying experience. Besides, I knew Sam and Dean were out standing guard at the WB Yacht and the WB party!

IMG 5314SMWM    IMG 5315SMWM

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Dean's hair is spiked, making him taller than lil' bro Sammy! 

So the walking, dodging, bumping and "keep it moving, please" trek began.

I found Warner Bros' Supergirl,


and The Flash.


Lego featured Star Wars’ Obi-Wan


…and Thor.


The Justice League car/tank/scary transport vehicle was hard to miss:


Oh, Jared! Did you see this Boba Fett statue looking down on unsuspecting fans?


I had to take a picture since, as a child, Jared was fascinated with Boba Fett (ref: Family Don’t End With Blood).

One collectible manufacturer, QMx, caught my attention. They went to the trouble of duplicating the bunker and creating detailed figures of its occupants!  Score!


They had Sam,




and Castiel.



These looked like high-quality prototypes so I turned on my recorder and asked some questions!

WFB: Are these figures available now? If not, when and how will they become available?


QMx: “Dean is in production right now. He should be out before the end of the year (2017). Sam will be out at the beginning of next year (2018) then Castiel a little bit after that. We’re also talking about creating a Crowley right now. He may not come out next year but we should at least be able to show him.”


WFB: How can they be ordered?


QMx: All of our collections are available at

They then turned the tables on me and asked me a question!

QMx: “You know the fans. Who do they want to see?”


WFB: Charlie!

I was actually surprised that that was my first response but it came to me immediately! Of course we need Charlie, the queen of collectibles herself!

QMx:  We’ve definitely heard that name before!

I thought for a minute then added a few other ideas:

WFB: Mary too. I’d love to see hunter Mary.


QMx: We’ve had John suggested to us.


WFB: That works, if you use Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a model (sorry Matt!). Maybe Lucifer too – the Mark Pellegrino version. We have to have Chuck (aka God), and you can’t have Chuck without Gabriel (even in their Supernatural roles I feel guilty suggesting Rob’s character without also mentioning Richard’s! They’ve really brainwashed us with their Rob and Rich pair up!).  Do you know about the potential Supernatural spin-off, Wayward Sisters? If that flies, you’ll absolutely want Sheriff Jody and Sheriff Donna!

At this point, I think the poor guy was a little sorry he had asked! I’m guessing he thought maybe I’d add one or at the most two names to his research and development plans but I was on a roll! Which characters would you have mentioned or would you like to see in their product line?

A quick trip to their website shows  Supernatural collectibles that are already available: Sam, Dean and Cas plush figures, Dean and Sam “Mini-Master” figures and a slick devil's trap doormat to name a few.

QMx SUP Geek Home Devil s Trap Doormat 01

Supernatural joins a long list of esteemed genre series in the QMx collection. 

IMG 5162 SMWM          IMG 5164SMWM

 Star Trek introduced me to what would be my life-long love of science fiction, so I had to take pictures of those iconic characters!

IMG 5165SMWM          IMG 5166SMWM

QMx also offers figures of DC Superheroes, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Wars, Stargate, Buffy and many of my other favorite science fiction fantasy shows. Curious about what we might expect of the Supernatural products, I checked out their website:

Quantum Mechanix Inc. is a Los Angeles-based creative studio and developer of screen-accurate replicas, collectibles, apparel and artwork inspired by entertainment’s most beloved shows and movies.  We focus on serving the most demanding customers – from dedicated fans to the industry’s most prestigious production companies and studios – with the most detailed, accurate, beautifully finished products possible.

What do you think? Do any of you already have QMx figures? Do these grab your interest? Have you had any luck finding unique Supernatural treasures at cons or online? Feel free to post pictures or tips! If you're a collector, you might also enjoy my earlier article on Sam and Dean action figures that were homemade by a fan. As Charlie so aptly said, a girl [or guy] can never have too many collectibles!