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Editor's Note: A fan alerted me to the existence of these Sam and Dean action figures. After reading the persistence and vision it took to create them, then seeing these pictures, I had to put this story together for you. Collectibles are a part of every fandom. These are homemade yet some of the best I've ever seen. Enjoy hearing their creator (who wishes to remain anonymous) narrate the incredible saga of how they travelled half way around the world to come together! - Nightsky

Building Sam and Dean

Doll Faces

I don't know how I stumbled on this...I was probably searching "Dean Winchester" on Ebay for the hell of it.  I found Ebay has pretty good likenesses of Sam and Dean, in doll form, sold in China!  Better than any likenesses I've seen so far.  Better than the Barbie-sized Sam and Dean prototypes they showed at Comic-Con last year that aren't in production yet.

But it's not the whole doll I found for sale in China...just the heads.  From different sellers.

So I took the Frankenstein approach.

I bought Sam's head,

w SD Sam closeup

then Dean's head,

w SD Dean closeup

then separate headless action figure/G.I. Joe-style bodies.  Fully jointed. 

(If you want to search too, type in "Dean Winchester head" on an Ebay search...same for Sam.)

Sam is more muscular and with larger hands than Dean.  Two different body types. 

SD Standing  w SD back

I wish Sam could be taller, but they're the same scale so pretty much the same height (though I tried to adjust it a bit by taking advantage of the fact that Dean's super-poseable body does a great imitation of Jensen's bow legs!).

Doll SD Full Shot

I was blown away at the eye detail...they even did the veins in the eyes!!!  In real life that pupil in the eye is about the size of the head of a pin.  The eyes even have some sort of glossy over-coat to make them look more like real eyes.

w SD Sam eye detail

It's funny; in person, the Dean likeness looks a bit more true-to-life than the Sam likeness; but Sam looks more accurate in these photos.

Dressing the Boys

I found the clothes and shoes individually...all from different sellers on Ebay, most from China and Hong Kong.   Had to be careful that they were all in 1:6 scale like the bodies and heads.  This was especially true for the shoes. I was thrilled to find the to-scale plaid shirts and the lace-up boots.  I tried a different pair of slip-on boots on Sam first, but they wouldn't fit his big feet.  Had to go for lace-up. 

Doll Shoes

I was happy I could find two pairs of in-scale jeans that weren't totally identical in color.  They even both have tiny belts;Sam's is brown and Dean's is black.

Sam's shirt is a bit "Jared" in that it has a western cut to it (how in the hell do they know to make western/Texas style male doll clothes shirts in China?????  Who besides me is buying them?????) which I love because it's "Texas". 

w sam shirt

After sending a photo of this project to a friend and fellow fan, she sent back a photo of Sam, wearing almost this EXACT shirt on the show.  

vlcsnap 00010 4

Kind of freaked me out, actually, how incredibly close that is to what I found and ordered!!!!  I wondered if I filed it away in the back of my mind because I could NEVER have pulled up an episode that had an example of a shirt that close to what I got.

Too much fun!


Doll with Knife    Doll Knife

Weapons (demon knife and angel blade) came from a friend. They were originally destined for a charm bracelet, but were a bit large for that.  I cut off the loops that would have held them on the bracelet and filed the ends smooth to turn them into small weapons.

It look about a month for everything to arrive from the various far-flung sources.  Dean's head was stuck in Hong Kong for about 3 weeks before the tracking showed it was on the move again.  I'm still missing a black leather jacket I got don't know if that will ever show up since it was mailed over a month ago from China.  We'll see; but he has the canvas in the meantime.  :)

w SD both torso up


 Dressing in Style

Dean's black leather jacket [finally arrived]!  :)

 Doll w Dean leather jacket 3

Ordered on December 1st from just arrived [on January 30].  Wow; that was a long time.  Nothing like 2 month shipping (but it WAS free shipping; I wish the Ebay seller would charge something and have it get here in a decent amount of time!).

                                                                                          Doll w Dean leather jacket 1 Doll w Dean leather jacket 2

 I thought this was something he might wear now (it's a bit like the old brown one with the bands on the cuffs...but it's black).

 Doll w Dean leather jacket 5

For anyone wondering, each of these cost about $105 to put together from the various sources online (including shipping from various parts of the world and inside the U.S.).  Much of the clothes were labeled as "military" or WWII (some of the boots and cargo jackets); just in case you want to go searching for yourself on Ebay.

Anyway, this is just more Supernatural craziness.  These were SO MUCH FUN to put together.  I figured that if I didn't like the results, I could try to sell them on Ebay as finished Sam and Dean dolls...but no chance of that; I love 'em!

What do you think? I'd love to see pictures of your collectible action figures! Any more Sam and Dean sets out there? Please share!