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“Two brothers and their car.” - Supernatural show pitch by Eric Kripke.

The one constant in the Winchesters' lives, besides each other, was Baby.

The beautiful, black, 1967!Chevy Impala rolled off the assembly line on April 24th.

That makes today her birthday.

So let’s celebrate her and her life with the boys she saved, every day, in many ways. 

“The one thing we always had, besides this car, was each other.” - Dean Winchester, "Mamma Mia" 12.02

Baby held Sam and Dean as their world was upended.

She held them as their grief began them on their journey.

1.01 Family with Baby
John holding baby Sam with young Dean cuddled close as they sit on the hood of Baby the night Mary died ("Pilot" 1.01)

Baby was there when they reunited.

1.01 Bros Baby
Dean and Sam walking to Baby ("Pilot" 1.01)

She serenaded them with Classic rock once they were together again.

1.01 Baby at Gas Station
Baby pulling out of the gas station ("Pilot" 1.01)

Baby was their home.

Sam and Dean sleeping in Baby ("Baby" 11.04)

She was their freedom.

5.22 Baby on the Road
Sam and Dean on the road ("Swan Song" 5.22)

She protected them from those who would hurt them,

14.17 Sam in Baby
Sam hiding from Nick ("Game Night" 14.17)

even when it wrecked her.

vlcsnap 00137
The wreck ("Devil’s Trap" 1.22)

Sam and Dean fixed her hurts,

3.07 Dean fixing Baby
Sam and Dean fixing Baby ("Fresh Blood" 3.07)

and made their marks.

Young Sam and Dean carving initials ("Swan Song" 5.22)

Dean went through time to make sure she was theirs.

Dean sitting on Baby so John would buy her ("In the Beginning" 4.03)

Sam recognized her even when he remembered nothing else.

6.22 Sam Recognizing Baby lt
Sam recognizing Baby ("The Man Who Knew Too Much" 6.22)

Baby gave Sam the power to save the world,

as she stood as a reminder to all Sam and Dean had been through together.

vlcsnap 00351


hug image 1 2

vlcsnap 00365
Snippets of Impala Montage ("Swan Song 5.22)

And, at the end, Baby connected the separated brothers,

one on earth, the other in Heaven.

SPN1520 HLC 1017
Older Sam sitting in Baby ("Carry On" 15.20)

SPN1520 HLC 1020
Dean driving Baby in Heaven ("Carry On" 15.20)

She was even the only other one there,

as Sam and Dean Winchester, reunited in Heaven, began their eternity together.

15.20 Bros Baby on Bridge
Sam, Dean and Baby on the bridge in Heaven ("Carry On" 15.20)

Through it all, Baby was always there. The one thing they always had, besides each other.

Thank you, Baby. For always being there for our boys.

Happy Birthday.

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