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On November 16, 2022, Nicki Aycox, better known to the Supernatural family as her character Meg Masters, passed away at the age of 47. Her death was confirmed with a touching tribute and several family photos by her sister-in-law Susan Raab Ceklosky on Facebook:

My beautiful, smart, fierce, incredibly talented, and loving sister-in-law, Nicki Aycox Raab, passed away yesterday with my brother, Matt Raab, by her side. Nicki and Matt had a wonderful life together in California. She was definitely a fighter and everyone who knew her loved her 💔.

Nicki's Instagram "CashewsandOlives" posts were full of determination and courage as she chronicled her battle with leukemia. Her last post appeared on March 25, 2022, as she cheerfully sang to fans after a treatment. It had been just over one year since Nicki first shared the news of her illness with her fans, promising that her spirit wouldn't be dampened by the fight ahead of her:

cashewsandolives - March 5, 2021

Hi all! Sorry 4 time away😊I can’t believe my last 3 months. But, it makes sense now. I became very ill thinking I had covid in Jan and Feb. well things came to a head. I ended up in a hospital diagnosed with Lukemeia. I want everyone to know I’m doing incredibly well and fighting my way thru chemo. I will update with a better pic of myself, and talk about staying positive thru the worst of times. 😊❤️take care of yourself all! I’ll be back better, stronger, and wiser!❤️❤️❤️ #welness #lukemia #cancersucks #streghth #nature #natirelovers #spnfamily #spn #spnfamilylove #spnfamilystaystrong #alwayskeepfighting

Ironically, she had excitedly announced what would end up being one of her last appearance with the Supernatural fandom almost exactly one year before that, on March 30, 2020. 

Nicki Aycox IG Post 3 30 2020 sm

#northernkentuckyuniversity So excited to meet u all tomorrow! 👏#learning #popculture #education #spnfans #spnfamily #spnfandom #spnedits #spn #supernatural

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