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If you've been following The Winchester Family Business' "Breathtaking Photos" series, you know that I've had this idea for a while. What if I put together a series of our favorite photos of Supernatural's lead stars and characters? I'm not talking about the good pictures, or even the really good pictures, because, let's be honest, it's hard for the Supernatural actors to not be attractive in every picture they take! No, I'm thinking about the stunning pictures. The ones that stop you in your tracks. The ones that immediately distract you from what you are doing and demand that you devote your attention to absorbing every light variation, every freckle, every dimple, every pixel of the photo or filmed shot.  Would we all choose the same pictures? What exactly makes one image stand out from all the rest? Would all this pretty fill our hearts to bursting? These are important questions that deserve thoughtful answers!

To do this right, I created an appreciation photo stream for each actor and character individually. So far in this series, I've shown how talented photographers have captured the breathtaking charisma of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. I then turned my attention to the characters they each play on Supernatural. To find the most breathtaking images of Team Free Will, I reviewed every screenshot, from every episode, from every season aired so far in Supernatural! Weeks of looking at Sam, Dean and Cas pictures to get you the best Sam Winchester, big brother Dean Winchester and their adopted brother, Castiel

Now it's time to celebrate breathtaking photos of the friendship between the actors, featuring first Jared and Jensen together (J2), then Jared, Jensen and Misha (J2M).
To make sure we don't miss any of the best shots, we should open this up to the entire WFB family - writers and readers! After you enjoy our collection, you are encouraged to add the pictures that stand out to you! Let's set some guidelines for your additions:
1. Though it will be hard, hold your favorite pics until that person's feature! No jumping ahead and cross-posting! 
2. Only the person/people featured for each collection may be in the photo.
3. NO MANIPS. Going along with that, no pornographic images.
4. No duplicates. If someone else posts your fave, "love" their posting and go in search of a new fave to add to the collection!

With that all said and done, let's get started! 

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

First up are the photos from Entertainment Weekly Supernatural Tribute Cover Shoot. I dearly love this picture,

EW Final photo shoot j2 9 by Peggy Sirota

and its contemplative counterpart. 

EW Final photo shoot j2 full by Peggy Sirota

But the "brothers forever - one heart, one soul" shot, with emotion so real it can't be staged, melts my heart.

EW Final photo shoot 8 by Peggy Sirota

These stunning photos by Peggy Sirota (@PeggySirotaInc) are in a class all by themselves. 

They remind me of the photo shoot done by Rogue Magazine in 2016. Those pictures made our hearts skip a beat!  Staged for dramatic effect, the impact is palpable:

Rogue Mag J2 Wall 2016  

Rogue Mag J2 Wall2 2016

Speaking of poses that are intended to stop you in your tracks, the following two shots were taken by the Supernatural conventions' official photographer Chris Schmelke. Stunning. 

J2 Credit C.Schmelke

Beyond studio sessions and cover shoots, fans have been able to spontaneously capture the close bond between Jared and Jensen. "The boys" rely on each other for support, friendship, advice - in short, to "have each other's back" on and off stage. Their shared trust and vulnerability intensifies their already magnetic chemistry, and can lead to personal, unguarded moments, as in these photos by Elizabeth Madsen at Rome's Jus in Bello convention, 2019.  

20190519 JIB 4833 sm

20190519 JIB 4835 cropped sm

Hugs and signs of their mutual affection are common on stage, although Jensen often likes to tease that he is the reserved half of the duo who must put up with Jared's uninhibited exuberance. Amy Hutton captured two moments of Jensen's feigned stoicism, which never fails to generate a laugh from fans (who know the truth!). The first photo is at the Las Vegas convention in 2018; the second is thousands of miles away in Hawaii in 2017.

 J2 VEGAS 2018 2 Amy

 J2 HAWAII 2017 3 Amy

A truer reflection of their mischievous partnership is their infectious laughter, as seen in this shot by Elizabeth Madsen at Rome's Jus in Bello convention, 18 May 2019...

20190518 JIB 1608 sm

...often instigated by sharing secrets (which are, by their own admission, probably not appropriate for PG-rated audiences).

 J2 VEGAS 2019 1 Amy
Photo by AmyinSydney, Las Vegas Supernatural convention, 2019

SPN SDCC 2019 0690 sm

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 by Elizabeth Madsen

SPN SDCC 2019 0691 sm

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 by Elizabeth Madsen

Their mutual admiration is obvious. After years of acting, traveling, appearing on stage, and literally growing up together, they have become brothers. Melissa Fudge grabbed this moment between the Js at the Dallas Supernatural convention in 2019. 

Melissa J2 Dallas 2019 4956

They have been each other's joy for birthdays... 

20190518 JIB 0037 bw sm
Elizabeth Madsen at Rome's Jus in Bello convention, 18 May 2019 in the face of anxiety or fear (Jared's was terrified to share his musical talent in public. Amy Hutton zoomed in on this rare performance at the Melbourne Supernatural convention in 2017)...

 J2 MELBOURNE 2017 Amy sm

...and comfort at times of heartache or loss. Elizabeth Madsen was present in 2019 to capture Jensen and Jared's emotions before they said goodbye to San Diego Comic-Con and a hall full of Supernatural fans at the show's last Hall H panel. 

SPN SDCC 2019 0873 sm

In good times and in bad, Jared and Jensen are side-by-side, with laughs, loyalty and love! Photo by Elizabeth Madsen, Jus in Bello, Rome, 2019.

 MG 6112 JIB2019 wm Liz sm

Just For Fun

Fan conventions in exotic or far away destinations are often the best venues to see the boys really having fun! Unique wardrobes and uninhibited comedy skits highlight the zany side of their personalities! Hawaii's leis and Santa-on-vacation shirts set the mood for laughs in Honolulu, 2017. Photo by Amy Hutton. 

 J2 HAWAII 2017 4 Amy

Your guess is as good as mine as to what Jared was bragging about Jensen in "Oz" (Australia) in 2019! Photo by Amy Hutton.

 J2 MELBOURNE 2019 Amy sm

But there's no mistaking what Jensen was thinking in answer to a fan's question in Rome: "I'm Batman!" Photo by Elizabeth Madsen, 18 May 2019. 

20190518 JIB 1561 Madsen

Click "Next" for Breathtaking Photos of our Three Musketeers: Jared, Jensen and Misha!

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins

Jared, Jensen and Misha do not appear on stage together during North America conventions (all run by Creation Entertainment) so "breathtaking" photos of the trio are rare. Of course, there are a few professional cover shoot images that are truly special, starting with Entertainment Weekly Supernatural Tribute Cover Shoot. Photos by Peggy Sirota (@PeggySirotaInc).

EW Final photo shoot J2M

The raw, spontaneous emotion in these last two photos make them personal favorites.

EW Final photo shoot champagne J2M

EW Final photo shoot Misha Jensen

Spontaneity is the hallmark of these three friends and co-stars. Elizabeth Madsen froze in time some of their more recent antics at conventions, first in a panel for 6000 fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 ... 

SDCC 2019 0411 sm


and in Rome, at the always jubilant Jus in Bello, 2019.

J2M 20190519 JIB 4522 sm

J2M 20190519 JIB 4660 sm


As I end this portfolio of three truly amazing individuals, let me leave you with one last image to carry with you. I hope it makes you smile. 

JM MG 4356 JIB2019 wm Liz

I hope you've enjoyed these "Breathtaking" photos of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and the three timeless characters they portray on Supernatural. If you missed any of the articles in the series, you can find the links to the entire "Breathtaking" series at beginning of this article or on Nightsky's Writer's Page. As always, you are welcome to share below in the comments any breathtaking photos I may have missed. Thank you for your support of this series! 

Follow each of the wonderful photographers in this feature, on Twitter. They have our sincerest thanks for allowing us to share their work!

J2 Feels LK VanCon 2017






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