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I've had this idea for a while. What if we put together a series of our favorite photos of Supernatural's lead stars and characters? I'm not talking about the good pictures, or even the really good pictures, because, let's be honest, it's hard for the Supernatural actors to not be attractive in every picture they take! No, I'm thinking about the stunning pictures. The ones that stop you in your tracks. The ones that immediately distract you from what you are doing and demand that you devote your attention to absorbing every light variation, every freckle, every dimple, every pixel of the photo.  Would we all choose the same pictures? What exactly makes one photo stand out from all the rest? Would all this pretty fill our hearts to bursting? These are important questions that deserve thoughtful answers!

To do this right, we need an appreciation photo stream for each actor and character individually. To make sure we don't miss any of the best shots, we should open this up to the entire WFB family - writers and readers! We all know the #SPNFamily has incredible talent, so professional media, fan professional studios, and amateur photos should all be eligible for inclusion.

To be clear, we'll have one photo feature for each of the following subjects: 
Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles
Misha Collins
Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
J2 and J2MJ2M

I'm starting with the obvious choices, but if you like this photographic series, I already have ideas of who would be next in the line up! 
After you enjoy our collection, you are encouraged to add the pictures that stand out to you! Let's set some guidelines for your additions:
1. Though it will be hard, hold your favorite pics until that person's feature! No jumping ahead and cross-posting! 
2. Only the person/people featured for each collection may be in the photo.
3. Photos MUST be credited to their original source. If you don't know the original source, post the picture with a note requesting others to identify the photographer, but no stealing photos without credit if you can reasonably identify the source!
4. NO MANIPS. Going along with that, no pornographic images.
5. No duplicates. If someone else posts your fave, "love" their posting and go in search of a new fave to add to the collection!

To make this collection as authentic as possible, we have verified that the pictures we have chosen have not been significantly enhanced to accentuate specific aspects of the subject. In some cases, skin tones may have been restored to their natural colors to compensate for poor lighting, but eye, hair or clothing colors have not been altered; no highlights or low lights have been applied; skin variations (blemishes, freckles, etc.) have not been removed; and no filters or air brushes have been used.  The professionally published photos may have more editing that this but even some of their editors have vouched for the pictures' authenticity. If you add pictures to our collection, try to pick pictures that have not been obviously enhanced or altered.  We have also had to (sadly) refrain from including pictures that must be purchased to be published (e.g. Getty Images). Sorry, but those are the rules. 
With that all said and done, let's get started! Here are the most breathtaking photos we've seen of Jared Padalecki!

Jared Padalecki


First up,  I have to pick Jared's photo from Entertainment Weekly Supernatural Tribute Cover Shoot. The emotion captured in this stunning photo shoot by Peggy Sirota puts these images into a class all by themselves. 

EW Final photo shoot Jared byPeggySirota

They remind me of the photo shoot done by Rogue Magazine in 2016. Those pictures made our hearts skip a beat!

Jared Rogue Photo Shoot 2016

Creation Entertainment's photographer, Chris Schmelke, shared a photo of Jared on social media on July 14, 2016.  This is just the copy from Twitter (it was also on Instagram), yet it is still stunning. I would imagine the original would be truly breathtaking! 

Jared Schmelke Tw

The photos above are from professional photo sessions in meticulously chosen locations or in studios.  But Jared can be equally stunning in photos taken by fans who are either amateur or professional photographers in the more relaxed atmosphere of conventions. 

Photographer Megan Jackson, of Stardust and Melancholy Photo, captured these amazing shots at the Salute to Supernatural convention in San Francisco in 2015. A penny for your thoughts, Jared. 

Kim Prior, from Prior Studios, also captured both the serious, thoughtful Jared and the fun-loving, youthful Jared at the conventions in Jacksonville and Vancouver in 2016.

Taylor, from Light and Grace Media, snapped close-ups of Jared at the conventions in Atlanta and Seattle in 2016.  Jared's eyes and hair in both photos are treasures! 

Speaking of Jared's fabulous hair, Elizabeth Madsen of Liz Madsen Photos captured for all time this iconic shot of young Jared thrilling fans with a gratuitous hair whirl at Nerd HQ in 2012.

NerdHQ2012 Jared hair whirl wm LizMadsen

This gorgeous shot was taken by Katherine Kinkead, of At the Whim of the Winds Photography, at the 2015 convention in Washington, DC. Katherine's studio name could easily double as the name of the photo, as it reveals a playful, light-hearted Jared who's truly "at the whim of the winds."  

These amazing close-ups of contemplative Jared were taken by Krista at the Supernatural convention in Jacksonville in 2019.

Kim Prior was ready for the moment when Jared looked straight at the camera at the 2018 convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The result is a soul-penetrating photo.

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