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What are Supernatural fans are up to these days? Here are the latest projects organized by the #SPNFamily, for or about the Supernatural cast and fandom!

Supernatural Cook Book from Fans for Fans


FallenAng3L39 is collecting Supernatural inspired dishes. She explains more about her project: 

I am putting together a Supernatural-inspired cookbook entitled Family Doesn’t End in the Kitchen. I envision it being “for the fans, by the fans.” The money made from the sale of the book with go to charity. I haven't decided on one yet; I thought I might let the fans decide that.

I need recipes for EVERYTHING! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Smoothies, and Beverages (with alcohol or not). All the recipes are based on either places the boys have been or what the characters have made or eaten themselves. I have already received a recipe based on the boys' Ohio License plate, so anything is possible!  

We have a few dishes already named. We have “Fricken-worth-it Apple Pie,” “Bobby's Easy Chile,” “Hannah’s Zesty Three-Bean Salad,” “Ginger ‘Witch’ Snaps,” along with two alcoholic beverages named “Ruby” and “Ruby 2.0.” I have [created] names for other dishes. We just need recipes to go with them:

Better-Than-Demon-Sex Cake
“Baby” Back Ribs
Pizza Man Calzone
Death Mexican Platter (with queso, taquitos, and tamales)
Purple Nurple Smoothie

Fallen Angel still needs recipes, so keep them coming! If you have ideas, send her an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The book, when finished, will be paperback, 7x9 with 144 pages.

Publishing a book was always a dream of hers, and because of this fandom it’s looking like it may be a reality. She thanks the Supernatural Family from the bottom of her heart for your help!

Supernatural – The Cleaners

Spn the cleaners

Stacie L. Farr  will tell you more about her love for Supernatural and "The Cleaners“!

On my love of Supernatural:

The relationship between Sam and Dean is what drew me in and what still keeps me invested, 14 seasons later, and the themes of the show: family, loyalty, courage, strength, friendship, sacrifice, fight, inspiration. The bonus is that these are also themes in the lives of the actors of the show.

On creating the show, The Cleaners:

I always wondered what happened to the bodies, blood and gore, and how the heck the guys didn’t get caught by the feds since they never seemed to clean up their fingerprints that were all over the place. So I came up with cleaners of the supernatural, that clean up behind the hunters. Enter the girls Aubree (Bree) Colt and Kat Davis. Think of them as the Men In Black, in skirts.

Who are The Cleaners?:

My goal is to expand the Supernatural universe by having Bree, Kat and their network, partner with hunters. Not to replace Sam or Dean, but to work along side them to rid the world of evil and monsters, one gross clean up at a time.

Another reason I created the show:

I love Supernatural but it hurts my feelings to never see myself [i.e. people who look like me] represented as a main character or love interest on the shows or in the genres that I love.  I wanted to bring diversity to the Supernatural world in the form black, female characters and a plus size character as well, as a shout out to the largely female audience and also for the plus size fans.

I'm so excited to share my web series with the #SPNFamily!

Below are links to all of the mediums for "Supernatural - The Cleaners“

Supernatural The Cleaners on SuperWiki
Supernatural The Cleaners on Youtube
Superantural The Cleaners on Facebook
Supernatural The Cleaners on Wordpress

Mary Oliver's Poetry for  Misha, from Gishers

Celina told me about this project, inspired by Misha Collins reading Mary Oliver's poems. When a group of GISHers heard of Mary Oliver's passing, they got together to create a video in her memory, hopefully to bring a smile to Misha's face.

They are hoping Misha will see it. You can help by sharing it in social media.

Finished Projects

The next project was finished back in October 2018.  I want to share it here, though, in case you missed it.

08 SPNBirthday2018

Excerpt from the webpage:

During summer 2018, we asked a simple but tricky question. If you could say something to Sam, to Dean, to Castiel, or to any character who ever appeared on “Supernatural,” what would you tell them, and why?

The aim was to create a book to give to the actors, centered around our love for the show, for the characters, for the canon, and a companion blog to celebrate the birthday of The Little Show That Could, on the eve of its 300th episode.

Here’s the result of weeks of collecting letters from around the world, addressed to the people who changed our lives.

They did a really outstanding job & delivered copies of everything at a convention.

You can find all the information on the webpage and the Twitter Profile, including the reactions from the Stars:  

Twitter: @SPNDAY2018


Thanks to all of our wonderful, creative fans for their contribution to the Supernatural fandom! 

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