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Yes,  I have reviewed this comic before, but that was in the days before I was doing video reviews. I think video reviews actually work better for comics than text articles.

This is my first video review of the comic, so by all means, give me advice on this. Sometimes I feel a little redundant with what seems obvious on the page - but it may not be obvious to the audience so maybe I need to get over the feeling. Or maybe I'm right and I should talk less? Is behind-the-scenes interesting or boring to you? Should I group things together for discussion or spread out asides as we go through it? Recap the comic first and then talk about it or did you like this style?

I'll be getting started on reviewing (again) the 2nd comic arc after this is posted so please, let me know what you liked or didn't like.

What did you think of the story itself? Who or what do you think was inside John's Kenobi? What's your opinion on art styles? Did this comic change or affirm some of your opinions on John Winchester?

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