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Oh my my, so much Supernatural goodness this week! Today was the big day though as The CW upfront presentation was held in New York City.  We have lots of pictures, some tweets and videos, and some general overall information about the festivities.  

The CW Upfront Presentation

As we shared earlier today, The CW rolled out all the details about their new schedule and shows today.  It was not lost on the network that Jensen, Jared, and Misha were back on the network for the first time since Supernatural ended.  They even got to make an appearance in the presentation, pitching new (albeit rather terrible) ideas to their network boss, Mark Pedowitz. 

Here’s a brief video showing some of the fun:

Here are articles from Variety and Deadline that shares some details about J2M on the stage:

In usual fashion, here's the BTS fun courtesy of Misha:

Someone captured the other POV!

J2M selfie

It wasn't just J2M clowning around on the stage though.  Each got to be part of the presentations of their new shows.  

Jared got to introduce the cast for the new show he's producing, Walker: Independence.

Jared Independence intro

Jared presentation

Walker independence presentation

Jensen took the stage with the cast of The Winchesters.  So many wonderful smiles! 

Winchesters Cast

Then Misha got his turn for Gotham Knights, playing the elder statesman to a whole bunch of youth!  

Gotham Knights cast
Gotham knights presentation

The Red Carpet

Before all this started though, there was the traditional red carpet.  So much pretty!  We'll start with Mr. and Mrs. Ackles, the new Hollywood power couple!  

Jensen and Danneel

ET offered a nice Jensen and Danneel clip on the red carpet:

The new John and Mary with the Ackles

Winchesters Danneel Jensen

The Winchesters Cast on their own

Winchesters Cast 2

Misha looking rather handsome!


Misha had his own interview with ET, taking time to rib his old co-stars with his usual dry wit:

How about a Jensen red carpet pic spam?

Jensen upfront
Jensen upfront 2
Jensen upfront 3
Jensen upfront 4
Jensen upfront 5

Whew!  Sadly I couldn't find any pictures of Jared on the red carpet, but here's a nice one of the Walker: Independence cast:

walker independence cast red carpet

Here is other big news from the CW Upfront Presentation:

  • It was announced in the morning news conference before the presentation that the upcoming season 7 for the long running show Riverdale will be it’s last.  Mark Pedowitz promised the show will get a full season and a proper sendoff.  I was wondering the same about The Flash, which has grown very tired, but Pedowitz said today he is committed to keeping the whole DC Superhero thing going, even if it is less shows.  He has full faith in Greg Berlanti and the superhero content being delivered.  Gotham Knights is certainly a testament to that commitment.  He did say they still need to discuss future plans for DC properties, so perhaps more announcements on shows continuing are still due to happen. 
  • The Winchester’s companion on Tuesday night will be an acquired series, Professionals, starring a very well known name on The CW, Tom Welling!  He stars with Brendan Fraser, who’s been killing it on Doom Patrol.  The show’s first season was shot in 2020 and has been shopped around for a while, finally landing a home on The CW. 
  • The Walker: Independence trailer had one big surprise for another SPN alum.  Mark Sheppard will be joining the cast!  Too bad Mark couldn't have been in New York for all the fun.  That would have been quite a reunion! 
  • The CW’s current public initiative will be focusing more on mental health.  That’s very important to have on a youth oriented network.  This means that the topic, much like their commitment to the LGBTQIA community, will be part of storylines as well as ads.  A much needed initiative in this day and age!
  • The Babylon 5 reboot in development at The CW is still very much alive.  It has just been pushed to 2023 now.  Good news for everyone hoping that would happen! 
  • Below is the new CW fall schedule for all nights.  Quite a scale back from the previous slate of scripted shows.  A new reality given the new pending ownership, which a deal is rumored to be announced in the next few weeks.  

(New programs in UPPER CASE; all times ET/PT)

8-9 PM — All American
9-10 PM — All American: Homecoming


8-9 PM PM — DC’S Stargirl (New Night)
9-10 PM — Kung Fu

8-9 PM — Walker

8-9 PM — Penn & Teller: Fool Us
9-9:30 PM — Whose Line Is It Anyway?
9:30-10 PM — Whose Line Is It Anyway?

9-9:30 PM — World’s Funniest Animals
9:30-10 PM — World’s Funniest Animals

9-10 PM Coroner (New Night)

Other News

Variety has listed The Winchesters as one of the 5 most intriguing new trailers from Upfronts 2022.

Misha gave an interview to TV Insider talking about the new outfits he gets to wear in Gotham Knights, as well as some other info about the show:

Walker: Independence star Katherine McNamara also had an interview with TV Insider about her new show, calling it, "Not your mama's Western."  There's some nice details about the show here:

All the big news didn’t come from The CW upfronts this week!  There was a big announcement by ABC for their second season show, Big Sky. Jensen Ackles, who was recently announced as a guest for the upcoming season finale, joins the cast as a regular in the upcoming season three!

Here's a nice photo of his new role:

Since we're on the subject of Jensen, he's been really busy with some interviews lately!  He has an article in TV Guide, where photos of the interview are on our Supernatural Whenever World News page.  Here's his interview in Variety where he talks about coming up with the premise for The Winchesters:

That's plenty to share for now, but look for another news update in the coming days as more info spills out about these three shows and activity at the CW in general.  We haven't even talked about the new previews and buzz about the upcoming season three of The Boys, but that will be covered in a preview article in the next week or two as we get closer to the June 3rd premiere. 

If you have links  or photos to share, please share in the comments or on our Supernatural Whenever World News Page.