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News broke on Thursday, February 3rd that two pilots we had been eagerly anticipating had been ordered by The CW: The Winchesters and Walker: Independence! Jared and Jensen were quick to share their announcements and congratulate each other on social media.

Jensen IG Pilot News

Genevieve Padalecki shared her happiness about her husbands' success. Genevieve is a recurring cast member on Walker

Gen IG Pilot

Danneel Ackles, who is an Executive Producer on the Supernatural prequel along with her husband, was also elated about everyone's new shows. Gen reciprocated the congratulations. 

Gen to Danneel IG Pilot
(thank you to Cat Bowland for capturing these IG posts)

Alice Jester immediately reported the great news on The WFB, describing the premise of each series and the producers responsible for bringing these ideas to pilot. The news was quickly spread throughout social media by major media outlets, including Variety, Entertainment Weekly and Deadline.

We couldn't be happier that Robbie Thompson scripted The Winchesters pilot, and joins Jensen and Danneel as Executive Producers. Reflecting on his time with SupernaturalThe WFB  published an exclusive 4-part interview with Robbie about his episodes, writing style and love of Supernatural. Earlier in his time with the show, we profiled Robbie's work in television and his first few years as a Supernatural writer. 

The WFB's full coverage of Jared's Walker series can be found on our Walker Page.